STAR Method for Interview- Techniques and Examples

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STAR Method for Interview-

Do you know behaviour questions are now an important part of the interview? They have become popular for analyzing the potential of a candidate. In place of technical questions and assignments, candidates often find it difficult to answer behavioural questions. One simple technique using which you can ace almost any situational question is the STAR method. 

The STAR method is a simple process that helps candidates demonstrate their critical thinking abilities along with problem-solving skills. Via this method, you can showcase your skillset along with leadership qualities that can help you fetch your dream job. For all those who are looking forward to understanding how the STAR Method works, read through this blog as it aims to guide you about the same. 

Decoding the STAR Method 

Interviewers usually put forward behavioural questions to analyze the candidates in a fundamental manner. Answering them by following the STAR method helps one to create an easy-flowing scenario with clear and to-the-point solutions for them. Let us now take a look at the technique of the STAR method- 

Situation – The primary step is creating a base around the situation and elaborating on the challenges that came across your way by stating the details about them. 

Task – Herein, you have to describe the responsibilities handled as per the role you were in. 

Action – This refers to the detailed explanation of how you managed the entire situation and were able to wrap up the situation. If the action was achieved collectively by a team, focus on stating your role in depth. 

Result – The concluding step is the result of your actions. State the outcomes that were seen through your endeavours and try to put forward concrete examples. 

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How to Prepare for Interviews Using the STAR Method? 

STAR Method

However prepared one may be, it is not feasible to get a hold of the questions beforehand. Candidates must keep in mind that the behavioural questions that they will be expected to answer using the STAR method will be based on the situations aligning with their job responsibilities. In order to thoroughly prepare for this technique, one shall begin by analyzing the job description in detail. Understand the type of skill that will be required to complete each and every pointer mentioned there. 

Once you have understood the type of work that is to be done, now focus on the type of challenges that may arise while one is completing the tasks of the given type. Jot down the similar situations that you have faced and what was your success mantra in overcoming them. For the freshers or newly employed candidates, the ideal way would be to think about the situations that you may have faced in internships, college and school life, volunteer work, etc. Regardless of the phase you choose, make sure that the story or example you are elaborating includes a situation that involved a certain task, to complete which you used some actions that produced a certain result. 

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Examples of the STAR Method 

Now that we are aware of the technique used in the STAR method, let us consider some hypothetical examples through which you will have more clarity about drafting your answers using this method- 

Q. Tell us about a time when you were under immense pressure at your previous job. What did you do to handle it? 

As a merger and partnership executive, I used to manage the collaboration of my organisation along with my team members. One of my coworkers immediately quit as soon as we received an important client. I was assigned to handle this merger. Along with my daily tasks, I used to devote extra time to this partnership by taking calls with clients even on weekends. I was able to seal the deal and got our organisation with another prominent partner. 

Q. Brief us about a mistake that you made in your last job and how you handled it. 

While working as an intern with an event management organisation, I was assigned to the catering department for a crucial event. While dispatching the order for the venue, I, mistakenly, had sent the other order. As soon as I got to know about my mistake, I apologized to my manager. I immediately rushed to the other venue collected the actual order and went on to deliver it by myself at the right venue. Luckily the client didn’t get to know about my goof up and I managed to keep up the brand value. 

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STAR Method Sample Interview Questions 

STAR Method

Here are some of the sample questions that you can answer using the STAR Method –

  • Elaborate on a time when you had set a perfect example for your co-workers. 
  • Tell us about a time you had a disagreement with your boss. How did you handle it?
  • Familiarize us with a situation when you failed and what did you learn from it?
  • Tell us about a situation wherein you used logic and data to frame the results of a problem.
Source: YouTube – Self Made Millennial


What are the 4 steps in STAR?

The four steps in the STAR method are Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Why is the STAR method used?

The STAR method is used to answer behavioural questions asked in interviews.

Is the STAR method effective?

Yes, the STAR method is an effective way to answer behavioural questions asked by employers. It helps the interviewer to know about the skills and abilities of the interviewee.

We hope this blog helped you to know about the STAR method! To read more informative articles like this one, keep following Leverage Edu.

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