The Best PNP Programs in Canada in 2022

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The Best PNP Programs in Canada in 2022

Canada is home to world-leading academic institutions. Excellence in academia with working and permanent setting opportunities attracts thousands of international students annually to Canada. Students around the world want to study in Canada to pursue higher education and live here as well. Canada consists of 13 political divisions, which include 10 provinces and 3 territories. People across the world are attracted by the number of facilities available in the country by the Canadian government such as offering social well-being programs to the residents of the country. One of the most famous immigration programmes in Canada is the provincial nominee program.  This blog lists some of the best PNP Programs in Canada in 2022.

What is PNP in Canada?

Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is a set of different immigration programs that are carried out by individual provinces in partnership with the federal Canadian government. For PNP all the different provinces have their own eligibility requirements and streams. However, each province has one common stream that is aligned with the federal express entry immigration selection system. The PNP Program in Canada authorizes all the provinces and territories in Canada to nominate individual persons or families who want to settle in a particular province or territory of their choice in Canada. 

To avail of the benefits of the PNP program, all the different provinces and territories have their own set eligibility criteria for the applicants. Its eligibility criteria completely depend on the need of that particular province and they may vary from each other.

The process of immigration through the provincial nominee program is entirely based on the necessary skills, experience and education of the applicant so that they would contribute positively to that particular province and people after becoming permanent residents of Canada

Best PNP Programs in Canada 

Some of the Best PNP Programs in Canada in 2022 are listed below:

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta province in Canada is one of the popular places among new immigrants. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program welcomes workers, graduates and entrepreneurs. To be eligible for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program, an applicant must possess certain on-demand skills to contribute to the economy of Alberta. There are mainly two streams to apply for Alberta through PNP. 

Alberta Express Entry System– All the eligible candidates having express entry profiles get the invitation from the provincial government for PR with the federal government of Canada.

Alberta Opportunity Stream– All the eligible candidates working in Alberta or having an appointment letter from an employer in Alberta can apply through this stream.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream– Ths stream is for all the eligible applicants who are willing to either start or purchase a business in Alberta.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario offers opportunities to people belonging to the diverse field who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada. OINP Streams: There are mainly two streams under Ontario Immigration Nominee Program.

Entrepreneur– The entrepreneur stream is available for people who are interested in either start or purchase a business in Ontario province.

International Students– International student stream is available for all foreign students who live in Ontario or have an offer letter from any university located in Ontario province.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program streams invite profiles with non-provincial ties. It selects candidates from Express Entry Pool. In Nova Scotia, PNP applicants applying for PR need to obtain 600 points towards their CRS scores for an invitation to apply.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas PNP stream is available for that applicant whose has any kind of connection related to Manitoba. It means that if the applicant has studied or worked in Manitoba. If the applicant has a friend or relative settled in Manitoba or if he/she has attended any recruitment drive then this PNP stream can be beneficial for that applicant. In this PNP stream, an express entry profile is not required but a specific occupation profile is mandatorily required here. Candidate must have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience in Manitoba relevant in-demand occupation.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Express Entry PNP stream is drafted with the purpose of bringing potential workers to the Saskatchewan area. This potential workforce is used to fill the required vacancies in the province. Candidates with having express entry profile,  skills set with experience in demand always get the edge over others under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. They must have at least one year of work experience in an occupation at NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

Under the Prince Edward Island, Provincial Nominee Program candidates can apply for provincial nomination only when they get the interest letter which mentions their expression of interest for the PR. The good news is that when a candidate applies for an expression letter, they do not need to be working with the PEI employer. Here, applicants whose skills meet the provinces running short of that skills will get the preference. 

PNP Programs in Canada: Application Process

The application process for the PNP Program in Canada consists of two important steps. 

In the first step, an applicant needs to apply to the local provincial government for the PR process. In the second or final step selected applicant further applies to the federal government for permanent residency. Though the eligibility criteria for PNP Programs in Canada are selected by the provincial government the final authority to take the decision regarding immigration is made by the federal government. All the nominee needs to submit an application specifying everything related to their candidature and then the province decides whether to select a certain individual application request or not generally decision of the provincial government depends on a lot of different factors.

The steps for the application process to the provincial nominee program in Canada are given below:

  • Complete the application– The first and foremost step in applying for PR through PNP  is completing the application form after finding your eligibility out of all the options given. After completing the application, candidates need to submit that application to the particular province or territory they apply for.
  • Receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate– Those applicants fulfil the eligibility criteria set by the provincial government under PNP and get selected they will receive a provincial nomination certificate from the provincial government as an official recommendation of the request.
  • Apply for Permanent Residency– The final step in the application procedure under the provincial nominee program for the first step selected candidate is to submit an application for permanent residency to the federal government of Canada

Regardless of that fact whether the candidate is applying through a non-express entry or express entry system for Permanent Residency in Canada, they need to meet all the eligibility requirements of the particular province one is applying. 

PNP Programs in Canada: Closing Statement

There are multiple PNP streams available in Canada, so it can be a bit complex to figure out the best option for the applicant, especially the fresher. In order to choose the best options and to get a complete idea of which PNP Programs in Canada candidates might be eligible for, they can use the PNP Live Tracker Tool. Here, Filter PNP streams by occupation, job offer requirements, and more and get the targeted results.


Which PNP is best for students in Canada?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is one of Canada’s most straightforward provincial nominee programmes for obtaining a nomination for Canada PR and, ultimately, the PR itself. The AINP Express Entry aligned Stream invites applicants with CRS scores as low as 300.

Is 2022 a good year for Canadian immigration?

Canada has already welcomed over 300,000 new permanent residents in 2022. The majority are from economic class programmes. In 2022, the target number of economic class immigrants is 241,850, or roughly 60% of total immigrants.

How long does it take to get PR after PNP 2022?

It is the quickest immigration programme for obtaining a PR Visa. A typical application takes 6 to 8 months to complete. This time period includes the time it takes to submit your biometrics.

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