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Remember the age-old story that you must have heard from your parents and grandparents about how they used to travel miles to reach school facing different kind of adversities. Those days might seem like an imaginative and fictional built-up now that technology has made it possible to learn anything, anywhere and anytime. Distance Learning emerged as an incredible concept through which one can pursue an academic program with the crucial utilisation of online education while fulfilling their responsibilities and handling all kinds of time restraints. Through this blog, we are bringing you a comprehensive list of Distance Learning courses that you can choose from if you are aspiring to pursue a degree or diploma while juggling between other tasks and responsibilities.

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Diploma/Certificate Distance Learning Courses

Since distance learning courses are available at varied levels of education, be it short-term or as a full-fledged degree, the list of these programs is quite long. To begin with, we are elaborating the diploma courses after 12th and after graduation that are available for those wanting to opt for distance learning.

Certificate/Diploma in Digital Content Marketing

One of the popular distance learning courses, a diploma or a certificate in Digital Content Marketing is designed for budding content managers and bloggers as they are provided with a foundational knowledge of making digital content strategies as well as handling the practical toolbox for photo, video and text generation in the work of online media. This 12-week course trains students on how to measure and improve the performance and value of your content with the help of different tools and techniques.

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Diploma in Graphic Design and Interactive Media

Another important mention in our list of distance learning courses is the 2-year diploma in graphic design and interactive media which imparts students with the knowledge of executing different visual solutions all across the digital and print media platforms and motion graphics as well. It is amongst the commonly pursued Graphic Design Courses and aims to equip students with the necessary creative and technical skills required to launch their career in the fields of graphic, web, motion graphics, interactive and brand designing.

Diploma in Brand Strategy

This distance learning course equips students with the understanding of developing, focussing and executing brand strategies by integrating technological, creative and business perspectives. Pursuing a 12-week diploma/certificate in Brand Strategy, you will get to learn about various brand modelling techniques, applications and tools and incorporates various models, case studies and practical projects for applying practical knowledge.

Other certificate/diploma distance learning courses you might want to consider applying for:

  • Video Production 
  • Value investing
  • B2B price strategies
  • Business analytics
  • HR Management and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science

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Undergraduate Distance Learning Courses

Once you have completed your senior secondary stage, the next phase of tertiary education mainly demands students to pursue a bachelor’s degree program. There are numerous academic institutions that provide students with the option of studying their undergraduate degree through distance education. We have brought a list of undergraduate distance learning courses offered in a wide range of domains, be it management, science or law.

Bachelors in Business Administration

BBA is one of the most sought-after distance learning courses, which implements online study materials with video sessions to provide students with practical and theoretical business knowledge. Mostly, BBA courses also incorporate weekend classes to allow a meaningful interaction between the faculty and students to develop strong networks. Studying this degree can lead to an array of career outcomes in the field of human resource management, financial and investment analyst, business development officer, entrepreneur, sales, marketing, etc.

Bachelor in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Those interested in making a career in Travel and Tourism, there are various distance learning courses available at the undergraduate level, prominently a Bachelor in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. Studying this Travel and Tourism Course after 12th, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how the hotel and hospitality industry operates as well as how you can ensure an incredible travelling experience for tourists. 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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One of the major distance learning courses available in the arena of Science, the 4-year long BSc Psychology comprises of the study of different fields under the parent domain including investigative and forensic psychology, critical social psychology, education psychology and sports psychology to name a few. Students are imparted with the practical and theoretical specializations of psychology and their prospective applications.

Other Undergraduate Level Distance learning courses:

Post Graduate Distance Learning Courses

Now that you know the multitude of diploma and undergraduate distance learning courses, let’s take a look at the prominent master’s degree programs available:

Masters in Management

These 1-year distance learning courses in management provide the students with in-depth knowledge on how to become an effective leader and solve diverse complex problems in the business and economic sphere, along with acquiring all the skills to excel in the management positions in almost all the industries. The core subjects taught in a Masters in Management (MIM) include business management, marketing, operations management, human resource management, applied finance and international business management, to name a few.

Masters in Biomedical and Health Studies

Aiming to equip the students with specialized training in Biomedical and Health Sciences, this 1-year distance learning course comprises of basic and clinical aspects, and research methodology spread across topics like neurobiology, tumour biology and metabolic diseases. This program is specially designed to facilitate a smooth transition from undergraduate courses to dental, medical, physician, optometry and other health science programs. 

Master in Fashion and Luxury Business

Amongst the specialised distance learning courses, a Master in Fashion and Luxury Business is ideal for those wanting to explore a creative and business domain. This one-year postgraduate degree in Fashion and Luxury Business provides the students with the knowledge of establishing and managing a luxury brand and encompasses a unique mix of disciplines such as advertising, financial management, marketing and communications. 

Other Post-graduate Level Distance Learning Courses

Thus, distance learning courses are readily accessible at both national and international level by universities across the globe. If you are aspiring to study a degree or diploma mentioned above but don’t know which one to opt for, sign up for a 30-minute career counselling session with our experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you find a suitable course and university that can provide you with the required knowledge and exposure into your chosen field of interest.

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