GRE Sample Paper

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GRE Sample Paper

Amongst the essential competitive exams for those wanting to study a master’s or PhD degree abroad, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is conducted at a global level by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is amongst the toughest exams in the world. Availed in both online and offline modes, the GRE score remains valid for a period of five years and is frequently accepted across the globe especially in countries like France, Germany, Australia amongst others. If you have been planning to appear for this exam, GRE sample papers are the quintessential must-haves you need to add to your preparatory guides. With the rigorous competition, solving as many as sample papers as possible can help you master the structure and pattern of this test thus ensuring that you ace GRE with flying colours.

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Preparation Essentials

To cover the vast GRE exam syllabus, it is pivotal to begin your preparations with certain must-haves that can train you to crack it with a balanced mix of expertise and perseverance. You can opt for GRE coaching to seek assistance from experts but self-studying will play an incremental role in gearing up for the exam. So, begin with compiling the best books for GRE which generally include GRE sample papers and different preparatory guides for each section help students practice and master the whole syllabus of the exam.

GRE Sample Paper from ETS Official GRE Practice Guide

Below we have compiled a varied set of questions in the GRE Sample Paper for General Test provided by ETS under it’s official practice book for paper-delivered GRE. Take a look at the different types of questions under this GRE sample paper to familiarise yourself with their format and pattern:

GRE Sample Paper from ETS Official Practice Guide
Courtesy: ETS

Section 1: Analytical Reasoning

GRE Sample Paper Section 1
Courtesy: ETS

Section 2: Analytical Writing

GRE Sample Paper Section 2
Courtesy: ETS

Section 3: Verbal Reasoning

GRE Sample Paper Section 3
Courtesy: ETS
GRE Sample Paper Section 3 Questions
Courtesy: ETS

Section 4: Verbal Reasoning

GRE Sample Paper Section 4
Courtesy: ETS

Section 5: Quantitative Reasoning

GRE Sample Paper Section 5
Courtesy: ETS

Section 6: Quantitative Reasoning

GRE Sample Paper Section 6
Courtesy: ETS

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Tips and Tricks For GRE Sample Papers

Be it your final showdown or practicing the n number of sample papers, there are certain strategies that can help you induce your skills and perform to your best limits.  Knowing the importance and advantages of GRE sample papers, one thing you need to implement in your practice sessions is that you critically evaluate hard work vs smart work especially throughout the preparation period. We have curated a list of key tips that can help you while gearing for the ultimate day of the exam:

  • Since the exam is of a fixed duration, you must practice in a time-bound manner so that you would be able to know about the preparation of each section of the exam
  • You must adopt the habit of using a scratch paper on which you can solve your calculations to avoid confusion that might occur during mental calculations. 
  • By practising more and more GRE sample papers you will be able to get a hold of the structure of each question as well as memorise the pattern of the exam.
  • Ensure that you create a strategy before solving the paper by marking those questions that will take lesser time and those that would need more attention.
  • If you are taking GRE in the online mode, equip yourself with the different techniques of giving the test, be it skipping through difficult questions and revisiting them later or practicing on the on-screen calculator provided during the quant section.

GRE Sample Papers: Critical Analysis

Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Analytical Writing Skills are the four parameters on which every GRE aspirant is tested. All 4 sections of the test are of equal importance and it is necessary to qualify all four of them to get a lucrative score. Both the GRE exam and GRE sample papers are general tests and gauge the overall skills of candidates while emphasising on a particular field. For all the students willing to appear in the exam, here is an intricate evaluation of how to target the important sections while solving the mock tests.

Verbal Reasoning

While working on this section through GRE sample papers, here are some of the ways which can assist you in managing your time and concentration in a better way.  

  • For data-related questions, jot down reasons from the incomplete data, identify the examiner’s point of view/assumption, frame conclusions from the discourse, try understanding the meaning of the context like figurative, author’s intent, literal, etc.
  • Carefully analyse the meaning of words and paragraphs in each question
  • In verbal reasoning questions, it is also important to understand the hidden relationship between the creatively used words.
  • Analyse the important pointers given and bifurcate them into major and irrelevant
  • Study the structure of sentences which can help you understand the summary of the text.

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Quantitative Reasoning 

The quantitative reasoning section of the exam is a dicey one, either it can help you climb up the ladder to get a full score or can completely drop you down to nothing. GRE sample papers encompass a diverse range of quant questions from different concepts. Below are some of the important points to keep in mind regarding this section. 

  • Ensure that you memorise the basic mathematical models in your mind while solving the questions.
  • Interpret, analyse and understand the details of the quantitative information given.
  • While targeting the high-end questions of the section, do keep in mind the basics of algebra, data analysis and geometry.
  • Do not spend too much time on a question that you earlier thought you could crack. Instead, move on to the next one as every question carries the same weightage.

Analytical Writing

This section in GRE evaluates the candidate’s ability to articulate their thoughts in a critical manner and put one’s ideas into a structured flow of writing. It comprises two types of questions, analysing an issue or an argument. The useful tricks you can employ for this section are as follows:

  • In order to familiarise yourself with the different questions, take a GRE sample paper and create a time plan of minutes you will devote to each question. This plan must include further division of putting time for writing the key pointers, drafting the essay and then proofreading it.
  • Start with planning your response, write down pointers and then move towards composing your essay.
  • Don’t forget to go through your essay after concluding it to make it free of any grammatical errors.

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GRE Sample Papers by ETS

Hence, we hope that you have the key pointers required to excel in the exam through this blog on the importance of GRE sample papers. If you are to prepare for GRE online, book a free online demo session with our experts at Leverage Edu and we will help you in curating the right preparation strategy as well as providing you with the requisite study material and expert guidance to successfully ace this exam!

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