Merchant Navy Jobs

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Merchant Navy Jobs

Imagine working on the deck of a navy vessel and spending days amidst the serene waters and oceanic vistas. From managing the operations of a navy vessel at sea to maintaining its safety, the appeal of merchant navy jobs is hard to match. As an exciting career path, Merchant Navy offers a plethora of benefits to those who are valiant enough to pursue it. Being a high-paying job, this field is extremely rewarding in terms of its reputable profiles and the adventure it entails. If you are planning to build in career in this venturesome field, you have come to the right place. Through this blog, we will be exploring the multitude of Merchant Navy jobs offered across the globe as well as the skills required for discovering career opportunities in this lucrative field.

When working as a navigation deck officer, you will be required to efficiently navigate the vessel with the help of satellite and radar systems. This profile needs individuals who are well-versed in interpreting weather conditions and deciding the appropriate course of action. Other tasks include maintaining the safety of deck crew and passengers, loading and unloading of cargo, ensure the safety of equipment, protocol during emergencies, etc. 


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Every marine vessel uses a plethora of equipments for its smooth functioning. As a Merchant Navy Engineer, you will be in charge of operating and maintaining electrical equipment and energy generation mechanisms. Moreover, it also includes taking care of ventilation and pumping systems, air compressors and waste management, etc. Candidates with a background in Electronic, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering branches are generally preferred for this profile.

Electro-Technical Officer

Large-sized vessels need specialised electronic engineers for managing their day-to-day operations. Similar to the job of an Engineering Officer, the job of an Electro-technical Officer specifically concerns with the operation, maintenance and upgradation of the electrical and electronic systems onboard. It is a fairly recent addition to the list of Merchant Navy jobs and requires advanced technical knowledge of Electronics as well as Marine Engineering. A background in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is commonly favourable.

Catering, Hospitality and On-Board Services

Under this job profile, diverse units work in tandem with each other. Typically it includes tasks of administration (book-keeping, receptionist), restaurants (restaurant and bar staff), housekeeping (steward, housekeeper) and hospitality services.

Chief Officer in Merchant Navy

Of all the merchant navy jobs, the job of a Chief Officer is the most important one. Working under the captain of the vessel, the Chief Officer provides assistance in handling vessel-related operations like deck tasks, cargo handling, storage, etc. You will get to lead a small team of junior members and this job requires expert-level management, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Second Officer in Merchant Navy

This is a mid-senior level job wherein you will be working under the Deck Officer in the navigation of the vessel. The tasks include operating and monitoring the satellite and radar systems for proper navigation along with surveilling vessel direction, speed and suggesting course corrections.

Third Officer in Merchant Navy

This is usually an entry-level job offered to those who have completed their training from a merchant navy academy. You will report to the Second Officer and will be carrying out ground-level tasks.

Marine Safety Officer

Every navy vessel requires a Safety Officer who has the necessary technical knowledge and experience of maintaining the standard level of safety during vessel operations. In this job profile, individuals are required to make sure that frequent safety drills are conducted, emergency protocols are followed, all pieces of safety equipment are working and evacuation procedures have been carried out.

Merchant Navy Jobs: Employers

Here is a list of major organisations offering a wide range of Merchant Navy jobs:

  • Oil, Gas, Petroleum and Chemical Tankers
  • Cargo Containers
  • Ferries
  • Cruise Ships
  • Support Vessels
  • Shipping Companies
  • Marine Insurance Companies
  • Port Operations
  • Marine Regulatory Organisations

Skills Required

If you aspire to pursue Merchant Navy jobs, you need to possess several cross-disciplinary skills as well as strong soft skills. Recruiters typically look for individuals who besides having the requisite technical knowledge, also possess several other interpersonal and leadership skills. Below mentioned are the essential qualities that you need to imbibe in order to explore the career path of Merchant Navy:

  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving Abilities
  • Decision-making Skills
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership Qualities

Making a career in a specialised field like Merchant Navy or Marine Engineering requires unbending motivation as well as consistent efforts. We hope that this blog provided with the major Merchant Navy Jobs you can explore along with the imperative qualities that organisations look for in individuals who are passionate about this field. The AI tool of Leverage Edu can assist you in exploring the varied range of programs offered in this field and choosing the right one that fits of career ambitions and preferences.

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