Automotive Design Courses

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Automotive Design Courses

We all have an ineffable love for cars, bikes and various other automobiles. Where ideas and designs turn into reality, this is where we realise the connection between designing and engineering. With the changing preferences of the customers, the automotive companies are shifting towards different ways to enhance vehicle aerodynamics and its exterior and interior appeal. All of them hugely influence the design and engineering process of the system. Where body design, structural development and manufacturing come together, that is were Automotive Design and Engineering comes out. So, here’s a comprehensive blog for you to know various Automotive Design courses that you can pursue and fulfil your dream of becoming an automotive designer.

Major Automotive Design Courses

Automotive Design is a process of developing and improving the look and feel of different automobiles such as cars, bikes, yachts, buses, trucks and other mobility vehicles. It is a broad field which includes professionals like Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Industrial or Product Designers who work together to improve the structures and accessories of vehicles and their related systems. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Automotive Design courses offered by most of the universities and colleges around the world.

Automotive Design Courses: Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor in Automotive Engineering: A 4-year undergraduate program trains students for designing and testing the entire vehicle and its various components. Graduates in Automotive Engineering have a range of automotive skills in Framework Design and Mechanical Engineering along with the concepts and management of future mobility theories.
  • Bachelor in Vehicle Engineering: This course prepares students with an expanded knowledge of the scientific and engineering concepts covering the design of a range of vehicles such as supercars, trains, yachts and powerboats. Additionally, the students are trained in making environment-friendly transports.
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  • Bachelor in Automotive Performance Engineering: This interesting multidisciplinary Automotive Design course aims at giving the theoretical and practical knowledge of the manufacturing skills and design know-how. The course equips graduates with high-level performance engineering and specific knowledge of motorsports, along with an understanding of several disciplines including performance optimization, data analysis, safety considerations, aerodynamics, the whole vehicle design and its manufacturing.
  • Bachelor in Automotive and Transport Design: Bachelor in Automotive and Transport Design covers an extensive spectrum of vehicle design, analyses of the loopholes of autonomy, ergonomics, sustainability and the user experience which is related to interior and exterior designing, surface and colour applications and next-generation design solutions. This course is specially structured to provide graduates with the required skills and expertise in producing visionary and innovative designs to each and every transport including, cars, yachts, motorbikes, vehicle interiors and exteriors, construction vehicles, electric vehicles and other personal mobility transportation.
  • Bachelor in Automotive Design: Based on the understanding of the volume, proportion and surface design principles, the Bachelor in Automotive Design provides graduates with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake the development and design of the transportation. The course covers live design projects through which students involve themselves with both small and major companies so that the engagement allows the students to acquire certain skills and give them real-world experience of the demands in employment.  
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive): Mechanical Engineering or Automotive Engineering is mainly concerned about the design, test and development of automobiles and their components. It also involves altering and improving the vehicles according to customer feedback. Graduates are equipped with exceptional theoretical, practical and technical skills required for their career in Automotive Engineering and Design.  

Automotive Design Courses: Graduate Programs

  • Masters in Automotive Computing and Communication: This program provides students with a specialization in various fields of the automotive industry such as implementation, design and examination of the computer software and so on. Subsequent to obtaining the basic and standard knowledge in advanced programming in computing systems, the students gain explicit knowledge about the communication networks and vehicle protocol, designing and testing of the autonomous vehicles, etc.    
  • Masters in Vehicle Engineering: The students enrolled in a master’s degree program in Vehicle Engineering learn the kills and knowledge of vehicle design. Through participating in various live projects, students get to learn about the real-world challenges and to thrive in creative environments. 
  • Masters in Automation Engineering: This multidisciplinary program provides students with advanced proficiency in various important domains of Automation, such as System Theory, Robust Control, Vision Systems, Software for Real-time Control, Mechanical Systems, Diagnostic Systems, Vision System along with Robotics and Mechatronics.    
  • Masters in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering: Starting from designing to high-performance vehicles, this master’s degree program gives you a chance to develop the basic skills in the field of Automotive Engineering and applying those to real-world projects. Additionally, the focus is also exercised on vital elements in management including Project Management and Finance.

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Top Institutes to Pursue Automotive Design Courses

Below is a list of some of the prominent institutes of the world offering exciting courses in automotive design:

If designing speed machines and super luxurious cars or perhaps the safest vehicles with the latest technology inspires you, then Automotive Design courses are made for you to grow in the automobile industry. Our counsellors at Leverage Edu are here to guide you through this path, so quickly book a 30-minute free counselling session with our experts now.

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