University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics

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Data Analytics at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), is a public institution in London that was founded in 2010. The main campus has modern classrooms, libraries, labs, and art studios for teaching, learning, and research. Administrative offices, classrooms, and student housing are housed in Trinity Saint David, the campus’s oldest building. The institution offers undergraduate, graduate-level, and doctoral degrees in the fields of humanities, architecture, engineering, business, tourism and hospitality, media, performing arts, and education.  University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics is the most popular course and students are currently looking forward to pursuing a career in this field. Have a look at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics and make your Study in the UK dream come true. 

What is Data Analytics?

The definition of data analytics encompasses the broad range of the field and refers to the act of examining raw data to identify patterns and provide answers. The course consists of numerous strategies and a wide range of objectives. A few steps in the data analytics process can support a number of projects. A good data analytics program will give you a clear picture of where you are, where you have been, and where you should go by merging these elements. Data analysts work at the nexus of business, statistics, and information technology. To assist companies and organizations in succeeding, they mix various sectors. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David data analytics course will guide you for the same. 

Why University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics?

  • Taught by academically and professionally qualified faculty
  • practical experience with all required hardware and software
  • Learn a variety of programming concepts, data visualization techniques, and data mining strategies in-depth to construct sophisticated and complicated information systems solutions
  • Highly qualified specialists update the program on a regular basis to represent the intriguing, dynamic, and constantly growing computer field in today’s corporate environment
  • Program developed in association with significant corporations

Students’ data science abilities will increase thanks to the extensive technical content in this MSc. Recent large-scale investments in data warehousing and data mining technologies, which are at the forefront of business intelligence, were made by major organizations. Since the invention of data warehousing, the cost of the technology has also significantly lowered, allowing smaller firms to gain a competitive edge by making use of the enormous amount of transactional data that, in some cases, has been stored for many years.  In this sector, where job growth is accelerating, a large number of people with the skills to utilize and manage technology are needed.

You will learn how to use databases and analytical tools to uncover trends, patterns, and correlations in data. In addition, you’ll discover how to illustrate and communicate your findings to both specialized and general audiences.

5 Essential Data Analyst Skills

There are a number of abilities you need to develop and tools you should use to start your career in data analysis.

  • Programming

R and Python are the two languages most frequently employed in data analyst positions. Depending on whether compilation is required before execution, these languages can be divided into two groups: statistical and scripting.

  • Math  

You must know basic arithmetic abilities, preferable in statistics, which is a necessary skill for a data analyst. 

  • Data Processing Platforms 

Data analysts most often use big data processing systems like Hadoop and Apache Spark for larger data volumes. 

  • Visualization

Data analysis insights are useless unless they are communicated effectively, especially for stakeholders that are business-minded. Visualization is the most popular tool for data. Data analysts query data held in relational and cloud databases, spreadsheets, and online analytical processing (OLAP) arrays.

  • Machine Learning  

Any large-scale data analysis must start with automation. Computers can now learn and carry out tasks automatically thanks to machine learning (ML), which eliminates the need for explicit programming. A data analyst needs to be able to design, use, and train the most relevant models and algorithms present on datasets.

Module topics for University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics

Part 1:

  • Advanced Statistical Programming (20 credits)
  • Application of Machine Learning (20 credits)
  • Database Systems (20 credits)
  • Data Mining and Visualization (20 credits)
  • Data Security, Governance and Compliance (20 credits)
  • Research and Professional Development (20 credits)

Part 2:

  • Master’s Project (60 credits)

 Course Length:

Full-time: 12 months (September intake)

Full-time: 18 months (January intake)

Part-time: 2 or 3 year options

Blended/online also available

Tuition fees- Overseas: INR 14.40 Lakh/year


The work of the students is assessed using a mix of coursework, portfolios, lab-based practical evaluations, and written exams. One or more of the assessment tasks that were assigned and completed during the session may be included in the final marks for some modules. Project work is assessed using an oral presentation and a written report. For Part 2, the student must perform an in-depth study and put together a significant individual project. University students who are unable to successfully complete Part 1 in its entirety may be eligible for a postgraduate diploma (120 credits) or postgraduate certificate (60 credits).

Eligibility criteria

An Honors Degree (2.2 or above), an advanced degree in computer science or a related discipline from a UK university or an internationally renowned institution, or both industrial IT experience and an Honors Degree are the minimum prerequisites for applicants. International applicants must have at least a 6.0 Academic IELTS score in order to be considered (no element less than 5.5).

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Career opportunities

Students in this program study a wide range of technical topics and acquire a wide range of technical abilities. The program includes coverage of the three computing-related disciplines of Data Management, User Experience, and Web Technologies. A lot of attention is placed on data management and the usage of information-manipulating technologies, including database systems and web applications. Graduates would also be able to oversee teams and manage projects.

Graduates are anticipated to look for jobs in places like:

  • Project manager (within the Computing field)
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Application Developer
  • Web developer

Salary of a data analyst

The average yearly income for a data analyst in India is INR 4.3 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from INR 1.8 Lakhs to INR 11.9 Lakhs. Salary expectations are derived from Data Analysts’ INR 28.9k wages.

From less than one year of experience to six years of experience, data analyst salaries in India range from INR 1.8 lakhs to INR 11.9 lakhs, with an average yearly salary of INR 4.3 lakhs based on INR 28.9k salaries.


University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics is the MSc programme that lies within an area of technological change. It also provides advanced skills and knowledge. Students studying Data Analytics are equipped with knowledge of the market. This field will take you for lifelong learning that will give you the opportunity to update your skills throughout your career.


What are the entry requirements for University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics?

Candidates who want to take admitted in the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics require to have an Honours Degree with a score 2.2 or above. Apart from this, advanced qualification in Computer Science is also acceptable. The candidate must also have an IELTS test score of 6.0 and above. 

Does University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics programme offer scholarships?

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David Data Analytics programme offers scholarships to students who have an excellent academic record. The scholarships are planned according to the funds available at the university. 

Does University of Wales Trinity provide accommodations?

Yes, the University of Wales Trinity offers various types of accommodation facilities to its international students. The fees vary according to the size of the housing. Details can be found on the official website of the university. 

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