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Is SAT Tough For Indian Students?

Is SAT Tough For Indian Students: The difficulty level of the SAT Exam for Indian Students lies in the range of moderate to tough. That being said, yes, there are certain sections of the exam that may seem challenging to Indian students but in some areas of the exam, Indian students outshine students from other parts of the world. It is, therefore, critical for Indian students to work on the areas where they fall short to enhance their chances of scoring higher in the SAT exam. 


In this article, we have shared some of the most common challenges faced by Indian students in the SAT exam and some preparation tips for scoring higher. Read the article to know more about ‘Is SAT tough for Indian Students’. 

Name of the examSAT 
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes (without essay)3 hours 50 Minutes (with essay) 
Score Range 400-1600
Questions 154
Registration Fees $60

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What Poses a Common Challenge in the SAT for Indian Students? 

The initial hurdle students face during the SAT exam is that they aren’t able to get the maximum number of questions right in the first module of both sections. In other words, the initial modules of both sections are in itself a major challenge for SAT aspirants. Some of the common challenges faced by students are: 

  1. The test follows a non-linear structure as it is a multistage adaptive test. 
  2. The test is conducted in the English language, making it somewhat challenging to understand for students who are non-native English speakers. 
  3. The SAT is designed with American educational standards in mind, which can make some of the content unfamiliar to Indian students.

Now that we’ve come across some of the common challenges faced by Indian students during an SAT exam, let us delve deeper into the section-wise difficulties faced by Indians during the exam. 

Challenges Faced by Indian Students in the SAT Reading & Writing Section 

All questions asked in this section are independent of one another and have no correlation whatsoever. Therefore, students from India may find it challenging to answer solely based on their understanding of the questions. Such questions may pose a real challenge to a majority of Indian students as the Indian Education system, as a whole, encourages students to memorize information and use it wisely during exams. Therefore, those who are not well versed in taking competitive exams of any form can find it difficult to come up with ingenious answers solely based on their analysis of the given information. 

Some of the common hurdles faced by Indian Students during this section are: 

  1. This section demands students to read entire passages and decrypt the subtext behind the given information. Therefore, you cannot use strategies like emphasizing specific paragraphs or words to determine the answer. You will have to read the entire passage to understand the meaning behind it and then produce an accurate answer. 
  2. The unfamiliarity with the types of questions asked during this section is a major challenge for Indian students. In addition to the different question types, there is a constant dread among students of the time restriction set for taking the exam. Not only are you required to give correct answers, but also produce them within a set time limit. 
  3. Another key issue that Indian students confront is a lack of access to the necessary resources for preparation. As a result, they are unable to attempt queries like Annotation, marking sentences, and underlining clues. These types of questions necessitate careful and persistent practice. Most Indian students find it difficult to answer the various sorts of questions offered in the section due to a lack of practice and knowledge of question types.

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Is SAT Maths Tough for Indian Students? 

In comparison to the reading and writing sections of the SAT exam, Indian students perform far better in the SAT maths section. This is because Indians have intrinsic knowledge of mathematics, and Indian students have a common affinity to the subject. Due to maths and science being an integral part of the Indian education system, this section does not pose a major hurdle for Indians. Even if an individual is unable to attempt certain questions, the SAT test allows students to use calculators to solve questions. Although the section may seem comparatively easier for Indian students, the threat of time restrictions still persists. 

As it is new for Indian students to use calculators during an exam, a majority of them tend to use it every now and then, thereby wasting their crucial time. This is why it is so important to keep in mind that you should employ calculators only when it is needed. Another reason why Indian students, despite being so good in maths, fall short in acing the maths sections is overconfidence. Students from India, most of the time tend to get overconfident in this section and completely refute to revise their answers. This leads them to make silly mistakes that could’ve been avoided in the first place.

Best Preparation Tips for Indian Students to Improve their SAT Scores

Here are some of the best preparation tips for Indian students to improve their SAT scores. 

  1. It is critical that you understand the SAT exam pattern. Familiarity with the exam pattern will not only help you understand the structure of the exam, the types of questions asked during the exam, the difficulty level of the questions, and so on but will also give you the confidence to attempt the challenging questions. 
  2.  You can opt for an online SAT prep course. There are numerous SAT prep courses available online that can guide you through your preparation journey and train you to score better. 
  3. Solve as many practice tests as you can. This will help you understand what the actual exam will be like and what areas you need to improve on in order to score higher. It will assist you in identifying your weaknesses, which must be addressed in order to improve your chances of scoring higher. Furthermore, completing practice sets will eventually improve your overall speed and accuracy.  


1. What is a good SAT score for Indian students?

An SAT score of 1200 or above can get you admission into some of the best universities abroad.

2. Is SAT easier than IIT?

Yes, in terms of question difficulty, stress level, acceptance rate, and number of people taking the exam, the SAT exam is considered to be comparatively easier than the IIT JEE exam. 

3. Is SAT maths difficult?

The SAT maths section evaluates individuals on their understanding of the core fundamental maths topics covered during higher secondary classes. Therefore, if you revise the topics taught in your class 11 and 12, you will find it much easier to crack the SAT maths section. 

The SAT exam is a standardised test taken by students who wish to pursue higher education abroad.  Many Indian students find the test difficult due to unfamiliar question patterns, distinct rules, language hurdles, and other factors. However, with sufficient preparation and exam knowledge, you can easily ace the test. 

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