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Some of the highly demanded courses, STEM courses are among the best globally. These courses are actively taken by numerous students as these not only promise a plethora of job opportunities but also offer lucrative packages. Thus there are countless online STEM courses for students which help them achieve a degree from the comfort of their homes. If you want to know more about the Best online STEM courses for students, the benefits of pursuing STEM courses, the best universities for online STEM courses and much more, then Keep Reading!

Type of Courses  Online STEM courses 
Level  UG, and PG 
Eligibility Requirements  UG- high school with a science stream from a recognised institution
PG- UG in STEM courses with a minimum of 65% from a recognised institution
Average Fees  $334 (INR 27K) per credit hour
Average Salary  $52K (INR 42.89 Lakhs)

Why Pursue Online STEM Courses?

There are numerous reasons to pursue STEM courses across the globe; some of the major reasons include the following;

  • One of the major reasons to pursue stem courses is the numerous job opportunities offered after completing these courses.
  • After earning a degree/ certificate in STEM courses, students are recruited in private and government sectors.
  • STEM graduates are offered lucrative packages and are recruited at top organisations across the globe.
  • Various universities across the globe offer online STEM courses with affordable fees and excellence in education.  

Online STEM Courses for Students: Platforms and Fees  

The best online STEM courses for students are as follows; 

Name of the Platform  Average Fees  Duration
iD Tech  Varies  Varies 
Udemy INR 649 45 lectures 
Girls Take the Lead  90 lectures 
Mathnasium $200 – $300 (INR 16K-INR 24K) 3 months plan
Codecademy  INR 1250 Annual plan 

iD Tech

One of the popular organisations delivering STEM knowledge, iD Tech has been a known platform for the last 20 years. Teachers are recruited from top universities to provide a precise curriculum designed for long-term mastery of topics. iD Tech provides coding classes to students of different age groups delivering coding lessons ranging from beginner to advance. 

Udemy’s Operating Systems Courses

Operation systems are considered an invaluable skill from the perspective of computer engineers and programmers. There are numerous courses offered by Udemy featuring the ins and outs of Linus and its cost. 

Girls Take the Lead

It is quite evident that STEM fields lack women employees. Thus it is a must to change this situation. You can only achieve this by delivering education to girls about STEM courses. Girls take the lead with the perspective of changing this situation by providing virtual classes, mini-design challenges, year-round STEM leadership programs and a global innovation challenge. 


Mathnasium is a well-known mathematical funhouse of tutors delivering programmes to tackle the problems of those struggling with maths. This platform provides foundational to advanced tutoring in maths for students of grades 2 to 12. 


Codecademy is a reputed platform that offers invaluable courses for beginners and practitioners. As there is an immediate need for more coders with advanced computer programming skills, Codecademy aims to make coding easy and practical as well as a fun experience. 

Online STEM Courses for Students: Eligibility Requirements 

There are a few eligibility requirements that you are required to fulfill to pursue STEM online courses for students. 

  • There is, as such, no basic eligibility requirement to pursue online STEM courses. However, the requirements vary depending on the type of courses and age group. You are suggested to take a basic course for deeper understanding followed by an advanced system.

Best STEM Universities Abroad 

Many universities abroad offer STEM courses with affordable fees and excellence in teaching and education. These universities also feature high rankings and excellent infrastructure.

Some of the best STEM universities are 

Name of the University World QS Rankings 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Nanyang Technological University 19
the University of Oxford 4
Aalborg University 326
Stanford University 3
California Institute of Technology 14
ETH Zurich 9
Imperial College London 7
University of Cambridge  2
York University 456

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue STEM Degrees  

  • If you want to pursue a UG STEM degree then you are required to complete high school with a science stream and a minimum of 65% marks from an officially recognised institution.
  • To pursue a PG STEM degree then you must have an undergraduate degree in STEM courses or relevant with a minimum of 65% marks from an officially recognised institution.

Language Proficiency Scores 

When English is not your first language then you are required to qualify for the language proficiency tests

Language Proficiency Tests  Score Requirements 
IELTS 6.5 bands 

Admission Requirements 

If you want to enrol in online STEM courses for students, you are first required to search for the preferred course. Then you must check for the course’s eligibility requirements if any. After completing this step, you must pay the online course fees and submit the required details. However, numerous websites offer online STEM courses for free. 

Documents Required 

As mentioned above you are also required to submit a list of documents as a part of the application process. Some of the essential documents required to admit into your preferred university are; 

  • Resume
  • Language Proficiency Scores 
  • Degree certificates  
  • Application Form filled 
  • Financial statement 
  • VISA
  • SOP 
  • LOR 
  • Additional documents(the documents given above may vary depending upon the universities and courses, thus you are suggested to check the official website before applying.)

Cost of Studying 

One of the major aspects that you must analyze before pursuing STEM computer science courses is the cost of studying the course at the university. However, studying costs depend on various factors such as the course, university, location, and much more. The average cost of studying STEM computer science courses is INR 14,14,373.

Career and Salary Prospects 

A major reason for the popularity of online STEM courses for students is the availability of numerous job opportunities at top organisations with lucrative packages. Students with certifications and degrees are employed in various sectors such as computer science, management, science and technology, engineering, etc. Some of the common job profiles after completion of these are as follows; 

As mentioned above, students pursue online STEM courses for lucrative packages offered after the completion of the course. The average salary in different countries after the completion of the course are as follows; 

Name of the Country Average Salary  INR Conversions 
USA $57000 47.02 lakhs 
UK £29,000 28.86 Lakhs 
Australia ` AU$77,419 44.23 Lakhs 


Q1. What are the benefits of online STEM courses for students?

Ans. There are many benefits of enrolling in online STEM courses; some of the significant benefits include that the lessons are taken while enjoying the comfort of your home, the duration of these online STEM courses is shorter as compared to offline degrees, and these online courses have no or negligible fees for most of the methods.  

Q2. What is the importance of online STEM courses for students?

Ans. Online STEM courses are essential as deliver important skills and instil a passion in students for innovation.

Q3. What are the career opportunities after the completion of online STEM courses? 

Ans. The availability of numerous lucrative job opportunities at top organizations is a major factor in the popularity of online STEM courses among students. Students with degrees and certifications work in various fields, including engineering, management, science and technology, computer science, and more.

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