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Business Books

Business is often called as a gamble because there will be times when the ball swings into your court whereas there may come days where you might not be able to take the right step. The young entrepreneurs persevering to transform their startup ideas into flourishing businesses are always on the lookout for inspiration in every possible scenario. Learning the whereabouts of how to fluently overcome intricate situations in a business can prove to be extremely beneficial before going on board. The best way to learn the essentials of running a business is to get lessons from well-established business leaders. To all such budding entrepreneurs seeking guidance, here is a list of best business books to help you get closer to your career aspirations

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Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

The book elucidates various business model patterns derived from the stories and ideas of the leading business thinkers. Different aspects of running a business like distribution channels, designs, partners, costs and how to deal with the customers have been very explained in detail by Osterwalder and Pigneur. Being one of the best business books, Business Model Generation will help you understand how to design and implement the innovative business models.

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Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo by Chip Conley

Peak is one of the most famous business books which provides insightful analyses for operating a successful business. The CEO turned author, Chip Conley has cited an influential business mantra, “Great leaders become naive psychologists by understanding the unique needs of three vital relationships- with customers, employees and investors.” It also covers crucial lessons on corporate culture, productivity improvement techniques as well as how one can cater to greater loyalty within their stakeholders.

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The Innovator’s Solution by Clayton M. Christensen & Michael E. Raynor 

Another significant addition in our list of best business books, The Innovator’s Solution is for those businesses which are tackling the growth paradox and imparts useful tips on how you can successfully combat it. It mainly focuses on the notion of new technologies replacing full-fledged ventures and how this disruption can be effectively handled. Christensen and Raynor have outlined some essential guidelines on how one can assure their business’s growth in the present fast-pacing world.

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From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin 

If you aim to expand your business while achieving and sustaining the faster growth, you must follow a well-versed template rather believing in overnight success. Amongst the renowned business books, From Impossible to Inevitable sets out to explore some prominent ideas on how you can multiply your revenue to a whopping ten times and answers imperative questions such as,

  • Why aren’t you growing faster?
  • What does it take to get to hypergrowth?
  • How do you sustain growth?

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Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sherly Sandberg

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Amongst the popular business books for women entrepreneurs, Lean In talks about how one can bring a perfect balance between work and family life, especially for women. Since the author possess decades of experience in the corporate sector, she imparts insightful lessons on how to find a mentor in the workplace, negotiating what you want, voicing your opinion, becoming a leader in your organization as well as maintaining an equilibrium between your work and professional life. 

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Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarvis

For those looking for business books on entrepreneurship, Company of One is an interesting read as it focuses on exploring the process of creating a purposeful business that is designed to last for a longer period of time. Paul Jarvis’s primary message through the book is, “the real key to creating flourishing work life could be to not scale your ambition into a huge corporation, but rather, to work for yourself, and determine your own goals.”

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Apart from the above-mentioned business books, here is a list of some more bestsellers that you must know about:

  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins 
  • Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport
  • Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity by Charles Duhigg
  • The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competetive Advantage by Daymond John
  • Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras 
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey, Chris McChesney, Jim Huling 
  • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham
  • The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport

Thus, we hope that this blog has provided you with the best business books to add to your reading list. If you are planning to attain a business degree, sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu and we will help you find a suitable course and institution that fits your interests and preferences as well as through the admission process to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted.

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  1. I admire this article for its well-researched content and excellent wording. I got so involved in this material that I couldn’t stop reading. I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much.

  1. I admire this article for its well-researched content and excellent wording. I got so involved in this material that I couldn’t stop reading. I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much.