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essay on technology

The word technology comes from the Greek words ‘techne’ and ‘logos’. ‘Techne’ means skill, art, or craft, and ‘logos’ means a word, expression, or saying that can convey an idea. Therefore, technology means conveying an idea through skills or art.

Technology refers to the practical application of scientific knowledge to change or manipulate the human environment. Examples include artificial intelligence, printing, the internet, computers, and augmented reality. Students in grades 6-12 may be asked to write an essay on technology, and we have provided sample essays for reference.

100 Words Essay On Technology Boon or Bane in English

Technology has drastically transformed human lives. It is considered to be both a boon and a bane. On the one hand, it has made communication easier and faster. Innovations such as the Internet, multimedia, email, fax machines, telephones, etc. have transformed society. On the other hand, technology has resulted in negative effects on human life. For example, addiction to technology has resulted in adverse effects on health. Moreover, the privacy of several users is at risk due to malware attacks. In conclusion, we can say that technology has improved the life of human beings. However, it has negative effects as well. Therefore, it is important to use technology responsibly.

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200 Words Essay On Technology

Technology refers to the study of scientific knowledge to use it practically to design mechanical, biological, electrical, and information systems to increase efficiency and make life easier. The history of technology can be traced back to the Neolithic age or earlier. The pre-neolithic people used their skills and knowledge to improve the lives of people. Since then, technology has transformed human lives.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century was the first proper use of large-scale technology. Researchers, engineers, and scientists have made it easier to access technology. Consequently, technology has moved from the atomic level to the gross level in our lives. Hence, life without technology is unimaginable. With the help of technology, we can see other planets light-years away. The impact of technology can be seen in terms of shopping, IT, medicine, automation, space, education, and communication. Therefore, we can say that it has made life easier for human beings.
However, there are drawbacks to technology as well. For example, lack of privacy, addiction to technological devices such as computers, and health problems.  The impact of technology or its importance cannot be denied. It’s useful in several ways. However, it is best to use technology in a responsible way.

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800+ Words Essay On Technology

The meaning of the word technology and its uses have evolved over the years. We are living in a time that is dominated by technology. The advancement in technology has resulted in the development of human civilization and has resulted in cultural changes. It has provided several innovative methods of carrying out several tasks. Some examples of the technological innovations we see today include Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Printing, Computers, Nanotechnology Electricity, Steam engines, nuclear power, the internet, television, computing, etc. Thus, it has transformed the natural environment we live in.

The Advancement of Technology
Technological advancements take place when applied sciences or technology becomes more advanced, accurate, precise, efficient, or powerful. Technological advancements such as the telephone, television, printing, internet, etc. have made our lives easier. The science has revolutionized the way human beings live their lives.

Technology is a part of Life
Technology has impacted the daily lives of human beings. It has made the world better connected. Gone are the days when technological devices like the computer could only be accessed by the rich. Almost every average person can afford a computer, smartphone, internet connection., and washing machine, among others. Consequently, is easier to access news of happenings around the world.

Benefits of Technology in All Fields 
Technology has improved the quality of life. Moreover, it has brought about revolutions in several fields. Some of the benefits of technology in different fields are listed below:

1. Technology in Communication:
Technology has transformed the way human beings interact. Inventions such as telephones, mobile phones, the internet, email, and fax machines have made communication faster and easier. There is no need to send a traditional letter and wait for a response for several days. These days a call or a text is sufficient to send a message. It has impacted the social life of humans through networking and dating sites. Additionally, the Internet has been used for shopping, paying utility bills, admission fees, online banking, and more. Therefore, several companies are engaging in e-commerce.

2. Technology in the Office or Workplace:
Technology has improved efficiency in the workplace. Remote work has been made possible due to technology. Moreover, external and internal communication has become fast due to the access to emails and applications. It has also eradicated the old way of storing files. Data is now stored on the cloud which can be accessed anywhere. Robots also have made the manufacturing process easier. 

3. Technology in Education:
Technology has impacted the education industry as well. Online teaching and remote learning facilities are available today due to ease of access to technology, Technology has made it easier for students to learn complex subjects in an easier way. A student can also Google information that he/she wants to learn. Hence, it has helped in providing better access to education for all.

4. Technology in Banking:
Technology in Banking means digital transformation in terms of banking services. Banks have improved services for their customers with the help of technology.  Moreover, these institutions are relying on  AI to improve efficiency and profits. The Internet banks and self-service tools have made baking easier. Therefore, it has changed the traditional banking style.

5. Manufacturing and Production Industry Automation:
Technology has impacted the manufacturing industries as well. The use of AI technology starting from data analytics, to AI has shaped the manufacturing sector. ARVR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), and IoT (Internet of Things) have played a significant role. Automation has resulted in a reduction of labour costs and production costs and increased efficiency. For Example, 3D printing.

6. Technology in the Healthcare Industry:
Technology has also resulted in the advancement of the healthcare sector. Therefore, it has helped in improving the longevity and personal quality of life. Technology has assisted in medical discoveries, shared treatment information, and supported individuals dealing with medical issues. Some examples include innovations in surgery, artificial organs, and brain implants.

Disadvantages of Technology
Although technology has several advantages it cannot be denied that technological advancements have certain cons. For example, addictions to technological devices such as smartphones and televisions health problems such as eye strain. It can even result in less productivity. Moreover, there is a lack of privacy in terms of technology. That is, cybercrimes do happen.  An increasing dependence on technology is also resulting in a sedentary lifestyle.

Future of Technology
Technological advancements are increasing day by day. Advances in technology such as Artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning are expected. It is estimated that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2025. However, an increase in technological development can either increase or completely replace the products and activities seen today.

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of technological advancement is that it can make life simpler. It has and can continue to carry out complex tasks effectively. However, on the other hand, proper use of technology is needed as technological devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Moreover, it is important to not be overly reliant on technology as it can make us less productive.

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7+ Interesting Facts About Technology

Here are some interesting facts about technology. These facts can be added while writing the essay on technology.  An essay on technology must include a proper introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The word technology was first used by Aristotle in 330 BC.
  • Xerox is not the verb for photocopying. It is the name of the company that invented the technology.
  • The first product of Nokia was toilet paper
  • Amazon’s Alexa listens to the user’s conversations
  • The Bitcoin founders’ identity has not yet been verified by anyone
  • Japan offers the fastest internet connection in the world. That is, it is 319 terabits per second
  • The word ‘robot’ has been taken from a Czech word. It means ‘forced labour’
  • More than 92% of the world’s money is stored digitally.


Q1. What is a technology essay introduction?

A. The introduction of an essay on technology must include the main details about technology. The origin of technology terms, top technological innovations, and the impact of technology can be discussed in the introductory paragraph. However, it is important to make the introduction short, crisp, and engaging.

Q2. What is technology in an essay?

A. An essay on technology means the student must write about technology in a detailed manner. That is, the essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Moreover, the student can add details about the history, advantages, and disadvantages of technology in the body of the essay.

Q3. What are the benefits of technology?

A. There are several benefits of technology. Some of them are simplification of tasks, breaking the distance barrier, easy and fast access to information, providing entertainment, increasing effectiveness of task completion, and increased productivity and life expectancy.

Technology has its benefits and drawbacks. Hence while writing an essay on technology it is important to include both advantages and disadvantages. An essay on technology must follow a proper format. That is, it must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. To discover more articles like this one consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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