The Best Direction To Study

Best Direction to Study

You must have observed that studying your favourite subject might feel like a dream sequence while the weaker concepts seem to be hellish nightmares. You will be able to smoothly cover some subjects while struggle in few. Are you searching for the best direction to study? Then, there exist many theories to support you in this quest of learning. One such explanation is rooted in our traditional Hindu architectural system known as Vastu Shastra. As suggested by its name, the theory defines the architectural design of the study atmosphere with a hint of spiritual thoughts and traditional beliefs. 

You must be curious to know more about what exactly is the best direction to Study as per Vastu Shastra. Let’s help you with all the details of this multidisciplinary approach based on basic knowledge of Astrology, Astronomical Science and Yogashastra (the science of Yoga).

Best Direction to Study by Vastu

According to Vastu, the best direction to study is by sitting in a North-East room while facing North or East. If that is not available, a room facing north or east would also work for you. Other than this, Vastu consultants recommend you to study on a regular-shaped table made with the best quality of wood and make sure that you are at least 3-4 inches away from the wall not directly facing it. A gap signifies open space and new ideas flow in our mind.

The ancient doctrine of Vastu Shastra pays close attention to the North or East to be the best direction to study. But why choose these directions? We all know the sun rises from the East, moves towards the North and descends in the West. The direction of North signifies progress while the East is the direction of growth, achievement, and prosperity.

Best Direction to Study according to Vastu Shastra

Concentration plays a crucial role while studying, therefore a de-cluttered environment and clean study table at all time increase our ability to focus well. A clean desk is like a fresh canvas symbolic to the land of possibilities for the creative and it is really easy to do stuff at a neat table for anybody. You can also put some inspirational posters or ideas on the wall in front of your study table and if needed, you can keep a table lamp in the South-East portion of the study table. 

Increase Concentration and Productivity Using the Right Colours

As per Vastu principles use a light or neutral colour scheme for better learning power. Colours influence our mind and soul and have a very profound impact on our intellect and psychology. Yellow is known to regulate our emotions while violet is directly related to spirituality, good character, the stability of mind and gives us protection.

Vaastu is also a big supporter of warm colours on the walls, stationery, and the decor to increase positivity. Be meticulous and plan ahead to enhance your understanding capability, memory’s retention power and increase your interest in studies. If you follow these Vastu tips properly then the benefits are favourable.

This was a traditional approach to the best direction to study. Wondering what’s the best direction to study as per Leverage Edu?

The Realistic Answer for the Best Direction to Study

Well, this knowledge is inspired by the age-old principles of Vastu Shastra with a hint of Feng Shui to increase your productivity. But if you’re looking for the best direction to study, you must be struggling to focus your concentration on studies. Our counsellors at Leverage Edu believe in the idea of tireless endeavour and rigorous hard work to achieve your heart’s desire instead of only relying on Vastu techniques. If we stick to our quest for the expected outcome, we will never be deprived of success. It is very difficult to choose amongst so many study techniques. Also, due to the lack of information, to see what actually suits your traits and personality, individuals take a fair amount of time to understand what they actually want and where to start from.

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Scientific Tips for Best Direction to Study

  1. Exercising and Yoga helps to increase the level of crucial Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor which is essential for the growth of brain cells, mood and learning. They also help to release powerful hormones like Serotonin (the mood booster), Norepinephrine (for awareness and concentration) and Dopamine (for attention and learning).
  2. Cramming doesn’t work because it is important for you to transfer the information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
  3. Know what you’re studying to reduce anxiety and improve performance
  4. Learning concepts with an intention to teach allows you to actively understand better and the information is stored away in the memory, and not just passively looked over.
  5. Testing yourself on the materials learnt is more effective than reading it over and over. 
  6. Deep sleep does wonders when looking for the best direction to study. Sleeping after studying encourages the memories of information learnt to be wired into your brain cells.
  7. Before you’re planning to study a difficult subject or topic, find some private time to strike a power pose like Superman or Wonder Woman to help reduce Cortisol (stress hormones).
  8. If you’re not sure you can do it, act like you can and eventually your mind won’t know the difference and will believe you can do anything – which you can.

Well, this is what we do. We will help you identify the aptest point to start your career and make sure it will be highly rewarding. So if you are determined to find the best direction to study, reach out to our counsellors at Leverage Edu and be sure to walk on an ideal path of success. 

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