How to Calculate ACT Results and Scores?

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Be it getting into Harvard or Caltech, the ACT exam marks can be used to secure your admission into your dream college. ACT score range is 0-36 and candidates can obtain the scores within 2-3 weeks of the exam date. Let us know more about the ACT results and scores.

ACT Results and Scores 2021 Overview

The ACT score overview that candidates should know about are:

  1. The scorecard of ACT can only be accessed through the ACT account of the student
  2. Score is released on the official website after around 2 weeks from the test day
  3. Writing test scores are released separately, and have no effect on the composite score of ACT
  4. The ACT score calculator is marked on a range of 1-36, and the writing score ranges from 2-12.

Important Dates of ACT Scores 2021

Here are the important dates related to ACT Score 2021: 

International ACT Test Dates ACT Scorecard (Writing score not included)
5th and 6th February 2021 10th February 2021
16th and 17th April 2021 21st April 2021
11th and 12th June 2021 16th June 2021
16th and 17th June 2021 21st June 2021

How to Check ACT Scores?

The ACT scores are released on the official website. Candidates need to login to check their scores. As soon as the scores are generated, they will be available on the applicant’s account.

The scores of MCQs on ACT are updated in about 2-5 business days of the test. The scores of the writing test are updated after 2-3 weeks of ACT exam date.

Calculation of ACT Score

ACT scores are different for the multiple-choice test and for the writing test. The scores are calculated are mentioned below:

  1. For multiple-choice tests, candidates are awarded +1 for the correct answer and no marks for the wrong answer
  2. For a test of 60 questions, the highest raw ACT score of 60 can be secured. Similarly, for 40 questions, the highest raw ACT score of 40 can be achieve
  3. These raw scores are converted into the scale of 1-36. Here, the writing test is not included
  4. The composite score is an average score of all the four rounds
  5. Writing score is evaluated by 2 examiners on the scale of 1-6 on four factors namely development and support, language use and conventions, ideas and analysis and organization. 
  6. Writing score of a candidate does not affect the composite score.

ACT vs SAT Score Conversion

SAT is an exam like ACT that is used for admission in US universities. To appear for admission in any undergraduate programs in US universities, the applicants have to submit their ACT or SAT scores. The table below showcased the conversion from ACT to SAT score:

ACT Score SAT Score
36 1600-1570
35 1560-1530
34 1520-1490
33 1480-1450
32 1440-1420
31 1410-1390
30 1380-1360
29 1350-1330
28 1320-1300
27 1290-1260
26 1250-1230
25 1220-1200
24 1190-1160
23 1150-1130
22 1120-1100
21 1090-1060
20 1050-1030
19 1020-990
18 980-960
17 950-920
16 910-880
15 870-830
14 820-780
13 770-730
12 720-690
11 680-650
10 640-620
9 610-590

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Average Scores

The average ACT scores for 2021 is mentioned in the table below:

Section Average Score
English 20.3
Reading 21.3
Maths 20.9
Science 20.8
Composite 21.0


Q1. What is ACT composite Result?

Ans. ACT composite is the average of the four test scores which is rounded to the nearest whole number. 

Q2. What is the range of writing scores on the ACT? 

Ans. The writing section score ranges from 2 to 12. 

Q3. Can I cancel the ACT Score? 

Ans. The ACT scorecard can be cancelled in case it is invalid. The candidate can also cancel the scorecard voluntarily upon request. 

Q4.Which of the ACT scorecards is considered to be valid if the candidate took the test twice? 

Ans. In the case of multiple ACT scorecards, the test score chosen depends on the institutions. Some institutions select the most recent test score while others may consider the best-scored test. 

This was all about ACT results and scores. If you have any doubt, make sure you write to us in the comments down below. For more content like this follow Leverage Edu on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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