Canada Visa News

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Canada Visa News

Canada has always shown compassion and thrill to invite international students to study and work in the country. Whether it be their easy Permanent Residency route or student-friendly cities, Indian students have made a special space for Canada in their hearts. And news of new immigration priorities could not have come at a better time when the world is coping up from the void that the coronavirus pandemic created. Here, you can check all of the student visa news for Canada.

Canada Visa: Latest News

Justin Trudeau, Prime minister of Canada, has submitted mandate letters regarding Immigration priorities to the Cabinet to be followed by Sean Fraser (Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada) and IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship of Canada). 

This comes as great news for Indian students who have started their application journey to study in the top colleges of Canada in major intakes. The Mandate released promises an easier and faster Immigration system that will help students in their Canada Study Permit.

Important News in the Mandate Letter for IRCC

Let’s summarise the Mandate Letter by Justin Trudeau for Immigration with their highlights:-

  • Waiving the Canadian citizenship application fee which is currently CAD 680 or INR 36,798 for one adult that can reduce the cost of application for international students.
  • Reducing Visa application processing time for international citizens including students.
  • To provide temporary residence to spouses and children whose PR applications are yet processing.
  • Establishing a Trusted Employer System for Canadian companies hiring foreign employees. Check out the highest paying jobs in Canada.
  • Improving the Global Talent Stream program by simplifying Canada work permit renewals, establishing a helpline for foreign employees and upholding a two-week processing time for visa and visa renewal. 
  • Build a system to regularise undocumented workers in Canada.
  • Work to support French-language knowledge of immigrants in French-speaking Canadian cities and improve on the Francophone Immigration system.
  • Resettle 40,000 Afghani refugees as Canada’s primary goal. 

If you ask what’s the right time to study in Canada, there’s never a wrong time! Canada and its immigration system have made it possible for more than 67,000 Indian students to enter Canada on a study permit in 2021. And they continue to simplify their Canada Visa process, opening up the country to global talent.

This was all the latest Canada visa-related news. If you need help with your study abroad applications, contact our experts and book a FREE profile evaluation at 1800572000.

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