Diploma Courses in UK

Diploma Courses in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the preferred study destinations amongst international students from around the world. Home to the oldest universities in the English-speaking world, the UK offers internationally recognised courses in every stream of study as well as education level, be it diploma, bachelors or masters. Planning to study a diploma course in the UK? Read this blog to know all about diploma courses in UK, top colleges and universities, eligibility, fees and more!

Here’s all you need to know about studying in the UK!


Let’s first take a look at the eligibility requirements for diploma courses in UK:

  • International students applying for diploma programmes have to display proficiency in the English language through scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc.
  • GRE/GMAT scores might also be required for securing admissions into PG diploma programmes in management or science-related fields.
  • Candidates must also have a 3 or 4-year bachelor degree program and secure a minimum of 60 to 75% for securing a seat for diploma courses in the UK.

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Diploma Courses in Arts and Humanities in UK

Check out the complete list of diploma courses in UK in the field of Arts and Humanities:

University Program Fees Duration
University of Westminster Graduate Diploma in Law GBP 18,560 (INR 18,56,780) 1 year
International Career Institute Graduate Diploma in meditation GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,560) 13 months
International Career Institute Graduate Diploma in sales GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,560) 13 months
Royal college of Art Graduate Diploma in Art & Design GBP : 17,560 (INR 17,56,670) 1 year
City & Guilds of London Art School Diploma in woodcarving GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,560) 3 years
London School of Mosaic Diploma in Mosaic studies GBP : 16,450 (INR 16,67,780) 1 year
University of West London PG Diploma in music technology GBP : 21,450 (INR 21,45,560) 1 year
University for the creative Arts PG diploma in Art, design and media GBP : 18,560 (INR 18,75,560) 1 year
National Design Academy PG diploma in Interior designing GBP : 1267 (INR 1,25,400) 1 year
University of St Mark and St John PG Diploma in coaching and mentoring GBP : 14,230 (INR 14,67,580) 1 year
Warnborough College PG diploma in Journalism GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,670) 1 year
King’s college London PG Diploma in copyright law GBP : 17,560 (INR 17,56,670) 1 year

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Diploma Courses in UK in Science

We have listed both undergraduate and postgraduate level diploma courses in Science offered by the universities in UK:

UG Level Science Diplomas in UK

University  Program  Fees  Duration 
Regents University London Diploma in existential psychology GBP 18,560 (INR 18,56,780) 1 year
Harley oxford  Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy GBP : 16,450 (INR 16,67,780) 13 months
International Career Institute Diploma in Forensics GBP : 17,560 (INR 17,56,670) 1 years
International Career Institute Diploma in Zoology GBP 18,560 (INR 18,56,780) 1 year

PG Level Science Diplomas in UK

University  Course  Fees  Duration 
University of Essex PG Diploma in computer science GBP 27482 (INR 27,75,766) 16 months
University of Hertfordshire PG Diploma in pharmacy GBP 22,450 (INR 22,45,670) 1 year
Liverpool Hope University PG Diploma in physics GBP 18,560 (INR 18,56,780) 16 months
Royal agriculture University PG Diploma in agriculture GBP 11,450 (INR 11,56,670) 1 year
University of Surrey PG Diploma in physician associate GBP 21,340 (INR 21,45,670) 2 years
University of Essex  PG Diploma nursing GBP 17,450 (INR17,56,760) 16 months

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Diploma Courses in Commerce, Business and Finance

Home to the world’s best business schools, the UK offers an array of diploma courses in the specialisations of Commerce. Here is the list of top UG and PG diploma courses in UK in the stream of commerce, business and finance.

UG Diploma Courses in Business, Management and Commerce in UK

University  Program  Fees  Duration 
Regent college London Diploma in Business GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,670) 11 months
International Career Institute Diploma in sales GBP : 21,450 (INR 21,45,560) 1 year
Kingsgate International college Diploma in Business Administration and Management GBP : 16,450 (INR 16,67,780) 13 year
The college of central London Diploma in computing and systems development GBP :  14,346 (INR 14,45,560) 1 year
West college London Diploma in Accounting GBP : 14,346 (INR 14,45,560) 13 years

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PG Diploma Courses in Business, Management and Commerce in UK

University  Program  Fees  Duration 
Newcastle college PG diploma in hotel management GBP : 14,346 (INR 14,45,560) 16 months
Barnet and southgate college PG diploma in business GBP : 6,450 (INR 6,56,670) 1 year
Ealing, Hammersmith and West college London PG diploma in business management GBP : 7,670 (INR 6,56,670) 1 year
University of Derby PG hospitality and Business Management GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,560) 16 years
University of Westminster  PG diploma in Building Information Management GBP : 17,560 (INR 17,45,560) 1 year
University of Portsmouth PG diploma in Finance GBP : 16,450 (INR 16,67,780) 1 year
Stratford College Of Business Management PG diploma in strategic Management GBP : 7,560 (INR 17,76,780) 1 year
Warnborough college Human Resource Management GBP : 13,450 (INR 13,45,670) 1 year

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Thus, we hope that this blog helped you discover the best diploma courses in UK. Unsure about which course to study in UK or which university to go to? Allow our AI Course Finder to help you out with that. Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu counsellors and we will help you select the best course and university as per your interests and preferences!

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