Free ACT Preparation Sources

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Free ACT Preparation Sources

Numerous students are interested in applying to colleges and thus register for the American College Testing (ACT) examination. ACT examination is a college entrance exam that examines the education of students in Maths, English, reading and science. However, the ACT preparation is overwhelming, and you must prepare with hard work and potential resources. Luckily, there are a plethora of resources that can be used for the preparation process. If you want to know more about Free ACT preparation sources and more, then keep reading!

Top 10 Free ACT Preparation Sources

Some of the most popular free ACT preparation sources that are effective and helpful for preparing for the ACT exams are:

First, you must sign up with to access a free ACT preparation guide and practice test comprising four sections, a writing prompt, and helpful test-taking strategies. is a site that partners with Kaplan to provide free online ACT preparation events. After completing the exam, you will also receive a report showing the questions you missed. Further, this site provides free resources to improve the concerned areas based on missed questions. 

The Princeton Review

There are numerous free ACT preparation sources, including full-length practice tests and online sources based on testing strategies, in The Princeton Review. Further, you will receive a scorecard based on the difficulties that identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also take a 14-day free trial to take advantage of ACT preparation. 

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Kaplan offers multiple free ACT preparation sources offered by Kaplan such as events, ACT classes and practice tests. Although Kaplan’s multiple free ACT prep practice tests are half-length, Kaplan uses official ACT questions from all four sections of the examination. If you are looking for ACT preparation sources that can easily fit into your day, then you must consider Kaplan resources as it offers short ACT pop quizzes with explanations. 


Magoosh comprises an array of free ACT preparation sources to help students prepare for the ACT examination. The blogs are available on their website to help the students with their test preparation with detailed tips to study effectively for the exam and various options for creative study schedules. You can also find free ACT practice questions along with videos explaining the correct answers to the questions. Further, Magoosh offers free PDFs for over six full-length ACT practice tests and answer keys along with explanations. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers unofficial free ACT preparation resources on its website with an array of free lessons on a broad range of subjects. There are various test preparation resources as well as testing strategies that you can apply to ace ACT preparation. 

After taking an ACT practice test and determining which areas need work, Khan Academy offers additional resources for developing your reading, math, and writing skills. There are a variety of resources available based on reading strategies that must be used for the ACT English section.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity tutors offer hundred of free practice tests divided subject-wise for ACT preparation. The tests are available on its website which helps you to figure out the areas that are required to be focused on to create an effective study schedule based on the requirements. You can also take a free ACT preparation course which comprises six live sessions that allows you to ask questions.

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Veritas Prep

One popular website that delivers an array of Free ACT preparation sources is Veritas Prep. you can access a broad range of general test preparation resources such as an ACT registration checklist and ACT scoring scale. There is a wide range of study material and practice tests in English, Maths and science. Further, Veritas Prep comprises free tests and tips to approach good vocabulary. It also hosts free ACT classes of over three hours of on-demand lessons( video).  

The Critical Reader

If you require additional sources for ACT reading passages, then the Critical Reader is all you need. It is a catalogue of ACT reading material that is the exact copy of reading passages. In addition to the reading material, Critical Readers also provide helpful strategies and free ACT questions of the day as well as ACT quizzes. 

Erik the Red

If you require more maths-related practice, there is an extensive resource for qualifying for the Maths ACT section. Further, there is a plethora of math quizzes to choose from and practice problems organized for skills and strategies to answer these questions. Erik the red also provides several ACT math guides with short PDFs and maths formulas that provide the information required to solve problems you will encounter on the ACT Examination. 

Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep delivers free and comprehensive ACT preparation materials. This website is recognized for breaking down the ACT, including the scoring system and what to expect on test day. Union Test Prep also offers free practice ACTs


How much does the ACT test cost in India?

In India, the ACT exam costs INR 4,835.25 without paper and INR 4,835.25 with writing included.

How is the ACT scored?

Your aggregate ACT score and individual test scores (English, mathematics, reading, and science) range from 1 (lowest limit) to 36 (upper limit) (higher limit). The Composite score is calculated by averaging your four test results and rounding to the closest whole number.

How to prepare effectively for the ACT?

The following are the procedures to take for efficient ACT preparation:

Begin test preparation as soon as possible.
Begin by learning about the ACT was a written exam and syllabus.
Examine ACT practice tests
Set a reasonable ACT score goal for yourself.
Make a thorough ACT study strategy for yourself.
Utilize the greatest free-act test preparation resources

Every year, individuals who plan to apply to college register to pass the ACT. The ACT is a university entrance exam that assesses math, science, English, and reading content knowledge (with an optional writing portion). If you want to get into a high university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute consultation.

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