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Study at Home

From summer/winter holidays to taking mid-career breaks in order to prepare for competitive exams, there can be various reasons for studying at home. Though learning at home has its own perks and benefits, it can sometimes become difficult and boring due to procrastination and distractions. But with good planning and organization, it can turn out to be an effective and comfortable place to study! Here is a blog in which we have collated some of the most effective strategies which can help you study at home with ease!

Wake up Early 

If you have decided to study at home considering its perks, then you need to start your day early as it will not only give you a fresh start but will also increase your efficiency. Even though you may feel that you can focus better at night, but this can cause disruption in the sleep cycle and can affect your efficiency and concentration on the exam day.  Furthermore, to stay refreshed, sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day.

Formulate a Daily Task List 

Based on your strengths and weaknesses, devise a time table that focuses on your goals so that you complete the topics within a deadline. Keep only those books near you which are related to the topics you want to cover. For instance, if you want to study Economics for UPSC, then keep only related guides or study materials. Having a well-concocted strategy for scoring well in the respective test will help evade exam stress.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

In order to prepare university, school, or any competitive exams, it is important to refuel your mind and brain, and for this, maintaining a healthy diet is crucial. Have fruits, drink healthy juices, and exercise for at least an hour on a daily basis. Avoid having junk food as it can slow down your metabolism and can affect your concentration. 

Try Different Study Techniques

Another way of studying efficiently at home is to try new and unique techniques which can make your preparations more productive. Taking notes on flashcards, listening to music while studying, choosing another spot to attend lectures, etc, can be some of the ways to boost your concentration and increase your retention power!

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Take Breaks at Regular Intervals

Staying glued to your laptops while studying online courses or having extended study hours can cause fatigue, eye strain, and can drain you physically. While trying new techniques is an effective way to increase your retention power, taking breaks in between is essential to stay productive. Having a walk on your terrace/balcony, watching motivational movies for students, reading a novel, doing meditation, or cooking can clear your head and you will be able to study at home with full potential!

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Exam preparations can take a toll on your health and the best way to relieve stress is to speak with your kiths and kins. Be it communicating through video conference or social media, it is important to stay in touch with your friends and family members. This can also be a medium to vent out your frustration.

Practice Mock Papers 

Studying at home provides an excellent opportunity to not only revise on time but to practice previous year exam papers. For beginners, this is a chance to identify your weak points and understand the exam pattern so that you formulate a plan and devote time to such topics accordingly. While for those who are attempting the exam again, you will be able to identify the lingering gaps in your knowledge and get a chance to overcome your weakness, if any! 

Keep Your Study Space Clean

Studying in a neat and clean space will improve your focus and concentration. Along with this, you can potentially save time by finding everything whenever it is needed and thus keep your study space tidy and clutter-free will assist you ensuring the right environment to study at home!

Switch Your Location

While many recommend to study at home in the same place every day, switching your study location from time to time can also do wonders. Trying finding open spaces for study like your terrace or balcony where you can get fresh air and it will certainly rejuvenate your focus. But make sure that the location you choose is peaceful and noise-free.

Not only restricted to the above-mentioned tips, but you also can adopt your own techniques to study at home! Exploring career options abroad while studying at home? Not sure how to go about it? Then connect with our experts at Leverage Edu through an E-meeting who will provide assistance in finding the most suitable course, completing admission formalities, and will also help you write an SOP that makes you stand out from the rest!

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