What is Letter of Interest?

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“Letter of Interest” or ” Letter of Intent” is a letter to communicate and learn more about a certain organization or company you are interested in. This letter is sent to know more about employment opportunities ahead in life with your dream company or organization. A letter of interest is different from the cover letter as a cover letter has an attached resume, and most importantly, it doesn’t have a job description. 

What is a Letter of Interest?

A letter of interest is a letter written to know more about a company or organization or to get your hiring manager know your qualifications and experience when you exactly don’t get to know the specific job information that you are looking for. Most important is to know the difference between cover letter and the letter of interest  as they are used for different purposes. This helps you get your desired company as when you communicate with the company , they acknowledge and then would either send you details for a job you can apply for or if the recruitment is still closed the company gets in touch whenever the recruitment starts for the job you are suitable for. 

Purpose for writing the letter of interest is to get in touch with the company or the organization you want to work with or work for in future. This basically is to show the company that you are eligible for working with/for the company by adding educational qualifications and experience. 

Letter of Interest: Sample 1

Letter of Interest - 1

Letter of Interest: Sample 2

Letter of Interest - 2

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When to Write the Letter of Interest? 

A letter of interest can be sent whenever you feel it’s the right time to do so. Many companies don’t advertise open job roles and in this case, you need to write this letter.

  • When anyone in your contact has told you about a job and it’s not Publically out
  • When you feel you want a more specialized job
  • When you see advertisements and no job description beneath you must write a letter of interest 
  • You desire a company which offers you the correct location, culture, etc. 

How to Write it? 

Letter of interest had to be unique,  and keeping in mind that you are writing specifically for the company or organization you want to work for and the necessary items are as follows:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Date
  • Employer name
  • Employer contact information
  • Greeting
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Two to three body paragraphs
  • Closing paragraph
  • Signature


  • Do your homework that is research well about the company you want to apply for
  • Learn about the company’s connections that provide you the estimations about the company
  • Learn to use keywords and write the skills you have
  • You have to start with an amazing introduction and have to be a little descriptive about why you want to write this letter and also why you want to write only to this institution or company
  • In the first body of the letter you have to write about the skills hard or soft you have gained through the journey of professional experience
  • Then you have to explain why you are the right fit for the institution or the company.

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What is in a letter of interest?

A letter of interest is used to give information about a company when the company is not hiring for the position. The letter of interest is used by the applicant to explain the reasons to work for the company and the value he/she will bring to the company.

What is a letter of interest in work?

In work, a letter of interest in a letter written by an interested person enquiring about employment opportunities. A letter of interest is also known as a prospecting letter, a letter of inquiry. 

How long is a letter of interest?

A letter of interest consists of a few short paragraphs. The estimated word count is 200 words. The length of the letter of interest is similar to a cover letter.

Letter of interest helps you to get employed at the desired company or organization. Take your chance to fit in and make yourself count for recruitment before your job profile is released. Stay tuned with the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu for more such informative content!

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