Christmas Traditions and Celebrations Around the World

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas is a season of joy and celebration around the globe, and there are several lively and different approaches to enjoy festivities. Every household has its own holiday tradition, but several countries have similar traditions. Carolling, giving gifts and decorating trees along with blessings. Christmas is observed with great spirits in various parts of the world. While the type of celebrations, the events and the customs change, the spirit remains the same as everywhere else. Feeling overjoyed with the spirit of Christmas? Let’s take you on a fun-filled ride exploring the best traditions and celebrations for Christmas around the world!

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United Kingdom (UK)

Christmas in UK
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The Christmas season of Advent is widely celebrated in most of the countries of the United Kingdom. Around this season, holly ornaments and ornamental candles can be seen all around. Stores, however, begin selling decorations from mid-November to energetic Christmas shoppers. In England, like in most other countries of the UK, magnificent pine Xmas trees are an integral aspect of conventional and vibrant Christmas decorations. One of the unique traditions for Christmas around the world is in the UK where rather than hanging Christmas stockings over the fireplace, households in the UK usually hang them at the bottom of their beds. Paper crowns are made and they are usually worn on Christmas dinner with people bursting Christmas crackers which are tubes of paper that explode on holidays with confetti and costs.

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United States of America (USA)

Christmas in USA
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Many Americans, mostly Christians, would go to church on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Several churches have unique Christmas Carol programs and services where the Christmas stories are shared. Households in America usually leave milk and cookies out there so that they get gifts from Santa. Sometimes such gifts are left under the tree as well as hanging by the fireplace in stockings. American Christmas is one of the most popular celebrations around the world.

For family or friends, it is traditional to arrange a special dinner, sometimes consisting of turkey and a number of other seasonal foods, and exchange gifts with them. In particular, children also receive a number of presents from their family members, and from the legendary Santa Claus.  Unique activities are implemented by many church services, communities and neighbourhoods. This may involve decorating the community or a movie theatre, setting up a Christmas tree, and preparing a display, festival or performance of the Birth of Christ.


Christmas in Japan
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Amongst the various countries celebrating Christmas around the world, Japan takes part in this amazing fiesta in a more modern manner inspired by American celebrations. Japanese families treat themselves to what has become the typical Japanese Christmas food: a bucket of fried KFC chicken. Instead of meeting for a turkey dinner around the table, Japanese families go out to their nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Most Japanese people love to decorate their homes with fir trees at Christmas and adorn the outside with ornamental lighting. For KFC, it is the best time of year and customers can request orders in advance at their nearest fast food joint! There was a KFC promotional campaign named ‘Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii!’ which means ‘Kentucky for Christmas!’ which was really successful. Christmas cake is also a popular Japanese Christmas meal, but it is not a dense fruit cake, but usually, a sponge cake covered with berries and whipped cream.


Christmas in Canada
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Canada is a very large nation and it is home to a population of different ethnicities. There are plenty of distinct Christmas traditions in Canada because of this. On Christmas Eve, several Canadians open their presents. On Christmas Eve, others just open their stockings.  Many open single presents, and keep the remaining ones for the Christmas Day. Canadians prefer Christmas trees, lighting and other accessories to decorate their homes. 

The Canadian Christmas also features the oldest and biggest Santa Claus Parade around the world which is also held in Toronto! It began when Santa came into the avenues of Toronto in 1913. Studying in Canada, you mustn’t miss the march of Santa. Kids accompanied Santa along the road and walked alongside him. In Toronto, more than 300,000 energy-efficient LED lights that glow from twilight until 11 pm until around the New Year illuminate these places. People also get to see amazing fireworks displays and join in for some outdoor ice hockey.


Christmas in Australia
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It is common to go camping during this period during the Christmas holiday falls during Australia’s summer. Native people decorate their homes with trees and decorations and furthermore decorate it with Christmas Bush bunches, a native Australian plant with tiny evergreens and cream-coloured flowers that change to a deep red during summers. Contrary to countries celebrating Christmas around the world, Australians spend Christmas on Bondi Beach with a lunchtime grill. Before playing the game of cricket or going for a swim, friends and relatives assemble to indulge in shrimp, crabs, and desserts. 

Afterwards, you can see the traditional candlelight celebrations as several places, communities and educational institutions often host their own carols, with local musicians and choirs sometimes helping to deliver Christmas carols and compositions. As it is Christmas season in Australia in the middle of the summer, the lyrics about ice and freezing winters are often modified to unique Australian words!

Thus, these are the most popular traditions for Christmas around the world. Planning to study at any of these top study destinations abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the process of selecting the right program and university and further lend you a helping hand through the admission procedure! Sign up for a free session with us now! Merry Christmas!

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