Best Forex Cards for International Students

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International students, tourists, and travelling working professionals all require a Forex card for payments abroad. Forex cards are prepaid cards that you can recharge before leaving for your destination. It is the easiest, safest, and most efficient way to carry foreign currency and allows individuals to easily track their transactions. Often called a traveller’s best friend, forex cards are used as debit cards and credit cards and are an easy solution for managing your finances abroad in local currency and there are many forex card options available for students abroad. Applying for Forex cards is tricky, it’s important to look for hidden costs like exchange rate fees and the number of transactions per day. In this blog, we will cover the best Forex cards for students planning to study abroad!

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What is a Forex Card for Students?

A student forex card is a foreign exchange or forex card that enables students to cover their costs without being concerned about money or currency concerns. This card is ideal for you if you are a student thinking of studying abroad.

Without having to worry about not having enough money for needs like food, shelter, and travel, you can concentrate on your education and control your spending. In reality, this currency card makes travel more affordable for students.

What are the Features of a Forex Card?

A Forex card has several advantages that make it a valuable tool for you while you’re studying abroad:

  • Forex: You can get the card in one of 3 currencies: USD, GBP, Euro
  • Cash: You can obtain cash at an ATM through your card in the local currency.
  • Safety: You do not have to worry about loss or damage, which is likely with travellers’ cheques or cash.
  • Global Recognition: Many Forex Cards are globally recognised.
  • Instant Reloading: The card can be instantly reloaded with money through Prepaid NetBanking.
  • Global Assistance: In case the card is lost or is not working properly, you can get emergency cash service by contacting the bank’s helpline.

Interested in knowing more about study abroad finance? Check out this amazing video below.

Best Forex Cards for International Students

Here are the best forex cards for Indian students who are planning to study abroad and make their financial transactions easy and efficient in a foreign country:

Fly Finance Forex: For Easy Foreign Transactions

Image: Fly Finance

Fly Finance is the best international money transfer (forex) service for any student who wants to study abroad. Fly Finance offers the best exchange rates with no hidden fees on overseas funds transactions.

Fly Forex has partnered with numerous financial institutions that are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and Full-Fledged Money Changer (FFMC) to secure the transfer. To send money via this portal, an individual is exempted from the task of visiting the physical branch of any bank or other financial institution. 

We have tabulated the key details of this overseas money transfer platform:

WorkingSenders must visit the website of Fly Finance and land on the Forex page to initiate the transfer process. 
Payment MethodsNet Banking; Debit Card; Unified Payments Interface (UPI); Wire Transfer
Transaction FeesNet Banking: Nil; Wire Transfer: Nil; UPI: Nil: Debit Card: 1.25% to 2.5% of the amount being transferred
Minimum Transaction LimitINR 10, 000
Maximum Transaction LimitsIndian residents can send up to $250,000 (INR 2,05,55,125) in a financial year. This amount can be transferred in one transaction or numerous transactions in one financial year. 
SpeedThe transaction is initiated immediately. The amount is reflected in the account of the recipient after 3 days of initiation. 

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Wise Borderless Card

Image Source: A Brother Abroad

Wise Borderless Cards are amongst the best Forex cards for students. They are known for low-cost transfers across countries and one can easily make big and small payments in local currency using this forex card.

  • Wise Borderless card is entirely online and allows you to send money all over the world in over 60+ different currencies. However, if you are studying in the United States, Europe, Australia, or the United Kingdom, you can also open a Wise multi-currency account. It is a single card that allows you to carry over 45 different currencies and make free cash withdrawals of up to USD 350/INR 25,976 per month.
  • This Forex card has low exchange rate fees and one can easily send money to their country of origin without many formalities.

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Niyo Global Card

Image Source: SBM Bank India

One of the most popular Forex cards is the Niyo Global Card for Students, which is linked with SBM Bank (India) and VISA. There are various advantages to utilising the Niyo Card for students over other forex cards, including no foreign exchange mark-up fees on international purchases, no costs for loading or unloading cash, card issue, and account opening. Niyo Global Forex Card is one of the best Forex cards for foreign students if you plan to study abroad. It outperforms other cards and is the finest FX card for Indian students.

