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Webinar on International Studies

On November 24, Leverage Edu hosted an interactive webinar on international studies titled ‘Plan Your International Study Better’ on Zoom to solve all the queries of students who aspire to study overseas. The webinar on International Studies consisted of Speaker Gaurav Bhatia, an MBA Graduate from INSEAD, Paris and Moderator Khyaati Jain, an M.Sc Graduate from King’s College, London. The study experts addressed queries on international studies, courses, fees, college applications, visa and student life during the pandemic. 

The panellists from Leverage Edu discussed on a wide range of topics like the Scope of Data Analysis, Extracurriculars in Applications, International Studies, Best IELTS Band Scores for Top Universities, and many more. Gaurav and Khyaati also took a trip down the nostalgia lane by talking about their student experience at their respective colleges abroad. So we have broken down some topics for you that were mainly discussed during our exclusive webinar on International Studies.

Top Queries

  • Study in the UK
  • MIM Courses in Canada
  • Scope of Data Analysis
  • Agriculture Courses
  • Study Abroad during the Pandemic

Is Studying in UK Worth the Time and Money?

During the webinar on International Studies, most of the students asked questions related to studying in UK, popular courses and applications in various top colleges. The queries were answered by study abroad expert Gaurav Bhatia. He informed the students that the average duration of an undergraduate programme in the UK is 3 years and a postgraduate programme is 1 year in UK, which in turn helps students save time and money for International Studies. So, it is neither a waste of time nor money if you spend it on education.

One of the key reasons for studying in the United Kingdom is that it comprises some of the oldest known globally ranked universities, such as the University of Oxford, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Cambridge, University of East Anglia, and Imperial College London, to list a few. If you want to study in UK but are hesitating due to the costs involved, worry not! There are a lot of scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK that are open for all eligible applicants wishing to pursue a study program in any interested stream. 

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MIM Courses Abroad 

Many students asked the panellists regarding the scope of Masters in Management (MIM) courses overseas during the webinar on International Studies. Most of the questions asked were also directed towards MIM in Canada and the scope related to it. Masters in Management (MIM) is a postgraduate – level degree program that lasts for a duration of 1 or 2-year depending upon the country and university one plans to join. MIM differs from MBA, based on the practical and theoretical approach of these two choicest programs. Like other management degrees, MIM concentrates on Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Consulting and related fields. The degree equips individuals with all that is needed to become a successful professional. 

Khyaati Jain remarked that when it comes to seeking a MIM degree, Canada outshines as an ideal destination for International Studies because of its industry-oriented program structure, shorter program duration, higher employability rate, economical tuition fee etc. MIM in Canada is one of the most opted management courses by the Indian students as the country allows you to pursue it with minimum requirements. 

Scope of Data Science and Analysis 

Data Science is a combination of algorithms, machine learning concepts, and numerous other methods used to record, process and interpret data in order to gain valuable and useful knowledge. Our panellist Gaurav Bhatia answered a wide array of questions related to Data Science and Analysis. Data scientists extract and analyse information from a wide variety of channels, such as log files, social media, sensors, consumer purchases, in order to unlock valuable information to affect a company’s decisions and generate comparative advantage over other peers. There are a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Data Science. 

Studying Data Science brings along a plethora of career opportunities in varied sectors. Not just limited to being a Data Scientist, you can go opt for various other job profiles under this vast domain. 

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Agricultural Courses

The Agricultural sector is an essential part of our Economy and existence. Students’ questions in the Leverage Edu webinar on International Studies were widely related to the topic of agricultural courses. It was great to see that many students took the topic of agriculture seriously. The questions on this topic were answered by our moderator Khyaati Jain. Agriculture is the backbone of the country. It not only provides food to us but also supplies raw material to numerous industries. 

A career in Agriculture is full of opportunities due to the huge role it plays in our lives. The importance of studying Agriculture includes the need for brainpower and innovations that can help in the production of healthy and surplus food. For those who wish to delve into the realm of Agriculture right after their secondary education, can consider a diversity of courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level with a number of specializations.

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Studying Abroad during the Pandemic

Students asked about the scope and benefits of studying abroad and international studies during this pandemic and the efforts taken to build a perfect college application. During the webinar on international studies, our experts also addressed the impact of the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly on all aspects of human life, from agriculture, hospitality, industry to education. Right after the very first lockdown in the world, colleges and schools quickly turned to online educational channels for international studies to keep the learning mode on! 

As the world has now accepted the conditions and is re-opening with preventive measures, universities and countries abroad are giving a green flag to international students waiting to be at their dream universities. There is not much difference between online degree vs international studies in this regard, because as many universities are making their courses available online, you can attend classes from the top global faculty from the comfort of your study room as well.

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We hope that this blog gives you an insightful summary of our webinar on International Studies in case you missed it! If you want to know more about studying abroad college applications, our Leverage Edu experts are here to answer all your queries! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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