GRE Exam New Changes 2023: Shorter GRE Test

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GRE Exam New Changes 2023: Shorter GRE Test

GRE Exam New Changes 2023: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a critical milestone for many students pursuing advanced degrees. It serves as a gateway to various graduate programmes and business schools across the globe. Just when you thought you had the GRE all figured out, there’s a buzz in the air about some significant changes. Buckle up, because the GRE landscape is about to transform! In this blog, we’ll dissect the new updates introduced to the GRE exam and explore their implications for students.


GRE Exam New Changes – GRE is Now Shorter!

The GRE exam has undergone a makeover, bringing forth several changes aimed at enhancing the test-taking experience and aligning the assessment more closely with the skills required in graduate studies. Here are the key changes you need to know:

Total Test Duration Cut in Half

Bid farewell to the marathon-length GRE! The total test time has been dramatically reduced from a gruelling 4 hours to a more manageable 2 hours. This streamlined approach means less fatigue and increased focus during the test.

Analytical Writing Task Simplified

The daunting task of completing two Analytical Writing essays has been refined. Now, you’ll be required to tackle just one essay. While this may seem like a relief, it also places more weight on delivering a well-constructed argument in a single attempt.

Verbal and Quantitative Sections Revised

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections have undergone a transformation. The number of questions in each of these sections has been reduced from 40 to 27. This reduction is expected to grant you more time per question, allowing for deeper analysis and precision.

Farewell to Analysing an Argument Essay

The analysis and argument essay task has been eliminated. This means a departure from scrutinising someone else’s argument and instead focusing solely on constructing your own analytical essay.

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How Does it Impact Test Takers?

These changes bring both excitement and uncertainty for aspiring graduate students. On the positive side, the reduced test duration and question count may alleviate test anxiety and enhance overall performance. However, the new format might also demand a higher level of critical thinking in the Analytical Writing section, as you’ll have to articulate your points more effectively within a single essay.

Comparison Between Current GRE and New GRE

Let’s take a moment to compare the old and the new. The new GRE appears to be more about quality than quantity. The fewer questions allow for a deeper dive into each problem, which could potentially lead to a more accurate assessment of your skills. However, the increased pressure of the single Analytical Writing essay could challenge your time management and writing prowess.

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What Will Remain Unchanged in the Transition?

Despite the changes, some key aspects of the GRE will remain untouched. 

  • The importance of thorough preparation, strategic test-taking, and a strong grasp of the core concepts in the Verbal and Quantitative sections will continue to be crucial.
  • The GRE’s role as a common yardstick for comparing applicants across various disciplines will persist.


Is GRE changing in September 2023?

Registration for the shorter GRE test is now open for test dates beginning September 22, 2023. The following changes have been made to the test: The “Analyse an Argument” task in the Analytical Writing section has been removed. There are fewer questions in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections.

What are the new changes to the GRE exam?

Instead of a 4-hour exam, test-takers will receive a condensed exam that will take less than two hours to complete, roughly half the time of the current test. 

Do you get your GRE scores immediately?

Your official GRE General Test scores will be available in your ETS account 10–15 days after your test date.

Finally, the new GRE exam updates are set to reshape the test-taking experience. While the changes have some advantages, students must adapt their strategies to accommodate the changes. Remember that the GRE is about more than just knowing the material; it is also about demonstrating your ability to think critically and present your ideas concisely. 

Embrace the changes, prepare diligently, and show the admissions committees the brilliant mind you possess. Good luck!

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