Ramanujan Fellowship

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Ramanujan Fellowship

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Why do get the urge to inventing something when the need for it arises? Why can’t we focus on innovations without mapping the impact they would carve on the world? It’s only with a much-needed push that we realise that we need to discover new things and this push of ‘necessity’ instils passion in us to explore and invent. But moving towards the quest of innovation and discovery, the most common hindrance that can happen is the shortage of resources. For budding scientists and researchers working in the field of technology, the lack of sufficient funds can prove to be a restraint in their projects and in order to provide them with financial assistance, there are plentiful fellowships offered by academic institutions and national governments across the globe. One such fellowship is Ramanujan Fellowship which is offered by the Indian government in collaboration with the Science & Engineering Board. This blog aims to provide the essential details of Ramanujan Fellowship including its eligibility criteria and application process along with its mission to provide much-needed finances to aspiring scientists in India.

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What is the Ramanujan Fellowship?

Ramanujan Fellowship is offered to meritorious students of Science and Engineering across the globe. It extends the offer to all the individuals who are willing to relocate to any part of India and take up career opportunities in academic institutions and research universities. This initiative is taken in response to the country’s open policies and to encourage people from all over the world to come to India to benefit from the immense career prospects availed and to contribute to the flourishing tech sector.

The aim of this fellowship is to support talented and skilled individuals to ace in the field of Research & Development by providing the necessary resources in terms of their financial needs. Moreover, the rules regarding the duration of the Ramanujan Fellowship have been firmly laid. It is a non-extendable fellowship providing resources for a period of five years.

Eligibility Criteria for Ramanujan Fellowship

Since the fellowship is aimed at helping devoted students working in the field of scientific research, the government of India has specified the following eligibility requirements for those wanting to apply for this program:

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  • The age limit is below 55 years.
  • The applicant must possess a degree in higher education or equivalent like Master’s in Technology or Engineering or PhD in Science/Engineering or MD in Medicine, etc. With adequate professional experience.
  • Applications are invited from people from all across the world.
  • Candidates with outstanding academic records and research projects are generally preferred.
  • Selected candidates can continue further with only one fellowship or position. Those who are already enlisted to receive grants from any other fellowship scheme are not allowed to go for dual programs.

Important Date for Ramanujan Fellowship 

As candidates do not directly apply for this grant and can only be considered for it, based on the nomination made by their university heads, the process of nomination is open throughout the year. 

Fellowship Amounts

Those who have fulfilled the above-mentioned eligibility criteria and have been successfully selected by the board, they can avail the below-mentioned fellowship amounts:

  • An amount of Rs. 85,000/- per month will be granted to each fellow.
  • In addition to this monthly amount, all the fellows would receive Rs. 7,00,000/- annum for conferences and other expenses.
  • The fellows of this scholarship program are also eligible to receive different grants by various S & T agencies of the Indian government through extramural funding schemes.  

How to Apply?

There are no particular guidelines as to when should one send their nomination. The notifications for the availability of the Ramanujan Fellowships are generally posted on the websites of various Indian and International academic & research institutions to invite applications. All scientists and engineers who are willing to apply for Ramanujan Scholarship can send their nominations to the Science and Engineering Research Board throughout the year. There is no particular last date for the submission of the application. Moreover, the board also receives recommended nominations from academic institutions across the globe. 

Moreover, all nominations (including one original copy & four photocopies) should be sent to the following address: 

Dr. Pravakar Mohanty
Science & Engineering Research Board
5 & 5A, Lower Ground Floor
Vasant Square Mall, Sector-B, Pocket-5, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070

Selection Procedure

The applications received for Ramanujan Fellowship are verified and reviewed by the Science and Engineering Research Board. Here are the key steps of the selection procedure that your fellowship application will go through:

  • A search-cum-selection Committee is appointed by the board putting together various renowned academicians and scholars.
  • Once selected, researchers can choose to work at any Science & Tech institution provided the university or the institution is ready to lend the necessary support.
  • Individual scientists and technologists can also directly approach the institutions to request them to host their fellowship application and forward the nominations to SERB.

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FAQs for Ramanujan Fellowship

Q1: How to apply for Ramanujan Fellowship? 

Aspirants of this fellowship have to ask their university head to forward their nomination to SERB. This can be done online at the official website of the Science & Engineering Research Board. In case you are pursuing PhD then the nomination cannot be by the university here.

Q2: What is the last date of application?

Nominations can be made throughout the year. Thus, there is no last date of application for the Ramanujan Fellowship.

Q3: Are Ramanajun Fellowship grants taxable?

Like most of the other fellowships, this one is also taxable. The final sum is granted after making the deductions as per the Income Tax rules. 

Q4. What is the aim of Ramanaujan Fellowship & who all can get it?

This fellowship is designed for meritorious Indian students in the field of Science & Engineering across the globe. It is majorly offered to bring them an opportunity to take up relevant exposure & positions in India. 

Thus, Ramanujan Fellowship is a pivotal step in encouraging scientific research scholars and academicians across the globe by providing them with necessary resources. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship or fellowship and don’t know where to start, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in selecting the right program that can provide you with the essential financial assistance in your career endeavours.

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  1. In case you are pursuing PhD then the nomination cannot be by the university here. Then how PhD scholars can apply for this Ramanujan Fellowship?

  1. In case you are pursuing PhD then the nomination cannot be by the university here. Then how PhD scholars can apply for this Ramanujan Fellowship?