Studying at A Top Research University – The University of Waterloo

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university of waterloo / top research universities
university of waterloo / top research universities

The University of Waterloo  is famously known for its quality education and cutting-edge research work. It the most innovative university to study in Canada. Established in 1957, is also a privileged member of the U15, a group of Canadian research-intensive universities. The enhancing reputation of the university attracts corporate giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon every year to recruit UW graduates.

Everything taught at this institution revolves around what the world is moving up to, like specialized programs in nanotechnology, clinical psychology, health science research etc. The

University of Waterloo

rests at one of the networking hubs of global partnerships. It is all set to structure the future by bridging the gaps between institutions, industries, and communities.

Studying at University of Waterloo
    • Teaching at UW is less about delivering knowledge and more about opening doors to discovery. The Centre of Teaching Excellence fosters the high-quality teaching experience at Waterloo.
    • UW attracts students from across the globe because of its experiential learning style and allowing the real-world application. Furthermore, their leading co-operative education program makes it much more engaging for the students.
    • When it comes to entrepreneurship, Waterloo is no less. The one-of-a-kind entrepreneurship ecosystem at the university is responsible for thousands of student success stories.
    • The academic programs are administered by 6 faculties and 10 faculty-based schools. Additionally, there are 3 satellite campuses and 4 affiliated university colleges. Postgraduate programs include Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Pharmacy, Economics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biology, Languages and Mathematics.
Class Structure
    • The university houses more than 35,000 students coming from over 120 countries around the world. While a majority of the students are pursuing an undergraduate program (86%), most of the international students are pursuing a postgraduate program (75%).
    • The males: females ratio on-campus is 54:46 and there are 26.1 students per staff member. The diversified and small cohort size is highly beneficial in the overall learning experience of each student in the university.


Campus and Facilities
    • With 4 different campuses and education hubs in Asia, Europe, and North America, UW is one of the most sought-after university in the world. The main campus is of 400 hectares and is located in Waterloo, Ontario. Being a tech-hub, it is home to some advanced research studies in fields like engineering, health, mathematics, quantum information, psychology, environmental studies, and nanotechnology.
    • The main campus has 3 areas: North Campus, South Campus, and Northwest Campus. The North Campus houses the research and technology park. The South campus is the university’s academic core, and the Northwest campus houses the farm fields and environmental reserves.
    • The 4 libraries at the university hold over 1.4M books, and electronic resources like e-books and databases. Three of them are on-campus and one is alongside the School of Architecture, in Cambridge.
    • The university has 8 student residential complexes on its main campus along with multiple affiliated college residences. The largest of them all (UW Place) houses as many as 1,600 students while the smallest one (Minota Hagey) houses just over 70 students.
The Velocity Program
    • The Velocity program at UW claims to be one of the largest startup incubators worldwide with workspace for over 120 startups.
    • It provides the space, tools, and knowledge necessary for startups to succeed from idea to product to its commercialization.
    • The support includes free incubation, accommodation for entrepreneurs, workshops, science lab, and mentorship programs.
    • The Velocity Fund helps entrepreneurs in building businesses by providing seed funding and also awards $375,000 every year in equity-free grants.


Getting into one of the reputed institutions like the UW itself requires proper planning and execution as far as preparation is concerned. Once you’re familiar with the right way, half of your work is already done. To know more about where to start and how to get into your dream college, contact one of the Leverage experts today and we shall guide you from start till the end.

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