📝7 SAT Exam Benefits that Students Must Be Aware of!

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SAT Exam Benefits

SAT full form is the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is a standardized test conducted by the college board for entrance into undergraduate programs. The results of the SAT examination are accepted by more than 48 countries and 4000 universities in the USA. Taking the SAT examination has several advantages for students. However, students must score well as well. A good SAT score can give an edge to the applicant to get admission to the selected university. Keep reading to learn more about the SAT Exam benefits.


👉SAT Exam Benefits 

Below we have listed some of the best SAT exam benefits that candidates can get. Those who want to study abroad, particularly in the US need to apply for the SAT examination for the following reasons:

📋Meet the admission requirements

Several universities require the student to submit SAT scores as a part of their eligibility requirements.  A good SAT score can help a student meet the eligibility criteria for SAT set by the University. For example, Harvard University requires the applicant to have an SAT score between 1400 and 160. Those who are able to secure the score have a better chance of admission to Harvard.

👩‍🎓Take admission in the chosen subject

The SAT examination analyzes both the mathematical skills and the reading and writing skills of the candidates. Candidates who want to demonstrate their skills can take the SAT subject test. A good SAT score in a particular subject can help students to get admission for the same. It is one of the SAT Exam Benefits.

💰Get Scholarship

Getting a good SAT score can help a student to get scholarships to study abroad. The scholarships can cover a lot of expenses including tuition fees, living expenses, transportation expenses, and more. As per a survey,  10% of students who take the SAT examination become eligible for approximately  $20,000 per year. Some of the popular scholarships include Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship (SAT Score 1100, Benefit-t $2,000), and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship(SAT Score 1500, Benefit- $2,000).

💼Better Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are one of the SAT Exam Benefits. Getting a good SAT score would also mean better career opportunities. Students can take the SAT subject test, and score well on the same. It will help the student to demonstrate skills in the subject, get into the university of their choice, and build a career in the field. 

💯Reduced GPA Gap

Another one of the SAT exam benefits is the reduced GPA gap. There are universities that allow students to compensate for low GPA scores with high SAT scores. For example, for admission to Harvard University students with low GPA (below 4.8 -high school) are considered. That is if they have high SAT scores.

🤹Learn Skills Required for College

By preparing for the SAT examination, a student is preparing for college as well. The SAT examination is about knowledge and skills, Therefore, those who prepare for this examination can gain skills required for college. It is one of the SAT Exam Benefits.

👨‍💻Access to information

Another one of the SAT Exam Benefits is access to information. Those who register for the SAT examination can opt for the ‘student search service’. It allows the candidate to receive free and relevant information regarding the scholarships and colleges. Thus, students can find universities that are a good match for the subject they want to study. 

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1. What is the benefit of SAT exam in India?

The College Board India recognizes those who score a minimum of 1300/1600 in the SAT exam. They are considered top performers and can apply for 100% scholarships. 

2. What is the main purpose of the SAT?

The main purpose of the SAT examination is to evaluate the high school knowledge of students. The examination assesses the skills and knowledge of the test taker for college studies.

3. Can I get a scholarship with SAT?

Yes. Those who have secured excellent SAT scores can apply for scholarships. Scholarships are provided by various universities. However, the benefits and score required can vary on the basis of the scholarship type.

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