CBSE vs State Boards

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CBSE vs State Boards

Parents are often stuck in difficult situations when it comes to choosing something for their child. One of the first decisions to build the career of your child is to select the right board. Every parent wants nothing but the best when it comes to their kids & education is on the top of the priority list. Selecting the right board will affect the education in future as well. Each board has some differences in terms of syllabus, teaching style, etc.  There are multiple options available like ICSE & today we will be discussing CBSE vs State Boards. 


CriteriaCBSE State Boards
Education systemCentralized throughout the countryDifferent for every state
Main FocusCritical thinking skills & on subjects like mathematics, scienceRote learning & focused on regional language, topics & culture
Language ModeEnglish & HindiEnglish & regional Language
Grading SystemCCE grading system in all central government schoolsDifferent grading systems in each state
Updating SyllabusAlmost every yearRarely
ExaminationClass 10 – All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE)
Class  12 -All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE)
Class 10 -Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Class 12 – Secondary School Certificate (HSC)
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CBSE vs State Boards Syllabus

Every board is focused on a different syllabus. CBSE board is more focused on subjects like science & maths. Whereas state boards give more emphasis on regional language, local topics& state-level matters. Also, the CBSE board is considered easier to understand as compared to the state board Syllabus. The syllabus of CBSE also includes the exercise question & practice questions that help students to evaluate their knowledge about the topic. The syllabus of CBSE will help students in future exams as well.


CBSE vs State Boards Learning Methods

A child either rote memorizes the chapters or understand the essence of the topic. CBSE is concerned with students understanding the topic in-depth, applying critical thinking & also add fun activities that help students to understand the concepts in a healthy & efficient way.

On the other hand, State boards are more directed towards students mugging up the concepts & covering as much as possible even if students are not able to understand the topics. A student on the CBSE board will only be able to pass if he/she truly understands the concept because sometimes the questions are based out of NCERT, students need to refer to different books as well. 


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CBSE vs State Boards Which is Better for Future

Most of the children want to pursue higher studies in foreign countries, and students from both boards are eligible to apply for study abroad. Whereas students from CBSE boards have more benefits because they students from CBSE boards have been studying subjects in the English language from the Nursery level & other third languages are introduced after a while on comparing with state boards are more focused on English & regional levels. Although the scope of children in the future depends on his/her capabilities CBSE board prepares students to do well at the international level as well.

cbse vs state
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CBSE vs State Boards Entrance Exam

After passing out from school every student is determined to clear entrance exams. Students even enroll themselves in various coaching classes that help to clear the entrance exams. Some of the toughest exam entrance exams are JEE & NEET for engineering & medical courses. The syllabus of these exams is based on the CBSE syllabus which betters the chances of the students from the CBSE board of cracking these entrances compared to students from state boards. The State board is more focused on regional topics & less challenging than CBSE in terms of pushing students to study harder.

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CBSE vs State Boards Result

CBSE helps students learn the concept better & students will only be able to pass in that topic in an exam if he/she truly understood the concept, whereas in state boards the questions in the exam are from the referred books only. CBSE is tougher than State boards in comparison to scoring well. It is easier to get a 90% in state board than compared to in CBSE. If you are someone that wants higher marks then definitely consider state boards.

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CBSE vs State Boards: Grading System

The grading system in the State Boards can differ from one another while under CBSE it follows a specific structure that all schools under its blanket must follow. The grading system under CBSE is thus, more uniform and consistent when compared with State boards. Here is the grading system for CBSE-

Marks RangeGradeGrade Point

Here is an example of the grading system followed by the Kerala State Board-

A+ 90 – Up to 100%Outstanding
A80 – Up to 89%Excellent
B+70- Up to 79% Very Good
B60 – Up to 69%Good
C+50 – Up to 59%Above Average
C40 – Up to 49%Average
D30 – Up to 39% Marginal
D20 – Up to 29%Need Improvement 
EBelow 20%Need Improvement
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[BONUS] ICSE vs State Board vs CBSE

CategoryCBSEState BoardICSE
ExamsAll India Secondary School Examination, AISSE (Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination, AISSCE (Class XII).
Class 10 -Secondary School Certificate (SSC)Class 12 – Secondary School Certificate (HSC)CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination). It conducts ICSE Examination (Class X Exam) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) Exam (Class XII Exam).
Difficulty LevelModerateEasyDifficult
Language English & HindiEnglish & regional languagesEnglish, Hindi, Kanada, Tamil, Telugu and others
Grading SystemAlphabetical VariesMarks
Internationally RecognisedYesVariesYes


What are the top 3 state boards in India?

Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat & Maharashtra state boards are considered some of the best state boards in India.

How many state boards are there in India?

There are more than 50+ state boards in India.

If a student has to transfer after every 2 years from one state to another which board will be fit for this?

State boards will not be the right choice as every state board has its own syllabus & policies whereas schools affiliated by CBSE have the same pattern of syllabus & policies across the country.

What is more easy CBSE or state Board?

If we compare on scoring marks then State board is easy if we compare on the understanding the topic & student-friendly resources then CBSE is far easier than state boards.

Can we switch from CBSE to state board after class 10?

Yes, you can switch from CBSE to state board after class 10.

Which board offers more extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities depend on school although the CBSE board pushes students to indulge in sport & physical activities as well.

Bot CBSE & State Board has its own sets of Pros & Cons. Picking out the best board can be quite a task, we hope this blog will help you in making the right choice. You can always reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu for any career-related guidance regarding your child’s future endeavors and we’ll help you make an informed decision that can benefit your child’s career aspirations.

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  1. My kid studing on CBSC board up to i m transfer my kid from that I want to know which is the best board for her ?state or CBSC?

    1. I think state board is also quite enough, many government school students also became a scientist…it depends on school…jisko kuchh banna hai wo kaise bhi karkeban jata hai..

  2. Excellent article on various syllabus patterns of school education, and well explained in a sequential manner. It will be understandable to everyone even a person with little knowledge and basic qualifications can understand the concepts of both the boards as well as the IGCSE board. Moreover it states the importance of CBSE and its long term benefits to the students who acquire the knowledge from CBSE syllabus .

  3. As i have ciaching availiable at door step but can avail only i will switch from cbsc school to state board school for class 10 th onwards

  4. I am currently in 10th std CBSE, I am a Jee aspirant and I am planning to join a college for class 11th and 12th, which has a tie-up with some coaching institute. I have heard that many people like me prefer Maharashtra State Board for 11th and 12th because it is easier compared to CBSE, so they concentrate on JEE preparation. Should I take CBSE or State Board.

    1. I think go for state ..
      Coz state board is easy so u can give more time on jee …
      And also score wise and internal … State is good…
      Coz coaching will advise u for cbse coz of jee….but u r getting knowledge of cbse also so no loss ..

  5. Can i get a job out of my state by studying from state board in 11 th and 12th? In commerce stream?

  1. My kid studing on CBSC board up to i m transfer my kid from that I want to know which is the best board for her ?state or CBSC?

    1. I think state board is also quite enough, many government school students also became a scientist…it depends on school…jisko kuchh banna hai wo kaise bhi karkeban jata hai..