Accounts Project Class 12

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Accounts Project Class 12

Accounts are an integral and one of the mandatory commerce subjects in class 12, making it an undeniably important discipline to study while targeting to fetch the full score in your class 12th board examination. On the day of your final show-down, it is uncertain what would the question paper on Accounts will offer thus, preparing an attractive project on an alluring topic would help you have a command over your marks in the subject. Class 12th students are provided with the privilege of selecting the topic by themselves and presenting their thoroughly researched ideas for the external practical examination. Hence, it is vital to creatively put down your thoughts making sure you grab full marks in the project. If you are looking for a sample format and some latest ideas to start your Accounts project class 12, here is a blog aiming to present you with the same.

Accountancy Project for Class 12 CBSE Guidelines 2021-22

CBSE has provided specific guidelines for the Accounts 12 project 2020-21 which are as follows: Here are the three main project work topics from which Accounts class 12 students 2021-22 can choose from:

  • Collection of source documents, recording accounting transactions using vouchers as well as preparation of vouchers.
  • A comprehensive project taking any sole proprietorship business and this Accounts project for Class 12 must state the following:
    1. Journal Entries
    2. Ledgers
    3. Preparation of Trade Balance
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Trading Account
    6. Profit and Loss Account
    7. Use Pie Chart or Bar Diagram to show Incomes, Profit or Lose and Assets and Liabilities
  • Prepare a bank reconciliation statement using a given cashbook as well as the passbook which must have 20 to 25 transactions.

Accounts Project Format

While drafting your project, you must follow a formal tone and format so that the external examiner will be able to easily apprehend your thoughts. You can go by the below-mentioned format in your Accounts project: 

Name of the Project: Choose a catchy title for it but it must be crisp and relevant to the content. 

Objective: Objective refers to a short description in which you mention the basic principle and the concepts you are aiming to explain. For Example:
The project aims to impart to every student the foundational knowledge of the complete accounting cycle and appreciate the true meaning of Accounting which seems to be a process of classifying, summarizing and recording the accounting information as well as its analysis and interpretation.

Period of Project: The duration that was taken to complete the project has to be mentioned here.  

Source Material: The case study based on which the accounting cycle has to be completed. Along with this, the Accounts project of class 12 will include the sources of information you used to gather the essential information from.

Processing Data: While collecting and processing the various data here are some important points that you must mention-

  • Ledgers 
  • Journals
  • Trial Balance 
  • Final Accounts 
  • Adjusting Entries

Tools of Analysis: You can use Pie charts, bar graphs and pictorial graphs as your representing tools.

Processing Formats

a) Journal Rankings

Journal Rankings - Accounts Project Class 12

Note: It is mandatory to write the narration for every journal entry.

  b) Ledger Accounts 

Ledger Accounts - Accounts Project Class 12

While completing your Accounts Project Class 12, you must keep in mind to prepare the ledgers in the following orders: 

  • Real Accounts 
  • Personal Accounts 
  • Nominal Accounts 

For personal or real accounts, keep in mind to carry the closing balance of the current year as the opening balance of the next year and then close the account.

For normal accounts transfer the balance of the account to the trading account or the profit and loss account

c)Trial Balance     
Trial Balance of ———- as at

Trial Balance - Accounts Project Class 12

d) Adjusting Journal Entries

  • When preparing your Accounts Project Class 12, students must keep in mind that the format is the same as journal entries
  • It is compulsory to write the narration for these entries

e) Final Accounts: Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account along with Balance Sheet
Trading and Profit and Loss Account of——-
For the year ending—–

Final Accounts - Accounts Project Class 12

Specific Project Ratio Analysis Project Class 12

The learning chamber

Comprehensive Project of Accounts for Class 12

Segment Analysis Project Class 12

Class 12 Accountancy Project Cash Flow Statement

Source: Parul Creations

More Accountancy Project Class 12

Accountancy Project with GST

Source: Project World

30+ Accounts Project Class 12 Ideas

Projects in class 12th are an essential part of aiming towards the perfect score. Hence, your idea, topic, formulation and plan of action for it should be unique. Rather than asking out your seniors about quirky ideas, it is advisable to thoroughly research the topics on the internet. To begin with your Accounts project for class 12, here are some of the topics you can choose from:

  1. Journal Entries
  2. Ledger Accounts
  3. Trial Balance
  4. Balance Sheets
  5. Ratios 
  6. Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  7. Cash Flow Statement
  8. Ratio Analysis 
  9. Direct selling 
  10. Analysis of mutual funds and portfolio management in mutual funds 
  11. A study of claims and freight payable
  12. Audit of bank 
  13. Analysis of financial statements of ABC company
  14. The banking system in India
  15. Cash
  16. Cash flow
  17. Capital market reforms 
  18. Commodity futures comparative evaluation strategies in mergers and acquisitions 
  19. Comparative analysis of depository service provider 
  20. Comparison analysis of initial public offer in the infrastructure sector 
  21. Credit analysis of personal loan
  22. Customer profitability 
  23. Equity valuation of public sector enterprises of nifty 50 
  24. Currency derivative business perspective
  25. External debt management 
  26. Financial planning and forecasting
  27. How to plan to invest in the insurance sector and tax planning 
  28. Key performance indicators of supply chain retail
  29. Merchant banking in India 
  30. Location choice and host country IPR protection 
  31. The effect of changes in credit ratings on equity returns


What to do in Accounts Project Class 12?

Journal Entries.
Ledger Accounts.
Trial Balance.
Balance Sheets.
Trading and Profit and Loss Account.
Cash Flow Statement.
Ratio Analysis.

Is Class 12 account hard?

Accounting for class 12 can be one of the most difficult assignments to complete properly. This is because class 12 accounting is directly related to the practical application of information.

Are you ready now to make an excellent Accounts Project Class 12? Class 12th is a crucial stage and deciding the path to proceed afterwards is one of the most vital decisions in life.  You can call our Leverage Edu experts on 1800 572 000 to find out how the application process can be fast-tracked and streamlined!

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