How to Work From Home in the Time of COVID-19?

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Work From Home

The outburst of the Novel Coronavirus has led to a crisis both, health-wise and economically. Most countries and cities are experiencing the adverse effects of this virus-borne disease. Almost every country in the world is in a situation of complete lockdown which has severely affected the economy and education system of the world. As a preventive measure against the COVID-19 as well as to continue the work efficiently, a multitude of organizations, including IT companies in India and abroad have asked their employees to work from home. Working from home may sound like a bed of roses but it actually is a tough task as you have to come out from your comfort zone and work with full concentration. To all the working professionals stuck in the same conundrum of how to diligently work from home, here is a blog with some tips and tricks for the same! 

Set Your Regular Hours

The first and foremost step towards efficiently working from home is to have a clear time rule for when to work and when to call it a day. This practice will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance while increasing productivity. Working remotely may also sometimes require starting the day early or attune yourself to different time zones. In such a case, installing automatic time-tracking apps, which helps in managing the working and sleeping hours would come in handy. Also, make sure to wrap up and sleep on time as per the schedule.

Make an Effective Routine

Another way to effectively work from home is to make a fixed morning routine. Your morning may start from sipping a cup of coffee/tea, doing yoga, going for a jog/walk or any other favourite activity of yours. But, it should be followed every day before starting with your work. Time management and dedication is the key to create, abide and stick to such a routine. This will also help you in maintaining a happy and healthy state of mind, which in turn will lead to favourable outcomes.

Fix a Particular Spot

Switching places to find the most comfortable spot for work can get a little tedious. Rather, fixing a particular spot and organising chairs and tables accordingly will help you work with enthusiasm as you do in your office. Your productivity will increase once you apprehend the importance of work from home by sitting on your desk. You can also paste some of your important sticky notes through which you will be constantly reminded of the task list. 

Take Breaks 

As we are striving to keep the work process similar to that followed in the office, it is vital to take breaks from the work even at home. Sitting on the bed for the entire day with your laptop on your lap can reduce your efficiency and you may get stuck with the same work for a longer period of time. Thus, taking regular breaks in between will rejuvenate your mind and you will be able to concentrate more on your work. 

Structure Your Day 

While working in the office, there is a set pattern wherein various time-bound tasks are included. It becomes habitual for an individual to complete the task within the set time.  Similarly, when you work from home, it is important to map your day. Jot down the tasks on a calendar every day and prioritize the events marked on it based on urgency. 

Effective Communication

Work from home has its own pros and cons. While you get to work at your own pace, at your own comfort, efficiently communicating with colleagues and team members can become a daunting task! Thus, handling such situations with patience will help you in tackling issues wisely. For a smooth conversation, be sure that you are sitting in a place where there is full network connectivity. Further, switch to Wi-Fi offering seamless connectivity in order to reduce the disturbances over conference video calls.

Apart from these work from home tips, here are some other points which may help you out:

  • Update your to-do list 
  • Switch on to your work-clothes 
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks as heavy food can make you lethargic 
  • Refrain from social media apps
  • Listen to your favourite music 
  • Get dressed for your work day
  • Use quality technology
  • Prepare a to-do list
  • Take a stroll during the lunch break
  • Find a stress buster
  • Use productivity apps
  • Take breaks
  • Check-in with co-workers

Work From Home Essentials

  • Computer or a laptop
  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Monitor
  • WiFi
  • Headphones or Earphones with microphone
  • Computer stand
  • Notepad and pen
  • Cables
  • Printer and Scanner
  • File cabinate
  • Desk lamp
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Best Work From Home Jobs

Here is a list of top work from home jobs-

  • Blogging
  • Virtual Assistant
  • YouTuber
  • Translator
  • Web Developer
  • Travel Agent
  • Freelance Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Entry
  • Call-Center Representative
  • Medical Transcriptionist

So, work from home is certainly a way of boosting your productivity but only if you follow your daily routine with full enthusiasm. As discussed, the lockdown has also become a cause of worry for students who want to attain overseas education. At this crucial time, taking guidance from experienced counsellors can help you take a step in the right direction. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu through an E-meeting where the counsellors will address all your admission related queries in a jiffy and will help you continue with the application process even amid the lockdown.

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