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SAT Results Additional Fees

SAT full form is the Scholastic Assessment Test. The examination is taken by students who want to enroll in an undergraduate program abroad. Before taking the test students have to register for the same.  SAT test price varies on the basis of the country of the applicant.  Apart from this, there are subject fees and other service fees associated with it. If a student wants to cancel the examination or wants a refund, charges are applicable. In this blog, we have provided detailed information on SAT test price. After knowing the prices, students can register for the examination.


What are the SAT Exam Fees in India?

As per the College Board, the SAT examination conducting body, the registration fee in India is $60 (INR 4970). Additionally, international applicants have an amount of  $43 (INR 3562)  as regional fees. That is, in total international students must pay $103 (INR 8532). 

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Exam TypeSAT Exam Fees + Regional Fee in India 
SAT without Essay$103/ NR 8,532
SAT with Essay$117/INR 9,675
SAT Subject Tests$111/INR 9,179

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SAT Test Price: Additional Charges 

Additional fees are charges for the SAT essay, Late registration, change of test date or center, additional score reports, and more, Therefore, we have provided the additional fees below:

Additional ServicesSAT CostsDetails
SAT cancellation fee$25 (INR 2064.59)The cost is incurred for canceling the registration.
SAT Late registration fee$30 (INR 2477.51)The cost is incurred for registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.
SAT Late cancellation fee$35 (INR 2890.42)The cost is incurred for canceling registration after the deadline provided for cancellation.
SAT center change$25 (INR 2064.59)The cost is incurred for changing the SAT center only.
Waitlist fee$53 (INR 4376.93)The fee is charged only if you’re admitted to the test center on test day.

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SAT Test Price: Results Additional Fees

SAT results can cost additional charges for specific situations. For example, additional charges for rush reports. Therefore, we have provided the SAT additional fees for results as well.

Particulars Fees
Rush reports$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)
Additional score reports$12 (per report) (fee waiver available)
SAT student answer service$16 (fee waiver available)
Receive results via phone$15 (per call)
Archived scores$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)
SAT FAQs student service$16 (fee waiver available)

What are the SAT Subject Tests Fees?

The SAT Subject fees or the SAT II fees are examinations taken by students for specific subjects. The exam is conducted by the College board itself. Therefore, the SAT Subject Test fees are charged for the registration of an additional subject test, language test with or without listening, and score reports.

What is the Mode Of Payment for SAT Exam Fee?

The SAT examination can be paid for in several ways. However, the 2 most popular ways of payment are- Credit card and PayPal.  American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and JCB are accepted for online payment.

SAT Fee Waivers 2024

The SAT fee waiver 2024 is available to students who demonstrate financial need. The fee waivers include the registration fee, fees for sending scores to 4 colleges and scholarship programs. It is important to note that the fee waiver does not include charges such as taking several SAT exams or language tests.

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1. How much is SAT fees in India?

The SAT fees in India is $60 (INR 4970). Other than this, Indian students must pay regional fees as well. That is, an amount of $43 (INR 3562).  Hence, the total SAT fee in India is  $103 (INR 8532)

2. Is SAT exam free of cost?

No. SAT examination can’t be taken free of cost. Indian students must pay the fees of $103 (INR 8532). The amount includes the regional fees as well. That is the fee required to pay for the regional exam. That is, $43 (INR 3562).

3. Is SAT costly?

Yes. The SAT examination can be moderately expensive. The SAT exam fees in India is $103 (INR 8532). However, this is just the registration fee, Other than this, additional fees are charged for rescheduling the exam, canceling the exam, etc.

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