The Best Direction To Study

Best Direction to Study

You must have noticed that while studying some places are a dream sequence and some are hellish nightmares. Things just flow in certain situations and in others, you feel like studying is the hardest task you’ve ever performed. Well, you might have realized this and now you’re here on your quest to find the best direction to study. There exist many theories for this to happen. One such explanation is offered by the traditional Hindu architectural system known as Vastu Shastra. As suggested by the name, the explanation depends on the design of the study atmosphere with a hint of spiritual thoughts and a lot of traditional belief. Now let’s look at the exact answer for the question “What is the best direction to study?”.

Best Direction to Study by Vastu

According to Vastu, the best direction to study is a room situated in the north-east corner of the door facing north-east. If that is not available, a room facing north or east is also ample to walk down the road of the best direction to study. Along with the direction, one should have a regular shaped table which is not facing a wall, a de-cluttered environment, and warm colors to increase concentration.

The direction of North is favored because it signifies progress and east is favored as according to Vastu it is the direction of growth, achievement, and prosperity. Well, this was literally the best direction to study in but the wisdom of Vastu also has some tips to increase your concentration. They insist that one should not use irregularly shaped tables like an oval or other complementary shapes. Another suggestion for the best direction to study is to place the table in either the North or the East corner of the room. There should exist no obstruction for the feel-good energy to flow in. That translates that the table should not face the wall and the desk should be clean and organized. Well, we are the biggest supporter for a neat and tidy desk no matter your purpose. A clean desk is like a fresh canvas symbolic to the land of possibilities for the creative and it is really easy to do stuff at a neat table for anybody.

Increase Concentration and Productivity

Other suggestions somewhat resemble the ideas that you have heard for sure. For instance, you must have heard the advice to be around warm, cheerful colors for positive energy. Vaastu is also a big supporter of warm colors on the walls, stationery, and the decor to increase positivity. Be meticulous and plan ahead for clarity. This not only helps you to plan out the syllabus and also to mentally prepare yourself to study. This is, well, not the best direction to study but will definitely help your ultimate goal of studying effectively. 

This was the traditional approach to the best direction to study. Wondering what’s the best direction to study as per Leverage Edu?

The Realistic Answer for the Best Direction to Study

Well, this knowledge is inspired by the age-old Vastu Shastra with a hint of Feng Shui to increase your productivity. But if you’re reading about the best direction to study, you must be struggling to study, maybe even right now! We at Leverage Edu are big supporters of the idea that one doesn’t need to apply Vastu if they are engaged in something that is their heart’s desire. The only trick you need is to find what you are made for, your mojo. It is tough out there with so many options and lack of information, to see what actually suits your traits and personality. It takes people a fair amount of time to understand what they actually want but you have to start somewhere, right?

Well, this is what we do. We’ll identify the aptest point to start and make sure it’ll be an awesome career. So if you are determined to find the right thing to study in the best possible direction, just call us at +91 8826200293 and we’ll make sure you are walking in the best direction to success. 

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