How to Get Jobs Abroad?

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A lot of people travel abroad every year for reasons like studying abroad or for job opportunities. To sustain themselves, these people require a job or any option which would pay them a sufficient amount of money to meet their daily expenses. The Indian diaspora is one of the greatest in the entire world. You can easily find Indians living in almost all of the major cities of the world. There is a wide range of jobs available for all types of people. A number of multinational companies hire people across the globe to provide them with services. Getting a job abroad has always excited people from every corner of the world. Working abroad brings with it many additional benefits for both the individual and the company where they are working.

Popular SectorsEducation, IT, Financial, Business Administration, Travel and Tourism, Engineering, Yoga Instructor, Architecture, and Project Manager
Skills RequiredFluency in Languages, Team Player Skills, Leadership Qualities, Adaptability, and Cross-cultural Communication Skills
Average SalaryINR 4.5 lakh
Top RecruitersAmazon, McDonald’s, Walmart, Google International LLC, Facebook Inc, Deepmind, Microsoft
Work Experience Required6 months to 10 years

How to Get Jobs Abroad?

Getting a job in another country can be a very mind-wrenching task for many people. There are many things which you have to consider while looking for a job abroad such as – what types of skills you possess, what your job profile requires, your salary expectations, the sector you want to work in, top recruiters, etc. Below we have discussed some of the best ways to help you get a job abroad.

How to get jobs in abroad?

Through a Consultancy or an Agency

There are many consultancies around the world which offer a wide range of work opportunities for both interns and volunteers. These consultancies or agencies will support you in getting a job abroad after you specify to them the type of job you are looking for or jobs that will best suit you. When talking to a consultancy or agency, make sure you know about their background, experience and how many job seekers they helped. There are many talented and experienced agencies which can surely help you in getting a job in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and others. You can find some of the best consultancies online which will charge you for their services.

Localise Your Resume/ CV

When applying for any job abroad or online, almost all the job providers ask for a resume/CV. A resume which highlights your responsibilities and skills will open more opportunities for you. When applying for any job of your interest, make sure you tailor your resume. This will allow you to grab the attention of recruiters and employers. 

Highlight the keywords to match the country’s language or you can simply translate it, as this will enable the recruiter to understand your resume easily. Your resume has to abide by the standards of what the recruiters are looking for. A lot of countries abroad prefer a resume with more information which speaks about you and then there are some who expect the resume in a shorter and to-the-point format. When applying for any job, just give a quick look at what types of resumes the employer is looking for.

Move Abroad and then Look for Work

For all the job seekers out there, it’s not always important to get a job before you reach your destination or whatever place you are travelling to. There is a very popular saying ‘Travel broadens your mind’. The more you explore places around you, the more chances are that you will get a better work opportunity. If there is a possibility that you have all the means of doing so, try to give it a shot. 

Exploring places and jobs yourself is always a better option than searching on the Internet. There are many online fraudsters but when you hit the ground beforehand, things will work more smoothly than you would have expected. When travelling overseas, make sure you have all the necessary resources for a job search like an ideal resume, a proper dress code, and the right mindset. Remember that the path you choose for yourself has to be completely your decision.

Working Holiday Visa or Work Visa

Most students studying abroad only look for jobs for a short period of time and not on a permanent basis. Students within the age group of 18 to 35 years are all allowed to work on a holiday visa. This is a great option for youngsters who are reluctant to find a job which best suits them.

With a working holiday visa, students can stay up to 2 years in a foreign land (depending on the country). Your working visa will determine the place where you will be allowed to work legally. For example, the US government allows a temporary working visa for all students or job seekers who want to enter the states for educational or employment purposes only for a limited period of time. These people will not be considered permanent residents.

While working on a holiday visa, you will get a work experience on your resume like any other. After coming back home from abroad, your resume will have an extra standout experience which will give an extra boost to you in searching for better job opportunities. Having experience from working abroad will help you in answering unique questions in job interviews.

Freelance/Digital Nomad

For people who are skilled in writing, web designing, vlogging, photography or any remote type of job, there is an option of working as a digital nomad or freelancer. These days, there are many job opportunities for freelancers who earn money and travel around the world. For people who cannot work 9 to 5 desk jobs, then working as a freelancer is one of the best choices you’ll have while pursuing your goals.

Those working as digital nomads will have chances to work from anywhere in the world, can travel full-time, can experience new cultures, meet new people, lower cost of living, and won’t have to commute for long hours like city jobs. These advantages are an ideal starting opportunity for entrepreneurs who are in search of a flexible work environment and schedule.


What are the best jobs abroad for students?

Students studying abroad are often given job opportunities like working in universities, hotels and restaurants, bars and coffee shops, call centres, volunteering, internships, etc.

Which country is best for a job abroad?

Some of the countries where you can easily find a job abroad are Canada, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, the USA, and Australia.

What is the average salary for Indians in the USA?

The latest US census data has published that on average, an Indian employee earns a little over $43,000 annually (INR 35 lakhs), which makes them one of the highest earners in the USA.

How can I get a job in Canada while studying there?

International students studying in Canada must have a working visa to enable them to find a job anywhere in Canada. Also, you can start working only when you have started your full-time program at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

There are many job opportunities abroad for international students and for job seekers. In order to receive a decent job, what is required from your part is a decent resume, some basic working skills, and a positive mindset.

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