MA Education

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MA Education

Do you aspire to plunge into the field of education? Do you want to understand the process of development of education? If your answer was yes to the questions then there is nothing better than pursuing an MA Education (MA Edu). Intending to provide the students with a learning experience, this course imparts knowledge on the structures and concepts related to education,  the different theories put forth by famous educators, and various administrative processes. Through this blog, we will shed light on various components of the MA Edu course and explain what it entails. But before that, let us understand the difference between MEd and MA Edu. 

What is the Difference Between MEd and MA Edu?

Some might use the terms MA Edu and MEd interchangeably but these programs have different implications altogether in terms of how the course structure pans out over the duration. Listed below are some of the major differences between the two:

  • While an MA Edu is a research-based degree just like a Master of Arts in History, Philosophy, English, etc, a Master of Education (M.Ed) is a professional program that is built on providing comprehensive and integrated professional development in the field of education management.
  • Further, MA Edu is in itself a specialization program in the field of Arts but in M.Ed, you can choose from a number of specialization subjects. 
  • M.Ed can only be pursued when one has an undergraduate degree in B.Ed. 

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Source: Admissions at Azim Premji University

MA Education: Program Details

Being a 1-2 year-long course, MA Edu is a postgraduation course that hones the student’s skills so that they can create and implement education-related theories to develop the overall system and make it more competent and efficient. Apart from making the students adept in Pedagogy, Education Psychology, Value Education, Environmental Education, and Human Rights, it provides pupils with a platform to learn about socio-economic policies and how one can influence them to bring about necessary changes in the education sector.

Domains of Study

Given below are the areas of study in MA Edu.

  • Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education
  • Special Education
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • History and Contemporary Issues of Education
  • Educational Administration and Management, etc. 

Further, through various projects and seminars, the students are trained to use education as a tool to improve lives and enhance their reach amongst the masses. 

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Top Universities 

Do you want to mould your career in such a way that you improve the chances of having a brighter future with a degree from one of the leading universities around the world? Then you can consider the below-mentioned, carefully created list of top universities that not only provide good quality education but also focus on the overall development of the students through their MA Education program: 

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MA Education: Eligibility Criteria 

Applying to a reputed university abroad requires one to be prepared with all the necessary documents to fulfil certain criteria of eligibility. Listed below are the prerequisites which one needs to satisfy to pursue MA Edu:

  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree preferably in the field of education apart from Senior secondary education or its equivalent from a recognized board with minimum qualifying marks. 
  • English Language Proficiency Test: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE score as per the requirement of the universities and the country seeking admission. Some universities may also prescribe GRE scores which are calculated by the ETS
  • Attested documents such as the official academic transcripts from each post-secondary institution that you have attended. 
  • The candidate must submit a resume, Letter of Recommendation(LOR) and one Statement of Purpose(SOP)
  • Proven evidence of the pertinent work experience as per the requirement of the university including the references. 

Career Prospects 

With a plethora of flabbergasting and exciting opportunities available, MA Education is a gateway to pursuing teaching and starting a career in other school and college administration-related areas. Following your master’s, you can proceed by studying a doctorate-level course such as MPhil/PhD in Education. With this, you can become a researcher or an academician. However, if you want to kickstart your professional career then you can find ample opportunities in Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Museums, Educational Policy-Making, Media and PR, and Consultancies. Listed below are some of the popular job profiles you can work on after completing your MA Edu: 

  • Social Worker
  • School Counsellor
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Educational Counsellor
  • Special Educator
  • Consultant
  • Policy Analyst

Thus, pursuing an MA in Edu can open the door to innumerable opportunities across industries.


What is the difference between MA Education and BEd?

BEd helps candidates become teachers at school level, whereas, MA Education enables people become education counsellors, education analysts, and policy makers.

Is MA in Education equal to MEd?

No. MA in Edu deals with advanced teaching methodologies in theoretical subjects, whereas, MEd emphasises practical concepts of teaching.

What is the use of MA in Education?

MA Edu enables individuals to view theoretical subjects in a different light and explore novel teaching methodologies of these subjects. Additionally, this programme enables students of this course to gain employment in the education, media, and PR sectors.

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