Animation Courses in UK

Animation Courses in UK

Can you tell us the common thing between the cartoons you watched as a kid and the Avenger series you watch today? Animation is the common thing between the two! Animations include special effects, visual images, motion design and various other things. Jobs and scope in this field are quite excellent for those who have a creative mindset. But before you explore jobs, you must have a specialized degree! Read this blog to find some of the best Animation courses in UK for Indian students.

Animation Courses in UK

Ready to pursue a degree in animation. Here is a list of colleges and universities that offer courses in animation in the UK at the diploma/ undergraduate/ postgraduate level: 

Bournemouth University 

Bournemouth University is a public university in the UK and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in animation.BU is ranked 4th in the top 25 animation schools.

  • BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design – This is an undergraduate-level full-time program that covers the concepts, design, and principles of computer animation. and productions tools like Adobe Photoshop and Premier, Unreal Engine 4, Unity 5.

    Duration – 3 years
    Fees – 14,100 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.0

  • MA 3D Computer Animation – This a post-graduate program that will teach the students about various software It will cover the design and principles of computer animation. This course provides students 24 x 7 access to 24/7 access to your studio.

    Duration – 1 year
    Fees – 15,000 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.5

Royal College of art 

Royal college of art is ranked at 13 out of 25 universities for animation. It is a public university with 3 campuses & is a post-graduate institution for design and art.

  • MA in Animation – In-depth knowledge of different forms and genres of animation. This combines theoretical and practical practice that helps students understand the course better. Students can also get individual tutor support.  Students can get specialization in one of the following- Experimental Animation, Documentary Animation and Narrative Animation.

    Duration – 2 years
    Fees – 29,000 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.5

Teesside University

Teesside University is a public university that is known for its media and arts courses and is ranked 14 out of 25 universities for its range of animation courses. It offers both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

  • BA (Hons) Computer Animation – This course is a great choice for students that want to build their careers in the games, film, and TV industries. Through these course modules, students can be animators or motion capture specialists. 

    Duration – 3 years
    Fees – 13,000 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.0

  • MA 2D Animation and Stop Motion – If you want to take your animation skills to the next level this course offers to experiment with your techniques and styles and refine your skills to better work.

    Duration – 1 year
    Fees – 13,000 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.0

University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire is ranked 19 out of 25 universities and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate in the animation department. The University of Hertfordshire is a public university in the United Kingdom.

  • BA Hons 3D Games Art & Design -For students that are passionate and interested in designing animation for games this course is a great match, The university provides types of equipment used in motion capture suite, digital photography, and filmmaking to students for their projects. The students that were part of this course have received  The Rookies Game of the Year four times. 

    Duration – 3 year
    Fees – 13450 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.0 -7.0

  • MA Animation – This is an advanced level course of 2D and 3D animation that extends the theoretical approach to media culture and audience and advancing current practice.

    Duration – 1 year
    Fees -13950
    ILETS score – 6.0-7.0

University of West England

The University of West England is ranked at 25 in the world for animation courses. It is a public research university that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • BA Hons Animation – The course is a study of animation foundations, character building, story, idea, and design. It provides the basics of animation theory and practical skills required in the development of animation.

    Duration – 3 years
    Fees – 13500 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.5

  • MA Hons Animation – The post-graduate level course help students learn about Stop-motion, CG, and 2D animation with different animation techniques increases creative knowledge with various networking opportunities.

    Duration – 15 months
    Fees – 13250 GBP
    ILETS score – 6.0 -7.0

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Application Process to Animation Courses in UK

  • UCAS – All the students interested in pursuing animation courses in the UK  have to register through UCAS. UCAS is an admission service that is used to apply at UK universities. (
  • Username and password – After registering with UCAS you will receive a username and password.
  • Choose your course – Bath university offers a variety of undergraduate programs, applicants have to select the course they desire to pursue.
  • Application Form- Applicants have to fill the application form through UCAS. The application form will include :
    • A course of your choice
    • Personal Details
    • Educational Qualifications
    • Personal statement
    • Reference
  • Application Submission – After completing your application you have to submit the application form. 
  • Track your application – If the applicant is selected he/she will receive the mail. Applicants can also track the progress of their application through the UCAS tracker.
  • Some universities accept direct applications as well for PG and Diploma courses. To know more about the application process and admission into UK universities, get in touch with Leverage Edu experts!

Animation Course & Job Sectors in UK

While growing up was tom and jerry your favourite cartoon character? Those characters were created by some but the life of those characters was given by the animation team. By implementing technology & skills with the help of software and design character are brought to life. There are various job profiles and sectors you can work on after completing your course. Some of the main sectors are-

  • New media or online media
  • Print house
  • Cartoon Production
  • Advertising
  • Video Gaming
  • Film & Television
  • E-learning

FAQs on Animation Courses in UK

What are the job profiles offered after completion of the animation course?

There are different streams and different job profiles are students can join one of them based on his/her interest. Some of the job profiles are Character animator, Scanner operator, Image editor, 2-D animator, 3-D animator, etc.

Why should I pursue an animation course in UK and not from any other country?

Courses in the UK have a shorter duration compared to other countries, most of the courses provide the students an opportunity to work part-time / internship that helps students gain real hands-on experience. Along with other reasons, out of 25 universities in the world, 5 universities are located in UK for animation courses.

Can we do freelance work while pursuing animation courses in UK?

Yes, students are allowed to work part-time or freelance for a fixed time.

How much will the tuition fee cost study animation courses in UK?

The estimated average cost of tuition fee for courses in UK ranges between 15000 – 25000 GBP

This was all about Animation courses in UK. Still have a doubt? Get expert advice and get your career sorted! Reach out to Leverage Edu experts and find the best solution to all your career-related queries.

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