IELTS Reading – How to Improve Your Score!

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IELTS Reading – How to Improve Your Score!

If you are an international student, you must be aware that you have to take an IELTS Academic Test. No matter the purpose, be it a professional visit, study or migration, you’ll be required to take an IELTS Academic or General Test. Most of the time, those who take an IELTS do not give enough attention to the Reading section. While all of the 4 sections are equally important, Reading should not be left behind. Here are some tips to ace the IELTS Reading section!

Tips For Scoring Better in IELTS Reading

The IELTS reading section is often overlooked by aspirants during preparation, which eventually results in them not achieving their desired IELTS scores. IELTS Reading plays an important role in contributing to your overall scores and can make or break your chances of getting admitted into your desired university abroad. This is why you should prepare for this section well. Here are some tips to help you score better in the reading section of the IELTS exam.

Read As Much As You Can

You are supposed to understand a large amount of text and answer questions about what you’ve read in a short span of time. Hence, reading as many texts as you can daily help you develop good reading skills. Read newspapers, research papers, and novels as it will expose you to a variety of content. Do not limit yourself to just academic texts. This will also add to your vocabulary skills.

Analyze Every Little Text

Analyzing the information in the text is the main purpose of the IELTS reading section. Do not miss out on any information provided in the text. You must take your time to read and analyze every aspect of the important information to get accurate answers.

Read and Revise the Text Carefully

Never neglect to review your spellings during the IELTS reading section. You must spell each word correctly as you can eventually lose crucial marks for incorrect spellings. Always re-read and double-check your spelling and answers. You may be tricked into believing that you’ve answered correctly, however, it may not be the case every time. So, make sure you pay enough attention to the answers.

Grab a Highlighter

What is the purpose of highlighting? To draw special attention to important information. Always remember to put emphasis on the important information. For example, you may forget or skip an answer by mistake, hence, highlighting the important texts will help you remember and process the answer.

Keep a Track of Time

As you know time is precious and losing even a second of it can cause severe mistakes. Managing your time to complete the task can help you submit the answers without any hush.  Test takers are anyway given 20 minutes each for both passages. Try to manage time according to your reading capability but make sure you do not spend more time on either of the tasks.

Top Preparation Books for IELTS Reading

Individuals can refer to the following table to go through the list of top preparation books for IELTS reading.

Name of Book Name of Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
Barron’s IELTS with Audio CDsLin LougheedINR 1,744Click Here
The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTSCambridge University PressINR 1,207 Click Here 
Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio Cambridge INR 329 Click Here
Target Band 7Simone Braverman INR 1,470Click Here 
What is the duration of IELTS reading?

The IELTS reading section lasts for 60 minutes.

How many questions are there in IELTS reading?

The reading section of the IELTS exam comprises 40 questions.

How is IELTS reading score calculated?

Students who attempt the IELTS reading section are awarded 1 mark for every correct answer. Scores out of 40 are converted to the IELTS 9-band scale.

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