6 Creative Ways To Practice English for IELTS

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Creative Ways To Practice English for IELTS (1)

Learning a language can quickly become monotonous and tedious, so switching up your learning methods might be beneficial. Your fluency will increase as you use English in daily life without even realising it. Expanding your practice strategies will help you get better whether you’re taking the IELTS test for academic or general training. In this blog, we have discussed about top creative ways to practice English for your upcoming IELTS exam.  

Train Yourself with Song Lyrics

Are English songs something you enjoy hearing? In addition to getting a hang of new words and phrases, they can train you with sentence stress, linking words, and intonation, all areas of pronunciation that will be examined during the IELTS speaking test. Moreover, you may listen to your song while learning the lyrics which also serves as a fun, interactive way to fill in the blanks. This challenges you to use intriguing grammar and words. 

Listen to Podcasts

Creative Ways To Practice English for IELTS - Podcasts (1)
Listening to podcasts in the background is fun while also helping you improve your English listening and speaking skills

Students are constantly looking for new methods to improve their abilities, and podcasts are quickly emerging as an unrivalled source of ‘real English.’ There are several podcasts available that concentrate on imparting knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and other areas. For example Hardcore History, Freakonomics Radio, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferris Podcast, Startalk, etc. Podcasts give you a glimpse of what life might be like if you lived in an English-speaking country. They are so diverse that you can choose the ones that interest you.

Find Out what’s New on YouTube

Youtube serves as one of the best exposures for real native English speakers. This is an excellent chance for you to practise listening to people with diverse accents because on the IELTS listening test there could be individuals from any English-speaking country. By engaging with other viewers and making comments, you can also practise your writing. Last but not least, extract new words that you don’t understand and note them in your vocabulary diary.

Learn from your Favourite Genres 

What subjects and topics spark your interest? What do you enjoy doing the most? Give yourself a break and focus on what you enjoy learning about instead of spending more time going through monotonous IELTS textbooks and practice exams. These days, there are millions of blogs online. Read the articles of one that relates to your area of interest. Additionally, you can communicate with the author by leaving comments.

Practice Speaking with Video Messaging

Use the numerous video chatting services, like Skype and Facetime, to practise speaking with friends and relatives who speak English and reside abroad. You will need to clarify your preference for speaking in English while speaking with friends and relatives because they might believe you feel more at ease when you speak in your mother tongue. 

Play Word Games with Others

Creative Ways To Practice English for IELTS - Word Games
Word games help you prepare for IELTS while being fun!

To increase your English fluency for the IELTS test, there are several well-known word games in the language. These easy games will help you improve your language proficiency and practise speaking English under time pressure, which is a great method to get ready for the IELTS. 

I Spy and 20 Questions are two English-language practice games, although Scrabble can be more difficult. By doing so, you can interact with the language more actively than if you were simply reading a textbook.

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We hope that these creative ways to practice English for IELTS helped you with your exam. It can be difficult and occasionally stressful to study for the IELTS test solely from the books. You can learn English in a completely new way by using creative and imaginative methods of practice. For more such interesting updates, check out IELTS Indicator Test: Take IELTS Online at home.  

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