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All About the TCF Exam

TCF stands for Test de Connaissance du français and is designed to check the level of French proficiency amongst non-native speakers. It ranks candidates on a scale of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 to C2. A1 is the easiest level to C2 is the highest level of proficiency. After passing TCF Canada each exam level, the candidates are awarded a certificate that can be used in recognized institutions for studying, working, visa applications, and immigration Quebec, Canada, and France. 

All About TEF Canada Exam

What is the TCF Exam ?

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TCF (Test de Connaissance du français) is a language proficiency test for non-native French speakers who want to evaluate and certify their level of French for the purpose of professional, academic, or personal reasons. TCF certificate is an official proof of language proficiency and recognized by authorities like the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The TCF exam is specially designed by FEI ( French Education International ) and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. This test is basically to test a nonnative French speaker’s French-language abilities. there are approximately 600 exam centers in more than 140 countries including France all around the world. The lowest level of the exam is A1 which indicates beginner’s level whereas C1 and C2 are top fluency levels.

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Importance of TCF Exam

When to choose is a very complicated question because everyone has different abilities but how to know that you are right for this is when you want French either as a professional, academics or for personal reasons. To further pursue French, all you need to do is take the TCF exam. The exam gives you a certification of your level of the French language.TCF is a highly recommended exam to get a certification and to evaluate your French skills. The exam is not so difficult and the test not only helps you to search your level but also enhances your scope for employment.

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TCF Exam Format

TCF is a multiple-choice test with 76 questions that students need to complete in 1 hour and 25 mins. The test covers compulsory sections like reading comprehension, command of grammatical structures, and listening comprehension. There are optional tests for written and oral expressions tests. 

TCF Canada Test: Compulsory Tests

The duration of the compulsory test is 1hr and 25 mins in total and here is the division of questions and time allocation for each section:

Tests Questions Time
Listening Comprehension 29 questions 25 mins
Command of lexical and grammatical structures 18 questions 15 mins
Reading Comprehension 29 questions 45 mins

TCF Canada Test: Optional Test

Optional tests are for written and oral expressions and the duration of each test is 1hr and 12 mins respectively:

The Oral Expression Test is a one-to-one interview with an examiner while the Written Expression Test is an hour test that contains six exercises.

Test Duration
Written Expression 1 hour
Oral Expression 12 mins

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TCF Exam Fees

Tests FIAF Member Non-Member
Compulsory Tests only $200 (INR 14,862) $215 (INR 15,976)
Oral Expression $100 (INR 7,431) $115 (INR 8,545)
Written Expression $100 (INR 7,431) $115 (INR 8,545)
Compulsory Tests + Oral + Written $350 (INR 26,008) $385 (INR 28,609)
Exam Transfer Fees $50 (INR 3,715)

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TCF Exam Results and Scores

The TCF uses the European framework called CEFR levels to assess the level of language proficiency in a candidate. (A1 – C2). A1 is the lowest level (beginner) and C2 is the highest level (advanced, fluent user). The points that you achieve on the TCF correspond to the following levels:

Elementary (A1) 100-199 points
Lower Intermediate (A2)  200-299 points
Intermediate (B1)  300-399 points
Upper-Intermediate (B2)  400-499 points
Advanced (C1)  500-599 points
Superior (C2)  600-699 points
Source: Language Next

How to Register for TCF Canada Exam?

To give the TCF exam, candidates are required to visit the official website (, fill out the application form and submit passport-size photos. Students can check the date availability and mail the application form to FIAF at [email protected]. If you wish to change your exam level then the cost of exam transfer is $50 (INR 3,715).

Click here for the registration form!

Important tips to get a good score in TCF exam

  • Learn how to organize and manage your time. Once you’ve chosen to take the TCF, start doing this straight away. Poor time management results in ineffective studies and squandered time that can never be recovered. Make a timetable and stick to it. Schedule your study sessions at regular times that work with your current schedule. Cramming or haphazard study is not an effective technique to prepare for a language exam.
  • Choose official resources and double-check that they are current. You don’t want to waste time learning things that are no longer examined because language tests change frequently. If you prefer to study from books, here are a couple that may be useful:
  1. Competences niveau 3 Comprehension orale
  2. Competences niveau 3 Comprehension ecrite
  3. Grammar progressive du francais, and more
  • If you want to do well on any test, you should strive to grasp the format beforehand. You should go through the structure adjacent to it and plan accordingly. Working strategically toward your objective, not just hard labor, is the key.
  • Find someone who is also preparing for the TCF. You may practice with one another and support one another, which will benefit you. Make sure you both maintain your study sessions on the schedule.
  • Practice, practice, practice. When studying for a language exam like the TCF, cramming or casual practice will not suffice.

Top Institutes for TCF Canada Exam in India

  • Languagenext: Foreign Language Courses In Noida
  • Alliance Francaise India: Afindia- How Far Will You Go With French?
  • French Faster
  • French Language Institute In Delhi – French Delf – Tcf – Tef Exam
  • Teacheron: Best Online Teachers, Home Tutors, Assignment Help
  • Alliance Franchise
  • Cambridge Institute
  • French Language Courses : School Of French – Delhi
  • French Institute In India – Education, , Touariscience & Culture

Career Prospects

Studying French can benefit your profession a lot, not only in French language-oriented countries but also in India. Pursuing a French language course opens the scope for more employment opportunities. Moreover, with the 270 million population that share teaching French and use French as their mother tongue, it is the only language other than English in all five continents. (Ivermectin)   Of all other factors that attract students worldwide, a well-paid job is most influential. The career options available after TCF ia as follows:

  • French Teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel Guide
  • Teacher
  • Publishing Editor 
  • Proofreader
  • Author
  • Content Writer
  • Content Editor
  • Flight Attendant 
  • Diplomat 


The jobs after the French course are many and offer a good salary. It can be as high as $61500 as a translator and can be as low as $23000. Moreover an average salary from french language can be 2.5 lakhs per year for freshers and it is upto 5-6 lakhs per year depending upon the organization, location as well as job profile. If you are thinking to pursue French and further tke jobs in India, it’s a best option as in India there are less people who know French language creating high demand for the language with great pay as well. 

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