  • With monthly distributions, you can earn up to 6.5% each year in interest.
  • Simply enter money in INR, and the transaction amount is instantly converted to any currency at the time of use.
  • Works in over 150 countries throughout the world.
  • India offers free* airport lounge access.
  • Niyo Global app integration,
  • 24X7 in-app chat assistance, and much more

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Axis Bank Forex Card

Image Source: Axis Bank Support

Axis Bank offers several Forex card options for how a person travels, and the fees vary by country. Axis Bank offers the Axis Bank Forex Card, which is linked to miles from Vistara Airlines, as well as a Multi-Currency Forex Card, and a Diners Card designed specifically for USD transactions.

With Axis Bank, one has to pay fees for signing up, reloading and cash withdrawals other than Axis Bank ATMs. There is an inactivity fee of USD 5 or the listed fee for each currency if the card is not used for more than 36 months.

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HDFC Forex Cards

Image Source: CardExpert

HDFC, a well-known bank, provides a variety of forex cards, including one designed specifically for students. The ISIC Student ForexPlus Card from HDFC is only available in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the card is accepted as a qualifying student ID all over the world. However, this HDFC Forex card has an issuance fee of Rs. 300 and a reloading fee of Rs. 75. Furthermore, you will always receive the current Visa/Mastercard exchange rate and cash withdrawal fees. There are multiple Forex Cards by HDFC. Check the best ones below:

  • HDFC Multi-Currency Platinum Forex Card
  • HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card
  • HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card

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ICICI Forex Cards

Image Source: ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers 5 forex cards and the card to be chosen is completely dependent upon the purpose of travel and other purposes. ICICI Forex cards offer travel privileges and discounts that are lucrative to customers. 

  • There are a variety of Forex card options to choose from such as  Goibibo Travel Forex, Sapphiro Forex, Multi-Wallet Prepaid Card, Coral Forex Card, and Student Forex Prepaid.
  • Sapphiro Forex card has high fees whereas the student Forex card is affordable.
  • The Student Forex card has a joining fee of rupees five hundred and along with that an annual fee of rupees two hundred from the second year. 
  • There are cash withdrawal charges and marked-up exchange rates involved as well.

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IndusInd Bank Forex Card

Image Source: IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank manages and regulates the IndusInd Bank Multicurrency Forex Card. The Forex card provides fantastic deals to cardholders and is well-known for its easy transactions. It is regarded as one of the best FX cards for international students. The card contains an integrated chip, which makes transactions significantly safer and more secure. The IndusInd Bank forex card is accepted in practically every country, and it may be used to withdraw money from any VISA ATM.


If you have decided to study abroad, you must be devoted to managing your finances. Making a decision on how you will handle your day-to-day currency exchange needs is one of the most significant parts of studying abroad. There are numerous media and service providers available in the foreign currency exchange market; nevertheless, most foreign exchange firms conceal information about the fees and charges they charge. Customers frequently purchase inferior products due to a lack of information, which costs them a large quantity of money in the long run. That is why Fly Finance is the best foreign exchange service provider. Contact their experts on 1800572126 and get all your Forex-related queries answered.


Q1. Is the Forex card useful for international students?

Ans. A forex card for students is a foreign exchange or forex card that allows students to pay for their costs without having to worry about currency or cash. If you are a student thinking of studying abroad, this card is ideal for you.

Q2. Which Forex card is the cheapest?

Ans. The SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card has the lowest issuance charge of any forex card currently available in India. The USD, Euro, Pound, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, UAE Dirham, and Australian Dollar can all be placed into the State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card.

Q3. Which is the best Forex Card for international students?

Ans. Fly Finance Forex is the best forex service for international students. Some other good forex cards include —
Axis Bank Forex Card
HDFC Forex Cards
ICICI Forex Cards

Q4. What is the disadvantage of a Forex card?

Ans. Depending on your card, you may be charged additional fees such as activation fees, ATM usage fees overseas, inactivity fees, redemption fees, and so on. Please conduct some research on the various charges associated with the card before acquiring it.

This was all about the best Forex cards for students. If you are planning to study abroad for the upcoming intakes then contact our experts at  Leverage Edu and make your dreams come true!

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  1. SBM ( State bank of Mauritius India) is the best card for any tourist or student travelling abroad. very simple and their charges are very reasonable. All you need to do is credit your account with them and swipe the card on the go to most of the countries

  1. SBM ( State bank of Mauritius India) is the best card for any tourist or student travelling abroad. very simple and their charges are very reasonable. All you need to do is credit your account with them and swipe the card on the go to most of the countries