GRE Test Prep 2023

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GRE Test Prep

GRE conducted by ETS comprises a vast GRE Syllabus that evaluates candidates on Quantitative, Analytical, and Verbal skills. While preparing for the GRE test, one must consider the best GRE study material and guidance. The correct choice of study material and following the right way to prepare for GRE are going to be the defining factors for getting a high GRE score. In this blog, we will look at some of the best GRE tips and tricks along with the GRE test prep that can help you in scoring well in the exam!

Exam NameGraduate Record Examination (GRE)
Conducting BodyETS (Educational Testing Service)
Mode of ExamComputer and paper-based
Score Range130–170 (Verbal Reasoning score range)
130–170 (Quantitative Reasoning score range)
0–6 (Analytical Writing score range) 
Validity 5 years

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GRE Test Prep: Tips & Tricks

GRE tests your ability to prioritize and arrange the material provided to you in a way that allows you to answer problems quickly. The following GRE preparation strategies can help you get your best results:

Understand the Format of the Question Paper

By knowing the exam format and guidelines inside and out, you can save time and avoid surprises on test days. Knowing the exam format is an important element of any GRE preparation strategy. However, going above to truly learn the guidelines for each part and question type earns additional rewards.

Attempt Easy Questions First

All GRE questions within a subsection are worth the same amount of points. As a result, it makes sense to start with the simple points. So, on exam day, if you come across a question that appears complicated or difficult (or maybe something you don’t want to do right now), just skip it! Move on to the following question after using the marking function to indicate that you didn’t answer it.

Attempt All the Questions

On the GRE, there is no penalty for guessing i.e., there is no negative marking. As a result, it’s in your best interests to guess every question. It’s excellent if you have time to make a rapid, educated prediction. But, even if you have to select some answers at random when you just have 30 seconds left, do it! You can only get points in this game and not lose any.

Learn the Ability to Eliminate

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the proper response to a question. Instead, use the process of elimination to rule out as many wrong responses as possible. Even if you cannot pinpoint the exact answer with confidence, every alternative you remove increases your chances of guessing properly.

Be Attentive

It’s important to read questions carefully unless you’re performing some quick guessing to finish a section. Nothing is more frustrating than losing points because you misunderstood a “not” or “unless” or formatted your solution to a math problem incorrectly! The GRE frequently assumes that students would make casual reading errors and includes dummy response options that correlate to such faults.

Re-check your Answers

Make a fast walk-through to check your answers after you finish a subsection if you have time. This will help you identify any thoughtless errors, such as accidentally marking the wrong answer or misunderstanding the question.

Keep your Scratch Paper Clean

On the GRE, you are allowed to use as much scratch paper as you like. You should, however, keep it clean to get the most out of it. This entails writing in a tidy and orderly manner. Otherwise, you risk making mistakes in your work, particularly in the math portion.

Don’t Lose your Calm

Taking the GRE can be stressful, especially if you are faced with a particularly tough question or feel as if you have forgotten anything you learned. The key to success, though, is to maintain your composure. Allowing your temporary discomfort to escalate out of control is not a good idea. Now it’s time to move on to the next question. Tell yourself you can do it and that you’re doing a fantastic job. Otherwise, you risk losing concentration, which may be disastrous.

Take Breaks!

Take a break, even if you don’t believe you need one. Taking a pause just to take a breather and relax your brain is reason enough to do so. However, you should take advantage of this opportunity to have a snack and drink some water. If your blood sugar drops, you’ll feel tired, and dehydration might make it difficult to concentrate.

Write Answers in the Correct Format

Some GRE questions need answers to be submitted in a specified manner. You may, for example, be required to provide your response in certain units. You could pick the wrong answer on a multiple-choice question or write down the wrong thing on a Numeric Entry question if you don’t convert to the right units! Don’t throw away easy points by forgetting to convert inches to feet or something similar.

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ETS GRE Test Prep

You must take the GRE test preps, which is accepted by hundreds of graduate schools across the world, whether you want to pursue a master’s degree in law, business, or any other field. Most experts recommend that you solve as many GRE sample papers and GRE question papers as possible in order to ace your GRE exam.

