Online Education In India

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Online Education in India

Online education, which is now gaining popularity worldwide, is considered an advancement in the field of education which has the ability to transform the lives of students. Seeking education online through different sources has become common amongst the students, working professionals, housewives, and senior citizens as it does not require physical presence at a university or a college like the traditional way of teaching. Rather, it allows the enrolled students to study courses that align with their professional goals. Further, with technology reaching sky-high levels, the learners can now educate themselves by watching lessons, reading e-books and participating in online discussions. Thus, this blog aims to shed light on the advantages of online education and the sources from where one can study. 

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What is Online Education?

Online education refers to courses or programs which are taken up at one’s place of residence with the help of an electronic device such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This is different from traditional classroom education in the sense that it can be taken at one’s home and the teacher/professor is not physically present in the classroom. Online education in India offers a plethora of opportunities to people of all age groups residing in any corner of the country, especially the ones occupied with their daily chores. Through this medium of education, students are not limited to one country but can study courses from across the globe.

Advantages of Online Education

There are multiple advantages of pursuing online education in India which people, majorly in the age group of 15-40 can use to the fullest potential. The benefits of this unique and comfortable mode of attaining education have allured many. Listed below are some of the major advantages of studying courses through this mode: 

  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

The only essential requirement for online education is a laptop or a smartphone along with a good internet connection. With this freedom, you can choose to study any diploma, certificate or degree course. Further, the working professionals who want to obtain a degree in their choice of field can opt for weekend sessions, study conveniently through the online study material provided to them. 

  • Easy on the Pocket

As compared to a regular course or a degree program, availing of online education in India is comparatively cheaper. Being cost-effective, it allows candidates from every arena of society to enrol in the courses they want to build a career in. It is especially beneficial for those, who due to financial restraints are not able to afford the expenses of studying in a full-time program. Thus, online courses can equip students with the same skills and knowledge as full-time classroom courses. 

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  • Study at your own Pace!

Sometimes, the teaching speed and strategies used in the classroom are not convenient for everyone. This is where pursuing online education in India becomes beneficial. The flexible timing schedule can help you learn and acquire knowledge on a scale where you are comfortable. In the online courses, the complete syllabus is provided to you beforehand, you can study the set syllabus in your free time and can clear your doubts in live chats. 

  • Abridging the Social Restraints

Online education in India has opened the doors to life-changing opportunities for women and especially for the housewives stuck in the daily chores. Due to some social and cultural constraints, young girls often remain deprived of quality education. Through online education, people from all backgrounds can utilize their free time to gain knowledge about anything they want to. Working professionals and housewives can come under common learning grounds, effectively learn and strive towards achieving higher education or skill development without compromising with their responsibilities. 

Best Online Courses in India 

Online education in India is growing tremendously and is spreading its roots in almost all sectors. If you are in search of some high-quality online courses, then here is a list of prominent courses available in India:

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Improvising traditional classroom teaching, there are several platforms that have come forward to provide education through an online mode. Referred to as Learning Management Systems, these platforms provide courses with similar syllabus but different teaching methodologies. Apart from the websites, there are also many mobile-based applications that provide online education at their fingertips. Here, the enrolled students are provided with the study materials in either downloadable or viewable forms thus making the process of learning easy and accessible. Below mentioned are some of the best platforms providing online education in India: 

Coursera  Skillshare
Treehouse  Ruzuku online education in India
Wiziq  Academy Of Mine
Linkedin Learning  Udemy
Learnworlds Kajabi 
Thinkific  Learndash 
Podia  Teachable 

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Universities offering the Best Online Courses

For the individuals who due to some reasons could not take out time to acquire a full-time degree in the course of their choice, online education has become an easy platform and a saviour for them. Due to its increasing popularity, universities pan-India have now started offering degree or certificate courses at various levels with a syllabus designed as per the industry standards. This gives students easy access to various study materials and a platform to study with comfort. Here are some universities in India and abroad which provide quality online education in India: 

India  Abroad 
IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University)  Northwestern University 
Sikkim Manipal University  Johns Hopkins University 
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning  New York University 
Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University  University of Texas at Austin 
Dr BR Ambedkar Open University  University of California 
Netaji Subhas Open University  Utrecht University 
Karnataka State Open University  Wismar University Wings 
Maharishi Dayanand University  Trinity College Dublin 

Future of Online Education in India 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rising shift to online education. This shift seems to be becoming more permanent as eLearning is believed to be the future. The utilisation of Artificial Intelligence in the field of online education will elevate the entire infrastructure of education in India. This could not just help students learn better but would also increase the career opportunities in the country. However, the world is very new to full-time classroom experiences being shifted to a computer screen. Much needs to be done in order to bring forth the full potential that online learning can achieve. 

We hope that this blog pertaining to the different aspects related to pursuing online education in India has helped you out. If after obtaining certification/degree from this mode, you want to study abroad but are confused about the procedure then the experts at Leverage Edu will guide you throughout the application process. You can also use our AI tool to gauge your interests and find out which course and university suit you the best.

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