Celebrate Single Working Women’s Day

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Single working women’s day is just another way to celebrate the limitless and inspiring women globally who work on their own to foster their families. There was a time when women working was considered a taboo in society and the notion of single working women seemed impossible at that time. Looking forward to this thought, Barbara Payne came with the idea of Single Working Women’s Day on August 4 every year to celebrate every single working woman out there. 

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What is Single Working Women’s Day?

Single Working Women’s Day is celebrated on the 4th of August every year. It was founded by Barbara Payne in 2006. It is a day to recognize the important role single working women play in day-to-day life. Payne thought of creating the single working women’s network to draw attention towards the women who are working and doing all the tasks. With gazillion problems women face every day, not receding equal paychecks was one of them.

  1. The packages that are available for people who are married and have children do not apply for single women. Thus the company tends to favor the employees with families
  2. There are facilities available that include childcare, paid maternity leaves, etc. for people who have families
  3. The notion of how employers believe that single women can work extra hours, travel more frequently, pick up work from co-workers- rather than those people who have families
  4. There is often a significant lack of understanding about different family members that are there, like parents and siblings that the single women would have to take care of

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Equal Rights for All

It is necessary that single working women get the same rights as men. Some ways through which equality can prevail for both men and women are:

  1. Equal pay protection 
  2. Shorter workdays
  3. Federally mandated maternity leave, family leave, and sick leave

Single Parents

For single working women, every day is a struggle to implement their choices and justify them to those who become obstacles to their success and happiness. Barbara also brought attention to the women who are the sole workers in their respective families. 

It is important to work for a company that listens and then determines how you provide solutions to the concerns – whether it’s pay equity, flexible hours, assistance finding child care and elder care, or unconscious bias training.

Barbara Payne’s concept of Single Working Women’s Day is a great initiative to help to bring attention to single working women. It is amazing that progressive companies are already reviewing their policies and practices to accommodate all members of their workforce.

Single Working Women’s Day Quotes

‘Our first job in life as women is to get to know ourselves. I think a lot of times we don’t do that. We spend our time pleasing, satisfying, looking out into the world to define who we are; listening to the messages, the images, the limited definitions that people have of who we are.’

It’s not easy to be a woman working alone in a society where standards would prefer that you be connected to cooking. Women are breaking stereotypes, that are much needed in today’s time.

This was all about single working women’s day. Share the inspirational story in the comment section below. Do you know any inspiring single working women? Mention them in the comments below. For more amazing content, stay tuned to Leverage Edu.

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