8 Common GRE Mistakes That You Must Avoid!

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8 Common GRE Mistakes That You Must Avoid

GRE holds extreme value in a student’s life. Especially, if you are applying for a top graduate or business school. Higher the rank of the university, higher is the GRE score requirement. Performing well in the GRE exam is a must for all the outbound students. Is it possible to get your dream GRE score in a single go? Can you get the desired GRE score in first attempt only? Yes, you can definitely do so if you avoid some common mistakes made by most of the students in their GRE preparation. Here is a list of 8 common GRE mistakes that you must avoid during your preparation!

What are the Most Common GRE Mistakes That Should be Avoided?

Individuals intending to take the GRE exam must avoid making the following mistakes: That being said, here are the most common GRE mistakes that must be avoided to score better in the exam.


This is the most common mistake that almost every aspirant makes. The GRE exam is held throughout the year and this gives students the liberty to schedule anytime but most students keep stalling on their preparation and when the time comes to actually give the exam, they are not ready. So, you should start by setting a target date in mind and then give it your all without delaying anything.

Not Giving Mock Tests

Many students find GRE concepts easy and skip the mock tests in overconfidence. Mock tests are an essential part of any exam preparation, it gives you the actual exam experience and helps in the identification of your weaker parts. All the applicants must avoid this common GRE mistake for a higher score.

Not Examining Your Mock Tests

Giving mock tests and reviewing them are two different things altogether. While giving mock tests will prepare you for that examination environment but they are of no use unless you examine them closely. You need to analyze your results and that includes both the right ones and the wrong ones in order to come up with an appropriate strategy.

Concentrating on One Section

Although it is true that the verbal section in GRE is usually more tough than the other sections, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to practice quant or analytical writing. You might be comfortable with a particular section but you still need to practice that to be ready for any type of questions that come your way. Also, practicing different things will not bore you and keep you devoted towards your studies.

Leaving Unanswered questions

Unlike other competitive exams, GRE doesn’t have negative marking but still many aspirants leave the questions they are not sure about. Even if you are not sure you should make your best guess and move forward without wasting any time.

Not Double Checking Your Answers

Many times due to time constraints students are not able to check their answers and are in a rush to get to the next question. Try to check the scores of answers that you are sure about. This step can definitely help you attain a better score!

Not Understanding the Question

Time constraint may pressure you to rush without even reading the full question carefully. But, remember that even a single word can change the whole meaning and not reading the full question can make things a lot more complicated for you.

Panicking Over a Question

You will not always have an answer to a question/questions but that doesn’t mean your whole exam is ruined. Most of the students start panicking when things go out of the way and this affects the overall performance. So, you need to practice to stay calm and believe that you can do it and the exam is not over yet. This can be achieved by giving mock papers.

5+ GRE Preparation Tips

Similar to other standardized tests, the GRE evaluates a candidate’s proficiency and cognitive ability in specific areas. It primarily serves as a gateway for individuals seeking admission to graduate or professional programs at international universities. Beyond that, the GRE gauges critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and data analysis aptitude. For optimal performance, prioritizing information and implementing a solid GRE study plan are crucial. Here are some effective strategies to ensure success in your GRE preparation:

  • Choose the right study material.
  • Create a viable study plan.
  • Do not underestimate the difficulty of Quant.
  • Prepare well for AWA.
  • Build you mental stamina.
  • Aim for a high GRE score.
  • Revise the syllabus regularly.
  • Practice sample papers.
  • Make a list of your target universities.

Best GRE Preparation Books of 2024

If you’re determined to ace the GRE solely through independent study at home, then books become your most valuable allies. They offer invaluable guidance for prospective candidates seeking exceptional scores. Therefore, selecting the best resources available is crucial. GRE preparation books should not only reflect the latest exam format and content but also present information in a clear and organized manner, facilitating effective comprehension. Here are the top picks of 2024 to propel you towards GRE success:

Name of BookName of Author/Publisher Price Purchase Link 
Gre Prep Plus 2024Kaplan Test PrepINR 3,147Click Here 
Princeton Review GRE Premium PrepThe Princeton Review INR 1,399Click Here 
GRE Prep 2022Joshua RuedaINR 3,508Click Here
GRE Prep by Magoosh PaperbackMagoosh INR 1,535Click Here 
5 lb. Book of GRE Practice ProblemsManhattan PrepINR 2,440Click here 

So that was all about the most common mistakes that one must avoid while taking the GRE exam. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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What is GRE?

Conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test taken by students who wish to pursue a master’s or PhD program in the US.

How long is the GRE exam?

The overall GRE time is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How many types of GRE are there?

GRE General Test
GRE Subject Test

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