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The Acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Irrespective of Biology and Maths, if you choose any course from the science field, in India it is considered as a STEM course. Studying Mathematics STEM courses gives an opportunity to scientists and engineers to quantify relationships, understand patterns, and predict the future. 

What is STEM?

The Acronym STEM was coined seeing the importance of Science related courses and how essential these are in an effective education policy that will lead to quality research and development. There is a lot of emphasis on all the four subjects of STEM i.e, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as this will help to broaden the scope of these areas and propel innovation and new ideas. With emerging new demands of the modern world, there is also an increase of different specializations emerging out of the Science field. According to recent data, countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand etc. have seen exponential growth in short term STEM courses.

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Subjects Covered Under STEM

The broad subject areas of STEM are-

  1. Science– It comprises both natural and formal sciences. Natural sciences mainly include Biology and Chemistry whereas formal sciences include Mathematics and Statistics. 
  1. Technology– Technology teaches students to resolve problems of people by developing innovative ways  through technological means.
  1. Engineering- Engineering is a vast subject area which comprises many branches. Students are taught to develop problem solving skills and provide innovative solutions that will make people’s lives easier. 
  1. Mathematics- Mathematics STEM courses teaches students Science of numbers, quantity, structure, space and change that influence our lives daily. Easiest of daily tasks like paying the bills require mathematics skills. Therefore, Mathematics is an essential part of our lives. 

Some popular STEM courses among students are as follows- 

Inclusivity of Women in STEM Courses

Women are half of the work population so not including them in STEM fields will not unleash the full potential of these fields of study and what we can achieve as humankind. Women have been barred from tech related courses due to age old notions of women not being fit for science related fields. Although due to advancement of modern ideas things are changing and more and more women are entering Science related fields. Famous women who belong to STEM fields and have major contributions are- 

  1. Marie Curie 
  2. Lisa Meitner
  3. Rosalind Franklin 
  4. Barbara Askins 
  5. Carolyn R. Bertozzi
  6. Uma Chowdhary 
  7. Katherine Freese

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The 2 popular Mathematics STEM courses include Statistics and Mathematics.Both of which have a lot of scope further. 


Mathematics entails subjects like Algebra, Calculus and other branches of mathematics. Students are also taught subjects like nonlinear differential equations and abstract algebra. There are many career opportunities after securing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics like research, teaching, government, business or Science related areas. The most popular job is to become a Mathematician and work in scientific research and development. 

Popular career option- Mathematician 

Average salary- INR 9,57,000 approx.p.a (source-Payscale)

Estimated job growth rate- 33% (From 2020 to 2030) as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics 


Statistics is a Mathematics STEM course that prepares students to become skilled statisticians whose role is to collect, organize and analyze the data. Modules like data mining, probability, and survey sampling are taught to the students pursuing the degree of Statistics. There are many career options after completing the degree of statistics like biostaticians, data analysts, business analysts, actuaries and cost estimators. As a statistician a person’s day to day work involves collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of quantitative data. 

Popular career option- Actuary 

Average salary- INR 10.11 Lakh p.a (Source- Payscale)

Estimated job growth rate- 31% (From 2021-2031) as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics. 

Eligibility Criteria to Study Mathematics STEM Courses

You must have completed at least the twelfth grade in science in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics STEM courses abroad. You must also pass a few standardized tests like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. Depending on the university you want to attend, different examinations will be required of you and different minimum scores will be needed. However, before being accepted, the majority of colleges demand that you appear for and pass particular tests like SAT/ACT

The cutoff score required to enroll at a university overseas differs by nation. Typically, a score of more than 60% will not be approved. A larger percentage translates into a higher GPA, which raises the likelihood of admission to a better university.

In order to get enrolled in a Mathematics STEM course a student must have completed his/her 12th class in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). 

Top Colleges and Universities to Pursue Mathematics STEM Courses

Following is the list of top STEM colleges that you can consider applying to.

Name of the College Country
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Alberta, Canada
Seneca College Ontario, Canada
Niagra College Ontario, Canada
Durham College Ontario, Canada
Douglas College British Clumbia, Canada 
Fleming College Ontario, Canada
Cambrian College Ontario, Canada
Alonquin College Ontario, Canada
Flashawe College Ontario, Canada
Centennial College Ontario, Canada

The table below represents famous universities offering Mathematics STEM courses.

University Name Place THE World University Rankings (2023)
The University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia 71 
Troy University Alabama, USA N/A
Ball State University Muncie, USA N/A
RMIT University Melbourne, Australia 301-350
Montana State University Montana, USA 801-1000
Kennesaw State University Georgia, USA N/A
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, USA 351-400
The University of Adelaide Adelaide, Australia 88
The University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia 53
Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne, Australia 301-350

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Q1. Is BSc Maths a STEM degree?

Ans. Any degree in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is referred to as a STEM degree.

Q2. Which STEM course is best?

Ans. Management Science is a popular STEM course. It focuses on creating and managing intricate systems.

Q3. What is the highest-paid STEM career?

Ans. There has been an exponential increase in the demand for Data Analysts making it a lucrative career option.

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