GRE General Test Prep Link

ETS provides a variety of study materials for students, ranging from free study materials to low-cost books and practice exams. Aspirants can register for the GRE on the official website and have access to exam preparation materials created by GRE professionals.

  • Find here the GRE Math Test Prep
  • Find here the GRE Verbal Reasoning Test Prep
  • Find here the GRE Analytical Writing Test Prep
  • Click here for ETS books and resources to refer

Effective GRE Test Preparation Strategies

Here are some effective GRE Test Preparation Strategies to ace your exam:

  1. Time Table: Fixing a routine and making a study plan that you can follow is one of the most important effective and understated techniques for preparing for an exam.
  2. Check Your Progress: Checking your progress weekly can help you understand your weak points and strong points. This is a great strategy for competitive exams as it helps in systematic learning and retention.
  3. Practice Test Papers: One of the best ways to ace an exam is to practice its old papers and practice tests on a regular basis. This helps in understanding the paper and improves your speed.
  4. General Knowledge: Another strategy is to study different topics and learn about the world’s happenings to build a strong foundation for general knowledge and logical reasoning sections.
  5. Prepare Thoroughly: It is important to prepare systematically and thoroughly so that you can ace all the sections and not lose out on marks due to under preparation.

GRE Test Prep Online

There is a wealth of information available online that can help applicants prepare for GRE. There are free as well as paid resources, books, prep tests, quizzes and study material to help you ace your exam on the internet. All GRE test preparatory material is easily available online through its own website and through a number of forums and websites that help students gain access to these resources. There are sample papers on the official website for every section in GRE to help students gain access and learn for a better future.

Who Should Consider a GRE Test Prep Course?

The GRE is required for admission to most graduate programmes. The GRE is tough, and high scores are necessary. Not only is your GRE score important for admissions, but it can also affect the amount of financing you receive. GRE results are also used by many graduate schools to determine scholarships, fellowships, and academic financial help.

Factors To Consider

  • Improvement – Take a free GRE practice exam to evaluate where you are and where you need to improve. A GRE prep course may be an excellent choice if you need to enhance your score.
  • Study discipline – if you have difficulties sticking to a study plan on a regular basis, a prep course will be beneficial.
  • Need for encouragement – a prep course with an instructor (either in person or online) is an excellent alternative if you need encouragement, feedback, and motivation.
  • Learning style — if you’ve had experience studying with books in the past, a self-study method with a solid GRE prep book could be the best option for you.
  • Budget – GRE preparation classes may be costly. If you’re on a budget, our best value selection or self-study with GRE prep books is a good option.

Benefits of GRE Test Prep Courses

  • Score improvement – the best GRE prep courses will guarantee a 5-point or more increase in your score.
  • Comprehensive Study Plans – GRE prep courses will assist you in creating and sticking to a personalised study programme that works for you.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses – the finest GRE prep courses provide advanced assessments to help you figure out which areas to concentrate on.
  • Simulates the real GRE – The online examinations included in a GRE prep course are excellent at simulating the real GRE. Magoosh’s dashboard compares you to other students and forecasts your GRE scores.
  • Quality teachers — real instructors will assist you with effective techniques, encouragement, and one-on-one feedback in courses that feature them.


What is a good GRE score out of 340?

A score of 318 out of 340 is considered a good score while 329 is brilliant. GRE scores depend on department to department and universities as well.

Is GRE easy to crack?

GRE can be tough to crack for beginners and those underprepared for the exam. However with the right preparation and thorough understanding of the syllabus students can score high in the exam.

What is a good score in GRE?

Scores above 300 are great and considered an excellent score. Admission depends upon a number of things such as average cut-off of the university, work experience, research work and project work for a particular subject.

What does the GRE registration cost?

GRE registration cost is $213 (INR 15,839) in India. Test fee registration differs based on different countries and availability of centres as well as applicants.

We hope this blog helped you with the GRE Test Prep. If you have been planning to study abroad and take the GRE test, connect with our expert tutors at Leverage Live as they will help you crack the test and take you one step closer to your dream university. 

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