What is Video Design?

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Video Design

While our smartphones have simplified the process of making a video, there are various considerable factors that are kept in mind when designing a video for professional purposes. Just like there is a big crew for making a film, videography also requires a team of specialized professionals who can perfect every aspect of a video, such as camera positioning, lighting, storytelling, direction, ambiance and location, editing, etc. Video design corresponds to a particular aspect of stagecraft that is used in live media productions such as concerts, opera, live shows, etc. It is a unique branch of videography and requires dexterous professionals who can ensure the smooth recording of live events while taking care of every aspect behind the scenes as well. If you are interested in exploring this emerging field, this blog brings you a complete career guide on Video Design, top courses, and universities as well as the scope this field offers!

What is Video Design?

Also referred to as Projection Design, Video Design is generally used in stagecraft and primarily focuses on designing as well as the integration of motion graphics, real-time camera feed, film, dance performances, opera, theatre, live shows, and musical concerts. In other terms, video design is the art of merging technologically translated visual material into three-dimensional space. There is usually a durational component to the design—a performance or event—as well as interactions with the human body, whether actor or viewer, although they are not required. All that is required is a photograph and some space. The job of a video designer encompasses ideation of the whole process of creating a video, arranging the position of cameras for live performances, and how they can be managed efficiently on stage. Students in a film and video design course are taught a variety of disciplines such as photography, videography, film making, film language, cinematography, production design, and so on.

Since this has lately emerged as an independent field of study the universities across the globe have introduced different courses for students wanting to pursue a career in Video Design. We have enlisted some of the top diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Video Design:

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Multimedia DesignDiploma in Creative Media ProductionDiploma in Performing Arts
Diploma in VideographyDiploma in Game Video Design

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)Bachelor of Fine Arts in AnimationBA (Hons) Technical Theatre (Production and Design)
Bachelor of Communication – Media Arts and ProductionBachelor of Interactive Media focus on 2D Animation (Standard)BA (Hons) Television Production
Bachelor of Digital Media (Film and Video Design)Bachelor of Screen ProductionBachelor of Arts in Film Video and Theatre Production
Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production)/ArtsBachelor of Business / Bachelor of Digital Media (3D Design and Animation)Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Bachelor of Design – Visual Communication Design (Honours)Bachelor of Creative Arts – Theatre and Theatre StudiesBachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Film and TelevisionBachelor of Science in Broadcast Media Technologies (Honors)Bachelor of Science in Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Arts in Animation – Motion GraphicsMaster of Arts in Sports Media and StorytellingMA 3D Computer Animation
MSc Animation and VFXMaster of Fine Arts in Digital Arts – Digital Animation and Motion ArtsMSc Music and Sound Technology (Audio Programming)
MSc Image and Video Communications and Signal ProcessingMaster of Fine Arts in Studio – Film, Video, New Media, and AnimationMaster of Theatre Directing
MA Screen Media IndustriesMA in Film and Television – Research and ProductionMaster of Communication (Television Production)
Master of Fine Arts in Digital Production ArtsMA Film, Television and Moving ImageMaster of Production Design for Screen

Online Courses

Here are some incredible and mind-boggling video design courses that you may simply study online on your own from top-ranking websites. 

Course Name Availability 
Free Video Creation Tutorial – Aprende a Crear Vídeos Animados de ALTO IMPACTO VideoMakerFXUdemy 
Create Professional Videos Online with InVideo AppEduonix 
Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the HospitalDuke University, Coursera
VR and 360 Video ProductionCoursera
Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video ProcessingNorthwestern University, Coursera
Story and Narrative Development for Video GamesCalifornia Institute of the Arts, Coursera
Mastering Final Cut ProCoursera
Paint and Roto for Feature Film VFX 01Udemy 
Free 360 video Tutorial – Film and Stitch 360 VR Video with GoPros and AVPUdemy 
iPhone Filmmaking: Create Cinematic Video With Your PhoneSkillshare
Mastering Cinematic Compositions in Video & FilmSkillshare

Top Universities

Once you have decided which course you want to pursue, the next step is to find the right university as per your interests and preferences. Here is a list of top universities and colleges offering courses in Video Design:

Eligibility Criteria for Video Design Courses 

So far, you’ve probably learned that video design courses are available at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The following are the fundamental eligibility requirements for both levels of courses:

  • UG: Candidates must have completed Class 12th in any stream from a recognized board with at least 50% – 60% aggregate marks.
  • PG: Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any subject with a minimum of 50%- 60% aggregate marks.

