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The prospect of living abroad, i.e., outside the country is exhilarating and an experience beyond words. Whether the purpose is studying or working or migration for any other reason, there are numerous formalities that need to be completed to make this huge jump. Apart from passports, visas, etc. there is an important requirement that needs to be fulfilled along with the other elements, that is, a testing credential that showcases our ability to communicate in English. This test is compulsory due to the fact that our first language is not English. While there are many assessments that we can take to get the certificate proclaiming our potential to speak the said language, let us discuss the ‘IELTS vs PTE’ and understand the differences between the two.

IELTS vs PTE: A Closer Look

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is an assessment that an individual takes on to certify themselves capable of understanding, writing and conversing in English. PTE, Pearson Tests of English Academic, is a similar exam, providing certification confirming our ability to communicate in English. IELTS is supervised by the IELTS Cambridge and Australia Assessment English, IDP, and British Council. PTE is conducted by Pearson PLC Group Both. The examinations’ entry fee costs pretty much the same, about Rs.12,100. 

The IELTS has two categories:

  • General Training version
  • Academic version

There is a significant difference between the IELTS general and academic version of the test, as both serve certificates to candidates for different purposes. The PTE too has three categories namely, 

  • PTE General
  • PTE Academic
  • PTE Young learners

Both the tests are similar in the sense that the scores acquired from either of the exams are valid for 2 years from the date the exam is given.

Though both the tests seem to be a lot alike, there are more than a few differences that need to be checked and understood before making the decision of attempting either of the two exams.

IELTS VS PTE: The Differences

IELTS vs PTE is rather a close battle, with both the exams having very fine and distinct differences between them. Such as:

The IELTS examination is paper-based, while the PTE is a computer-based examination. This implies that the test scores are graded by artificial intelligence for the PTE test while the IELTS examination is judged by a human. It may be noted that computer-based correction is more accurate and less likely to have errors.

The IELTS examination is divided into 4 sections namely:

1.     Reading

2.     Listening

3.     Speaking

4.     Writing

The PTE test happens to have only 3 sections, which are:

1.     Listening

2.     Speaking

3.     Writing

The IELTS assessment lasts for exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes while the PTE exam lasts for a good 3 hours.   

Based on feedback from some students as well as working professionals of our firm, the IELTS focuses more on the writing section of the test, while the PTE focuses more on the speaking part of the assessment. This is to suffice that the writing part of IELTS and the speaking part of PTE are the most difficult sections of the respective examinations.

While the difficulty level of both the examination may seem almost equal to the other, the IELTS General is comparatively easier than both IELTS Academics and PTE.

The IELTS scores are accepted all around the world, any country or region and are more commonly known than the PTE. The PTE examination score is not accepted everywhere and only certain countries allow entry on the basis of the PTE score. It is safer to say that attempting an IELTS paper is more beneficial than a PTE paper.

Another point to highlight in the IELTS vs PTE battle is the number of days taken for both the examining bodies to release the results. While IELTS results come out after a good 12 to 13 days, the PTE assessment results arrive within 5-6 business days.

Also, another difference in IELTS vs PTE war albeit a minor one is the refund policy. IELTS governing body refunds the partial amount only after a medical certificate is shown while the PTE governing body refunds the partial amount, without any justifications from the other side.

Considering all the above-stated facts, we hope you gained some clarity about IELTS vs PTE. Individuals need to arrive at a decision that suits them best. They need to base it on their purpose for taking the exam, along with the other factors that are listed. This examination is as important as the other elements and remember, whichever exam you decide to write, Leverage Edu is right beside you, to provide with all the help and guidance.

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