What is a Good ACT Score and How to Ace it?

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When it comes to the application procedure for institutions overseas, there are a lot of documents and test results needed to be accepted. The American College Testing (ACT) is one of the most esteemed tests in the world. Every year, more than 2.5 million students take the exam, making it a fiercely competitive test that demands excellent preparation. An amazing standardised test result, along with an outstanding personal statement, a high GPA, and strong letters of recommendation, can help you get into a top college. If you intend to take the ACT and want a good ACT Score, keep reading this blog to know how can you improve it!

Name of the Exam American College Testing (ACT)
Administered By ACT Inc. 
Level of Exam International Standardized Test
Mode of Exam Computer Based
Duration 2 hours 55 minutes (+40 minutes essay- Optional)
Sections English, Reading, Maths, Science (Writing- Optional)
Negative Marking NA
Max Scores 36
Average Score 21
Fees With Writing Section- $85 (INR 7,036)Without Writing Section- $ 60 (INR 4966)
Validity No Expiration

What is ACT and Why it is Important?

The ACT is one of many standardized tests used by most colleges and universities in the US and Canada to determine admittance. It is a multiple-choice exam that is administered by ACT, Inc. Its main purpose has been to assess and check students’ written, verbal, mathematical, and scientific abilities. Students who have these skills can easily get a place in the institutions of their choice. More than 225 universities abroad and nearly all 4-year colleges and universities in the US accept the ACT exam.

It checks the readiness of students for college and provides universities with a comparable piece of information to evaluate all applicants. Standardized test results will be compared to candidates’ high school GPA, courses they took, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays by college admissions officers. It varies from school to school how significant ACT scores are in the college admission process. 

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What is Considered a Good ACT Score?

Although there is no “passing” score, achieving a high score will help you get into more selective universities. Four components make up the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. A scale from 1 to 36 is used to grade each subject. The average of your four section scores makes up your overall ACT score. You must try to get about 24 on each portion of the ACT in order to receive good results.

 Here’s the range of average scores in each section

Section Average ACT Score
English  20.3
Maths 20.7
Reading 21.4
Science 21.0
Composite 21.0

Here are the ACT Score Ranges for some of the popular colleges:

Name of the University ACT composite score (25th-75th percentile) Acceptance Rate
Harvard University 32-35 5%
Princeton University 32-35 7%
Massachusetts Technical University 33-35 8%
Yale University 31-35 7%
University of Pennsylvania 31-34 10%
University of California-Berkely 29-34 15%
New York University 29-33 32%

How to Improve ACT Scores?

If you get a good ACT score, you’ll be in the middle of the pack for the institutions you want to attend. Knowing the value of an excellent ACT test score, it is now time to focus on raising your score so you can attend the college of your choice.

Taking practice tests and studying sample questions is without a doubt the best approach to raising your ACT score. Understanding the format of the ACT exam, making a study schedule, regularly practising and setting realistic goals are some of the ways that will help you and pave the way for admission into your dream college.

The easiest way to determine the extent to which you have a decent ACT score is to find out if it meets the requirements for the school of your choice. It’s critical to ascertain whether the average ACT score of that competitive college is equal to or lower than your own ACT score before submitting your college application.


Do US universities accept ACT scores as low as 17?

Although getting a high score always gives you the best possibilities for admissions, certain US institutions do accept low scores, even below 17. There are, however, limited choices.

Is the SAT more difficult than the ACT?

In general, the subjects covered by the SAT and ACT are the same. For making decisions about college admissions and giving out merit-based scholarships, ACT and SAT scores are both taken into consideration. The majority of colleges do not favour one test over another. Neither the SAT nor the ACT is more difficult than the other.

What is a suitable ACT score for financial aid?

You should be eligible for lower-level scholarships with an ACT score of at least 25, at the very least. But as the quantity rises, the competition for scholarships increases, as does the possible scores.

It’s crucial to demonstrate your skills and establish yourself in a competitive undergraduate program in the US or Canada. You will develop unstoppably and reach a milestone if you receive enough exposure and study in a welcoming environment at a foreign university. If you still have questions about the ACT exam, contact our specialists at Leverage Edu to learn more about it.

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