Universities for GRE Score 310-320

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Universities for GRE Score 310-320

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test required to get admission in a graduate school in the United States. The GRE usually tests your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical, and thinking skills. In this four-hour test, examinees are marked out of a total of 340 marks. If you get a score between 310 to 320 in GRE, you’ll have a higher chance of getting into a college of your own choice in the United States. There are numerous universities in the US that accept this score range for allowing foreign students to apply for postgraduate courses. If you are appearing for GRE or have already given this exam, it’s important to know about the universities for GRE score 310-320 for postgraduate programs in the US. Read on to find some of the major US universities for GRE score 310-320 listed in this blog.

Top Universities for GRE Score 310-320

If you manage to score between 310 and 320, it is considered to be a good score range and can land you into one of the best institutes in the USA. It will also depend on the average score of the program that you are applying for. Depending on what program you have chosen, your score in the individual sections will also be considered. Here is a list of universities for GRE score 310- 320.

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Pennsylvania State University

One of the pioneer institutes in the education system across the world, this university was founded in 1855 and is known for its immense research contributions in various fields. Pennsylvania State University offers degrees in various fields and has the largest alumni network in the US. If you are
planning to focus on academic research-oriented programmes then Penn State is one of the good options when it comes to pursuing your bachelor’s degree courses as well as for higher studies.

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Ohio State University

One of the best universities to consider for GRE score 310-320 is Ohio State University. This university was established in 1870 and is among the top-ranked universities in the US. Ohio State University is known for its diverse student culture and its expertise in various streams across science, commerce, and humanities. Home to over 75 research centres, Ohio State University is renowned for its research work done on various issues like climate change, material research, cancer research, etc. The university has a vibrant campus culture and there are around 500,000 notable members in its alumni association.

North Carolina State University

Founded in 1887, this university was once known for its research in Agriculture and Engineering and is now famed for its multidisciplinary approach towards its curriculum. NCS University is regarded as one of the best schools for Engineering apart from various other popular disciplines. The university has more than ten departments focusing on several streams like Design, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, etc. The NC State University also has an established reputation in athletics because of the focus on sports facilities on the campus.

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Boston University

This is a private research university established in 1869 and established a noted reputation in the education centre. The university has produced 8 Nobel Laureates, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners and 10 Rhodes Scholars. One of the well-known universities for GRE score 310-320, it is progressively involved in contemporary research and education. The university is also popular for its
diverse student culture and student-friendly environment. Boston University has a renowned medical institute as well as its an excellent approach towards education in the field of social work.

Arizona State University

Recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the US for its incredible approach to curriculum, research, and teaching, Arizona State University is one of the pioneer research institutes in various fields including cancer, climate change, community and public services, etc. If you are searching for universities for GRE score 310-320 with a great background in public research then you should definitely consider Arizona State University for your chosen course.

Indiana University Bloomington

Another university  for GRE score 310-320 is the Indiana University Bloomington which is also known as IUB, is a public research university in Bloomington, Indiana state of the US. Having notable alumni like Hoagy Carmicheal, Suzanne Collins, James Wales, Ernie Pyle and more, this flagship university of the Indiana University Systems has enrolled over 40,000+ students making it one of the largest universities in the US and the world of course. The university also ranks among the top 100 national universities in the US and also in the top 50 public universities of the US. The university is primarily a hot spot for students who want to pursue higher education in the field of computer science engineering, nursing, public health care, art, architecture and design. 

University of Colorado- Boulder

With a great acceptance rate of almost 85%, the University of Colorado- Boulder is one among the 30 Public Ivy League schools. With such a huge acceptance rate, it makes this university one of the best universities for GRE score 310-320. Established in 1876, it is located in  Colorado and is the flagship university of the University of Colorado system and is all about realizing the positive impacts of new knowledge. The university also provides dozens of exciting programs and online learning courses to students in the field of arts, science, business, engineering, IT etc.


What is the acceptance rate of University of Colorado-Boulder?

University of Colorado-Boulder has high acceptance rate of 85%.

What is the GRE score for Arizona State University?

A GRE score of 310-320 can increase your chances of getting admission in the Arizona State University.

When was Boston University established?

Boston University was founded in 1869, almost 150 years ago.

We hope that this blog helped you explore the major US universities for GRE score 310-320. If you are still unsure about the right course or the right university you should apply for, Leverage Edu experts can guide you in exploring all the options and selecting an ideal university to advance in a dream career.

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