LSE Acceptance Rate

LSE Acceptance Rate

Founded in the vibrant and ever spirited city of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, also known as LSE,  is indeed a dream university for students wishing to study social science across the world. One of the foremost universities, aiming to shape the world for a brighter future, LSE engages its students by teaching them guiding principles and commitments for a better world. Established in 1895, this esteemed institution boasts 18 Nobel Prize winners as its alumni and countless other personalities who have gone on to become a name in this world. LSE has been consistently ranked in the top universities of the UK and is ranked 49th in the world in the QS world university ranking 2021. A pre-eminent member of the esteemed Russel Group of Universities, this university is home to the famed economist Amartya Sen and many more. It offers over 40 undergraduate programs and more than 140 taught and research-based postgraduate programs for its undertakers. Isn’t the number gigantic? It has a range of online courses as well as short term courses to suit the needs of many people across the world. A paramount social science university, it provides lauded degrees in courses like Economics, Political Science, Law, Geography amongst many which set its undertaker apart. If you are an aspirant and desire to become a part of the world at LSE, this blog answers your many questions by providing information about LSE acceptance rate and application procedure!

Undergraduate Programs: Admission Process and Eligibility

LSE receives undergraduate applications from all over the world using the portal UCAS. Each program has its own specific requirement associated with the course which can help the prospective student enhance their application. Applications are evaluated by Academic Selectors who have the power to make the final decision. The decision is made on the basis of the academic merit of the student and their extra curricular records. Each application is considered on an individual basis taking into account a wide range of aspects like a personal statement, scores and subject combination. International students are expected to fill in their complete application before 15th January for evaluation for a place in the university’s courses.

Eligibility criteria are set by the university to ensure a student’s place in any course of the university. Acceptance at LSE is based on the student meeting the eligibility standards. Given below is a list of eligibility criteria set for undergraduate programs. Whilst this is not an exhaustive or unalterable list, these criteria will help you get a vivid picture of the eligibility criteria at LSE:

  • Academic achievement which would involve achieved and predicted scores 
  • Each course has a separate academic score requirement but the minimum percentage required for any subject is 85% across all subjects studied at the school level
  • The student would have to undertake an English proficiency test and demonstrate their ability to use the language. Commonly accepted test scores are IELTS with 7.0 overall or TOEFL with 100 points overall
  • Other factors that would form a part of the eligibility criteria are subject combinations, teacher’s reference and personal statement. 

LSE Acceptance Rate for UG Courses

Being a venerated university of the world, getting a position in one of the undergraduate programs at LSE can be highly competitive. The acceptance rate at LSE for undergraduate programs is 8.9%. It receives applications from all over the world for its limited number of seats making the acceptance rate at LSE low. 

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Postgraduate Programs: Admission Process and Eligibility

Research-based programs and  world class faculties set postgraduate degrees at LSE apart from other universities. It welcomes students from over 150 countries of the world. Application is an online process with soon to be students filling in their applications using the UCAS portal. The application process would also involve the students to submit their supporting documents. Students would have an option to choose their additional subjects  during the application process itself.

Eligibility prerequisites for graduate courses although similar are a bit different from for undergraduate programs. Enlisted below is a list of eligibility criteria for graduate programs:

  • Academic achievement with transcript
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two References
  • CV
  • English language proficiency test score
  • Certain courses might also require you to submit your GRE or GMAT scores

LSE Acceptance Rate for PG Courses

The Acceptance rate at LSE for graduate programs is higher than LSE Acceptance rate for the undergraduate program. The acceptance rate for graduate programs is 25%. Looking at the acceptance rate, it can be inferred that admission to LSE for any course is highly competitive.

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Interesting Facts About LSE 

Up till now, the LSE Alumni have won close to 18 Nobel prices and approximately 53 are heads of the state. Isn’t that great? Some of the notable names belonging to the list include Friedrich Hayek and Paul Krugman (Economist), George Bernard Shaw (Play writer and Critic), Bertrand Russell (Nobel Laureate) amongst others.

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Is it hard to get into LSE?

LSE has some courses which are in high demand as compared to others. For a limited number of seats, LSE receives a large number of applications thus making getting admission in LSE extremely competitive. 

What grades do you need to get into LSE?

LSE looks for meritorious students with impeccable academic grades. LSE requires its students to have a minimum of 85% to be eligible to apply for any course.

What percentage of LSE students are foreign?

LSE accepts students from over 150 nations of the world making it a university with a global atmosphere and culture. About 60% of the total number of students are overseas students.

Is LSE a good university?

Ranked in the top ten universities of UK and amongst the top 50 universities of the world, LSE is a major choice amongst students and one of the best universities to join. Many of its social science programs rank in the top ten in the world.

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