Simple Language Hacks for IELTS

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Simple Language Hacks for IELTS

The IELTS test must be successfully passed as a condition of studying abroad in many countries. The focus of this exam is on one’s command of the English language. You must have heard that passing the test on the first try is difficult, but keep in mind that it is not impossible. As a result, we have put together a list of simple language hacks for IELTS you may employ when taking the exam.

Skimming and Scanning a Passage

The fundamental strategy for reading a chapter to get the answers to the questions is known as skimming. You should always skim-read the entire paragraph in 3 to 4 minutes. It is suggested that the test-taker underlines the pertinent phrases and words as they are read. Furthermore, scanning is the essential skill of quickly identifying any information, frequently without regard to the reader’s comprehension of the piece.

Don’t ‘Read’ the Reading Test

Again, this seems counter-intuitive, but it’s a wonderful hack that goes against what you may believe is excellent advice. The secret is to read the texts you are provided differently from how you would normally read a book. The trick is to carefully and deliberately read only those portions of the text that you believe to contain the answers. It would take too much time to read the whole thing thoroughly!

Observe the Flow and Signal Words

The words across the whole passage indicate certain characterisations need more focus. The most important parts of the listening section that you should be able to identify are the introductions, crucial phases, ideas, and conclusions.

Listen and Write Only

You will only hear the exam once; you cannot go back in time, pause the recording, `verify the spelling of a word or answer, or decide whether it makes sense or not. Instead, you must “go with your gut,” which simply means to trust your instinct. To be honest, because English is so complex when you attempt to break it down and work out an answer, it is frequently not what the grammatical rules say it should be anyhow. Your instinct is typically more correct than your “thinking mind.” Instead, just listen and respond; don’t second-guess yourself; just follow your instinct and record your response. Naturally, you may go back and review the spelling when transferring the answers at the end.

Know What Accents to Expect

IELTS Listening emphasises British English slang. However, you hear other accents on the test besides those two. In IELTS Listening, you might come across any “native English” accent, including Australian, New Zealander, Canadian, American, and Irish. Understand the various English speech patterns and pay attention to the variety of accents used in the IELTS listening practice sets.

Don’t Try to Understand Everything

Simple Language Hacks for IELTS - Understanding Everything (1)
Trying to understand everything can often lead to confusion.

IELTS provides you with a tonne of unnecessary, useless material huge try to catch you off guard. Pick out the pertinent information instead of attempting to comprehend everything, and don’t keep thinking about the terms you don’t understand because they won’t be of any use to you. If you’re having trouble understanding a question, either leave it blank and move on or jot down a guess; when you have time to think about it, fill it in.

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Thus, we hope that these simple language hacks for IELTS helped you with your upcoming IELTS exam. If you are aiming to appear for IELTS 2023, our Leverage Edu experts are here to provide you with the necessary guidance, study materials as well as last-minute exam tips to ensure that you sail smoothly throughout your preparations and crack the exam with high scores!

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