10 Fun Things to Do at Home During Lockdown

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Fun Things to Do at Home

In the present times, the covid-19 lockdown has certainly changed our daily routines as we are confined to our homes to ensure the safety of us as well as our loved ones. But the boon of social media has proved to be incredibly useful as humans are embracing the concept of social distancing but staying in touch through the digital devices. There are many pros to this lockdown as it has brought a calm phase in our lives so we can slow down and spend some time reflecting. If you have feeling bored during the lockdown and exploring some interesting activities, we are here to bring you our exclusive list of various fun things to do at home. 

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Top 10 Fun Things to Do at Home

While staying tangled with wires is one thing to knock this lockdown with, you must utilize this phase to spend quality time with your family and check things off your list that you have been putting off for quite a long time. Here are some of the top fun things to do at home during this lockdown period and make the most of it! 

Online Learning

In the digital age, online learning is one of the biggest advantages you can avail and that’s why it features at the top of our list of fun things to do at home! Whether you are preparing for competitive exams or doing self-learning on your own, there are plentiful online courses and study materials available at the touch of your screen! You can simply browse Youtube in Google and find various tutorials that provide learning with fun. For kids, there are many fun learning online-based applications like Dragon Box, Quick Maths, Crossword puzzles, Flow free etc. through which they can learn basic concepts in engaging ways.

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Cook Delicious Delicacies

Cooking is another interesting activity you can do at home during this lockdown. There are a multitude of online cooking tutorials available at YouTube which you can utilize to experiment with your cooking abilities. It is amongst the popular fun things to do at home as you can impress your family with your creativity while also spend some quality time learning new recipes with your mother! From baking bread, roasting lamb meat, making chocolaty cakes or cupcakes, it will get bring a joyful aura into your family and will surely help you combat the lockdown boredom.

Fill Your Day With Colors!

Another one of the fun things to do at home is to try coloring books! It is quite a well-known psychological fact that coloring makes our mind serene and calm thus will help you find a distraction from the constant news happenings! If you don’t have coloring books, then get some eggs, paint colors and a brush and start coloring them with different hues and textures! You will surely end up having a fun time out of it! 

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Play Board Games 

You can play a variety of board games with your family and friends. It is one of the common fun activities to do at home during summer vacations and even in this lockdown period, it will surely come to the rescue! You can also create your own Spanish Board Game which is an interesting yet! challenging task to do. Playing board games like chess, snack and ladders, monopoly, etc. will also increase your thinking abilities and concentration. 

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Master a Foreign Language

This is certainly the right time to explore the internet and make most out of it. If you have always been dreaming to learn a new language but couldn’t find the time for it, this is your opportunity! Another prominent one amongst the fun things to do at home, mastering a foreign language will help you test your learning abilities as well as you will get to know about a culture through its medium of communication! You can use online apps like Duolingo or opt for online courses and you are good to go. Typical Languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Russian can be mastered amid the lockdown which will make your quarantine life productive for sure!

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Learn How to Play a Guitar!

Are you one of those who have always found guitar an alluring instrument to learn? Well, make the most of this quarantine by exploring the musical strings of a guitar through video tutorials. If you don’t have a guitar at home then download a music instrument app from the playstore and learn the basics online!

Read Books!

Remember visiting the book fair, buying a big chunk of books but regretting the ones you haven’t read still gathering the dust on your bookshelf? Don’t let time be the excuse during this phase and pick as many books as possible and finish them up! Be it fiction and non-fiction books, they will stimulate your inner artist and also also increase your knowledge and vocabulary.

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Innovate with Art and Craft 

On days when you feel too lazy to do anything, the best activity to try is to immerse yourself in arts and crafts! Take out the waste papers as well as other things in your house and try building something creative out of them! You can explore the creative ideas online and find your escape in art to make it out of the quarantine! Also, if you have kids at home, playing with art and craft is one of the fun things that you must opt for to spend some quality time with them!

Plan a Themed Movie Night at Home

Quarantine life has turned all of us into a movie buff. While you might spend hours binging over your favorite series on Netflix, planning a themed movie night is one of the best fun things to do at home with your family! You can go for an entertaining watch or explore something different from your usual favorites! If you spend too much time finding which one to pick, then go for a cinematic classic which will surely uplift your mood! 

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Organize & Embrace the Calm

Last but not least you can kill your Quarantine and lockdown time by channelising your inner Marie Kondo and organize your bookshelves, wardrobe and everything else that you have putting off to do on a Sunday! Clean your personal room, spend some time with your old notebooks and school books, let yourself enjoy the nostalgia and you will end up feeling hopeful and happy!

This phase might feel overwhelming but ensuring your own safety as well as that of your loved ones is important in the current scenario! Certainly, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will surely move back to our normal lives just in time! We hope that this blog provided you with some fun things to do at home during this lockdown! At Leverage Edu, we believe that nothing can stop you from actualising your career dreams and thus even in the present time, you can book an e-meeting session with our experts and we will guide you in taking an informed informed step towards bringing your professional aspirations to reality!

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