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Statue of Unity

The tallest statue in the world, the Statue of Unity, stands tall at 183 metres or 593 feet in the Indian state of Gujarat. This tallest architectural marvel was constructed at a total cost of Rs. 3,000 crores (USD $400-450 million) to honour India’s first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. His birthday in India is celebrated as the National Unity Day.

The then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, announced in October 2013, which marked the beginning of his 10 years as the CM of Gujarat.]Under the chairmanship of the CM of Gujarat State, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET) was established to execute this project. Let’s explore more about this tallest statute and how it benefits India.

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Statue of Unity: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

The Statue of Unity was constructed to honour Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was an Indian independence nationalist and played a crucial role in the peaceful integration of the princely Indian states into the Indian Union and their political unification.

This statue or monument is situated on Sadhu Bet, a river island 2 miles away from Narmada Dam. This monument is divided into 5 sections or zones, three levels an exhibition area, a mezzanine and a roof.

  • The first zone contains a memorial garden and a museum.
  • The second zone reaches up to the statue’s thighs.
  • The third reaches up to a height of 153 metres which has a gallery view.
  • The fourth has the maintenance area.
  • The fifth consists of the shoulders and the head of the monument.

Sardar Patel’s life and contributions to the nation are listed in the museum in the first zone.

Check out the video which shows how you can reach the Statue of Unity.

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Importance of Statue of Unity

The importance of the Statue of Unity ranges from economic to cultural aspects. From generating jobs and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage, the Statue of Unity has done exceptionally well. Below we have discussed some reasons stating the importance of this tallest statue in the world.

  • This statue serves as a tribute to ‘the Iron Man of India,’ reminding the nation of his visionary leadership and commitment to national unity.
  • This statue attracted around 3 million tourists in the first year of its existence, with a total collection of INR 82 crores.
  • The Shangai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has listed this statue in the ‘8 Wonders of SCO’ list.
  • It was listed in the 100 Greatest Places in the World by Time magazine in 2019.
  • Thousands of people have been offered employment under this project.
  • The tourism business in this city grew at an unprecedented rate, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Construction Cost to Build Statue of Unity

The early estimation of the Statue of Unity cost to build was INR 2,063 crores by the Gujarat State Government. In 2014, the contract to construct this statue was given to Larson & Toubro at a bid of INR 2,989 crores for the design, construction and management of the statue. 

  • In the first phase of construction, INR 1,347 crore was earmarked for the main statue.
  • INR 235 crore for the exhibition hall and convention centre.
  • INR 83 crore for the bridge connecting the memorial to the mainland and INR 657 crore for the maintenance of the structure for a duration of 15 years after its completion.
  • A total of 3000 workers and 250 engineers were employed in the construction of this tallest statue by Larson & Toubro.

Statue of Unity Location

Sardar Patel’s statue is more than simply a monument. There are several methods to get to the location, including driving on State Highways 11 and 63.

The site is approximately 100 kilometres from Vadodara, 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the capital, and 420 kilometres from Mumbai. The statue lies just 3.5 miles from Kevadia, the closest town in the Narmada area, where you will arrive.

Although, construction is underway to link the statue location to a motorway.

How to Reach at Statue of Unity?

The Statue of Unity is roughly 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the state capital, and Vadodara, and approximately 100 km from Mumbai.

There are several different methods to get to this location, such as via travelling on State Highways 11 and 63. The statue can be reached from the mainland via a bridge; however, a ferry voyage to Sadhu Bet Island, where the statue is located, is also a feasible option.

List of the Tallest Statues in the World

The Statue of Unity was inaugurated on 31st October 2018, on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. But before this date, there were several other statues which held the title of being the tallest statues in the world. The table below highlights some of the tallest statues in the world.

Spring Temple Buddha128 metres (420 ft)Henan, China
Ushiku Daibutsu120 metres (390 ft)Ibaraki, Japan
Statue of Liberty93 metres (305 ft)New York, USA
The Motherland Calls52 metres (172 ft)Volgograd, Russia
Christ The Redeemer30 meters (98 ft)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Great Sphinx of Giza20 m (66 ft)Giza, Egypt

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What is the ticket price for the Statue of Unity?

The ticket price for an adult at the Statue of Unity is INR 120 + INR 30 (Bus Charges). The deck view observation charges are NR 350 + INR 30 (Bus Charges). For children in the age group of 3 to 15 years, the ticket prices are INR 60 + INR 30 and the deck view observation charges are INR 200 + 30 (Bus Charges).

How tall is the Statue of Unity?

The Statue of Unity stands tall at 182 meters (597 ft).

On which river is the Statue of Unity situated?

The Statue of Unity is situated on the River Narmada, facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam, some 100 kilometres southeast of Vadodara.

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