Hotel Management in Switzerland

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Switzerland is the first country that comes to mind when we think of Hospitality Management courses. Switzerland is home to the world’s first Hotel management institute that seeks the attention of students from all over the world. With the finest placements and global recognition, it is without a doubt the nation where every student who desires to be someone in the hospitality industry wishes to be. Let’s explore everything about Hotel Management in Switzerland!

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Hotel Management

Hotel Management courses teach students everything they need to know about managing a hotel, from cleaning to cooking to front-desk operations and housing operations. It helps students learn hospitality etiquette, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and a customer-oriented approach as a service-oriented industry. These programs employ a hands-on learning approach by providing students with intensive training in hotel management. In order to provide students with real-world experience in this industry, industrial training is an important element of these courses.

Skills Required 

To pursue a career in hotel management, you must possess the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service while also effectively managing the hotel or restaurant where you work. Let’s take a look at the main skills needed to build a successful career in this ever-growing area before diving into the details of Hotel Management in Switzerland: 

  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Polite Demeanor
  • Discipline & Confidence
  • Team Spirit 
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to work long and odd hours
  • Multi-tasking skills

Why Study Hotel Management in Switzerland?

The Swiss hospitality education model provides students with the bottom-up information necessary to successfully run a hotel. Students study the specifics of each department and position so that they know exactly what each of their workers is responsible for. This all-encompassing approach to education has given Swiss hotel management schools a prestigious international reputation. The following are some of the principles of Swiss hospitality education:

  • Respect for the customer
  • Precision
  • Rigor and attention to detail
  • Immaculate presentation
  • Discretion
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

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Top 10 Universities to Study Hotel Management in Switzerland

The Top 10 Hotel Management Institutes in Switzerland are listed below. These institutions are not just among Switzerland’s top ten, but also among the world’s greatest hotel management schools. Check out the list we have curated for you:

Name of the Institue Eligibility Cost (In INR)
Glion Institute of Higher Education IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 500       15.3 lakhs
Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne IELTS 7, TOEFL 600     15.3 lakhs
Les Roches International School of Hotel Management IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 500       13.7 lakhs
Cesar Ritz Colleges IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 500       20.5 lakhs
Business and Hotel Management School, Lucerne IELTS of 5.5     12.2 lakhs
Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 500 9.5 lakhs
Hotel Institute, Montreux IELTS of 5.0 or TOEFL score of 500, Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)       28.3 lakhs
Swiss Hotel Management School IELTS of 5.0 or TOEFL score of 500, Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)       18.2 lakhs
IMI University Centre IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 525       14.2 lakhs
IHTTI School of Hotel Management IELTS of 5.0 or TOEFL score of 500, Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)       17.3 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for admission to Hotel Management programs vary depending on the degree and university you choose in Switzerland. We’ve put up a list of the qualifying requirements you should take into consideration while applying for a course in this subject:

  • Undergraduate Courses: The candidate must have completed 10+2 or its equivalent from a recognized board with the minimum grades required by their chosen university
  • Postgraduate Courses: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with the minimum marks required to qualify for the program
  • You will be required to provide language proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, etc
  • You must also submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and some academic institutions might also require Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Admission Process

 We’ve outlined a few easy steps that will help you to apply for top hotel management courses in Switzerland:

Step 1: Decide on a degree program that is suitable for you

Step 2: Choose the best college for you

Step 3: Research the requirements of the colleges you want to apply to so you can prepare your application properly

Step 4: Add/Upload the following in your profile

  • A signed copy of the application form 
  • A signed copy of the application form 
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • A bachelor’s degree (If required)
  • Certificate of language proficiency
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Receipt of the application fee.

Step 5: German, French, and Italian are the three official languages. As a result, you’ll need to take a language proficiency exam such as the IELTS, TOEFL, DSH, OSD, DELF, or DALF

Step 6: Fill up and submit the application form on the university’s website. Make sure you upload all required papers and pay the application fee; once your application has been reviewed, the selected candidate will be notified.

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Visa Application

To enter Switzerland as a potential student, you must have a student visa, whether you want to do a short-term course or a full-time degree program. There are two types of student visas available in Switzerland: C visa and D visa. Both visas have a set period of validity and a specific purpose. Let’s have a look at which one is best for you:

  1. C – Visa: This visa is for people who intend to visit Switzerland for a short time. This visa allows you to remain for up to three months
  1. D-Visa: The D visa is for students who want to stay in Switzerland for more than three months. Students often apply for this type of visa when they wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies

Confused which Visa to apply for Hotel management in Switzerland? Connect with our experts for a 30-minute free consultation!

Career Prospect in Hotel Management 

You will have a variety of career opportunities after studying Hotel management. You may select your favorite department and apply for numerous positions in the hotel sector because there are several departments such as operations, food and beverage, front office, accounting, and security. The following are some of the career options for hotel management:

  • Hotels and tourism associations
  • Club/ restaurant management
  • Cruise ship hotel management
  • Airline catering and cabin services
  • Kitchen management in hotels
  • Front office management in hotels, resorts
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy

Job Roles in Hotel Management

After completing your studies in hotel management, you will get a variety of job opportunities, some of the job roles are mentioned below:

  • Kitchen Stewarding Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager/Restaurant Manager
  • Guest Relation Executive (GRE)
  • Assistant Manager Administration
  • Assistant Guest Delight Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Restaurant Captain
  • Chef
  • Housekeeping Associate/Team leader

Switzerland’s reputation as a crucible of Hospitality education has a long history, not to mention a teaching approach that many have attempted to imitate, but few can match Swiss institution’s consistent excellence. This was all about Hotel Management in Switzerland. We hope the information provided was helpful! If you are all geared to pursue Hotel Management in the heart of Europe but don’t know where to start, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the application process, sorting out visa procedures and accommodation-related issues thus ensuring that your dream to study Hotel Management in Switzerland becomes a sure-shot reality.

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