Apart from the aforementioned eligibility requirements, candidates need to keep a check on the following requirements as well if they are planning to pursue video design courses from universities abroad:

  • A strong and cutting-edge SOP 
  • LORs 
  • Essays (if needed)
  • English Proficiency Test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. 
  • Resume/CV 
  • Official transcripts of past educational qualifications 

It should be noted that the video design qualifying criteria listed above are basic and may differ from institute to institute.

Video Design Course Curriculum 

Various higher education institutes offer a variety of film and video design courses. The two most popular courses among them are BDes Video Design and MDes Video Design. The following is the course curriculum for both courses:

BDes Video Design 

Year 1 

Design OverviewDesign Drawing 1
Fundamentals of Design (Colour)Fundamentals of Design (Geometry)
Fundamentals of Design (Materials)Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure)
Digital Methods 1Inter Design Studies 1 (Environ Exposure)
Freehand, Analytical & PerspectiveColour II
Solid GeometryThree Dimensionalaties of Form, Space & Structure
Fundamentals of Design: MaterialsAdvanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications
Problem SolvingUrban Environment Exposure

Year 2 

Short Documentary FilmFilm Theory & Film Appreciation
Film Language and Narrative ExercisesAdvanced Cinematography
Guided FilmShort Fiction
Journey of Cinema: Aesthetical and TechnicalStill Photography: Composition, Lensing, Lighting and Photo Feature
Introduction to CinematographyIntroduction to Editing and Technical Formats
Introduction to Sound RecordingFundamentals of Documentary Film Making

Year 3

Film Theory & Film AnalysisCollaborative Documentation – Multi-Cam – Event
Music Composition and RecordingMusic Picturisation
Short FictionProduction Planning
Promotional DocumentaryBrand Development and Advertisement Film
Collaborative Multi-Cam – Narrative FictionFilm for Instructional Communication
Open Elective

Year 4

Exploratory DocumentaryProfessional Elective
Industrial InternshipGraduation Project 

MDes Video Design 

Year 1

Quantitative Design Research MethodsAdvanced Editing and Technical Formats
Advanced Sound RecordingQualitative Design Research Methods
Short Documentary FilmFilm Theory & Film Appreciation
Film Language and Narrative ExercisesAdvanced Cinematography
Guided FilmShort Fiction
Elective 1Elective 2 
Design Research Project- 1

Year 2 

Production PlanningPromotional Documentary
Brand Development and Advertisement FilmCollaborative Multi-Cam – Narrative Fiction
Film for Instructional CommunicationMusic Picturisation
Industrial InternshipGraduation Project- 2/Summer Project 
Design Research Seminar 

Career Prospects

Visual technology has integrated itself into every sphere of life which is consequently increasing the need for professionals who can efficiently tackle various aspects of video production and postproduction. 

  • Director
  • Videographer
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Production Assistant
  • Production designer
  • Cinemetographer
  • Art Director
  • Video Designer
  • Filmmaker

Top Skills Required for Video Design 

  • Creativity 
  • Originality 
  • Passion 
  • Patience 
  • Innovative ideologies 
  • Visualization skills 
  • Organization skills
  • Eye for details and latest trends 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Time management
  • Understanding the dynamics of the industry 


What is video graphic design?

Motion graphic design, often known as motion design, is a subset of graphic design in that it employs graphic design concepts in the context of filmmaking or video production (or other temporally changing visual media) through the use of animation or film techniques.

Can I use Canva for video?

You don’t have to be a skilled video editor to create high-quality videos using Canva. You’ll find it simple (and enjoyable) to create films on a daily basis. Using Canva’s library of pre-made templates, our simple drag-and-drop tool allows you to create captivating short films in minutes.

How do graphic designers work?

Graphic designers develop graphic designs, either by hand or with computer tools, to express ideas that inspire, inform, and fascinate customers. They provide the overall layout as well as the production design for applications such as ads, brochures, periodicals, and reports.

How can I edit videos for free?

You can edit videos for free at these platforms and apps:
HitFilm Express
DaVinci Resolve

Hence, we hope that this blog cleared all your doubts regarding the emerging career field of Video Design. Planning to study Video Production? Our Leverage Edu experts are just a click away from guiding you throughout the process of finding the best course and university as per your requirements and interests! Sign up for a free session with us today!

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