How to Pass Exams Without Studying?

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How to pass exams without studying

Exam weeks are surely very stressful for most of us. Right from sleepless nights to crammed preparations, we have done it all. Each time we promise ourselves to be better prepared for the next exam, only to slump back into our old routine. If you have fallen prey to procrastination and haven’t already prepared, you have come just to the right place. In this blog, we bring you some tips on how to pass the exam without studying. But here’s the caveat, these tips won’t guarantee that you’ll ace your test but will only help you obtain maximum marks from whatever you already know. Read on to know how to pass exams without studying!

Unlocking the Secret of How to Pass Exams Without Studying

Here are some tips that will help you decrease the exam anxiety and help you pass the exam:

Keep Calm!

Being unprepared for an exam can be daunting. But exam jitters and nerves will only make things worse. Instead of getting all worked up, try and get into the right frame of mind. Go through the notes you have prepared and watch a video related to the subject. Make sure to stay hydrated, eat healthy and nutritious foods sufficiently, engage in stress relieving activities, catch up on your sleep and most importantly maintain a positive attitude all throughout. 

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Know Your Exam

Next important thing to do is know what you have signed up for. Understand the type of test you are appearing for and the marks allotted to each question. Find out if at all there is a negative marking for incorrect answers which rules out the possibility of guesswork. Tests can be either subjective (MCQ’s, true or false) or objective ie: essay type. Each type of exam is solved differently by employing various strategies. Additionally you will also understand what the chances of your success is.

Devise a Plan

With very little time in hand it is nearly impossible to cover the entire syllabus. Here’s where smart study comes handy. Make a list of topics that are important and go on mastering one important topic after another. It’s ok to be a master of one topic rather than being a jack of all.

Whilst preparing make sure to solve plenty of past paper. Oftentimes and if you are lucky enough you may find questions repeated in your test. Even if they aren’t, solving previous years papers will give you a rough idea as to the nature of the exam, structure, purpose and the strategy to employ.

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Manage Time During Exam

Exams are time bound and cannot be violated under any circumstance. Therefore it is important to have your time management on point. Knowing that there is a deadline can affect the psychology of the student and induce unwanted stress. Go through your question paper and allot time for every section. Start with questions that are easy and of which you know the answer. That’ll save a lot of time and lift your spirits. Do not waste time on questions you are struggling with. Mark them and come back to it later if time prevails. These little tips can go a long way.

Strategies for Solving the Questions

Sometimes employing the right strategy can help you reach an answer. In case of multiple choice questions, rule out the wrong questions. If you have a small chance of being right, make a guess work but only if there isn’t a negative marking. Don’t fall for options that are deceiving. A thoughtful deduction can help you get through an MCQ test. In case of long responses make sure to mention any quote or fact you may know of. Come up with arguments for your stance and back your arguments with the evidence. Most importantly give your answer a good structure if a flow. 

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These were some of the tips that could come handy while appearing for an exam unprepared. These tips can help you obtain most marks depending on the extent of your knowledge of the subject matter and preparation. Let us know if you found these tips helpful in the comments below. For more content, check out our blogs at Leverage Edu!

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